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General Mills, Inc. documents
titleNumber of documents
1973 supplement for H. E. Harris loose-leaf world-wide stamp albums, 1969 album supplement30
A Second collection of military wives favorite recipes, Snow, The Bisquick "no time to cook" summer recipe book30
Atom Ant & 1 other title; television programs, Jet-set-go, Haunted planet30
Betty Crocker's Cake decorating with cake recipes for every occasion, Breezy summer menus30
Betty Crocker's Cookbook for boys and girls30
Betty Crocker's Low-fat, low-cholesterol cooking today, Best recipes for pasta30
Betty Crocker's New choices for pasta, grains and beans30
Bewitched, bothered and baldoni; TV series. By Screen Gems, Inc, The Donna Reed show30
Bottlenose dolphin, Turisiops truncatus, Hammerhead shark, Mutton snapper29
Caribe nueva mezcla '98 ; El hombre con la pistola en vivo ; Peces del guaire Remezcla '98 ; Mosca30
Dennis the menace & 56 other titles30
Dennis the menace & 56 other titles, Kideo TV theme, Popples25
Farmhands (3-dimensional sculptural work) & 4 other titles. Farmhouse copyright assignment22
Great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias)30
Hello Kitty's furry tale theater, Dinosaucers, Dinosaucers main theme30
Informe de General Mills sobre la familia estadounidense, All kinds of salads, Fruit desserts30
Informe de General Mills sobre la familia estadounidense, Baking with kids, Betty Crocker's Creative cookies30
Informe de General Mills sobre la familia estadounidense, Betty Crocker's Great grilling30
Introductory story & 64 other titles. (Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion; also titled Foreign Legionnaire)30
King Leonardo & 5 other titles; television programs. (Leonardo and his short subjects)20
[Reef trigger ; Humu humu nuku nuku a pua-a ; Fishtales collection], Tiger shark26
Tales told in the shadows of the White Mountains, Daniel el descortes, El dia que Jordan se enfermo30
The Carrousel and two other early morning daydreams, Family, Baby stuff30
Woman's Day design your own workout, Bruce, the super hero, 18 weapons of kung fu22
Your wedding planner--checklists, tips & ideas for a beautiful wedding30
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