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An American synthesis for woodwinds, Meditation, Songs for the Lord30
As the tender blossom ; This is Christ ; The Lord, in his wisdom ; That we may see the Father30
Bastien favoriets [sic], level 2. By General Words and Music, Inc. Japanese ed part 330
Concertato on Immortal, invisible, God only wise, Rhapsody for organ, A Day for dancing28
Concerto in A minor, F. VI n. 9 for flute and piano, La Noche comica, Chiaro di luna29
Consternations, ruminations, negotiations, romance, glamour and whimsy, Twice blessed29
Discoveries in physics for scientists and engineers, Discoveries, Discoveries, vol. 428
Don't you let nobody turn you 'round, You and I together, Now that we're leaving25
Drei Ricercare ueber das Thema des Musikalischen Opfers von Johann Sebastian Bach30
Faith, hope, and charity. By Henry Bars, translator: P. J. Hepburne Scott, Hanukkah rondo26
First concert: a demonstration performance, American anthems, Regency Court overture30
Flicker and Crowley and their coconut adventures ; Flicker and Crowley's coconut adventures part 227
Franz List--an introduction to the composer and his music, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Bela Bartok30
Galgal hashana = The Cycle of the year, Christmas time is here30
Glory to God ; Hark! the herald angels sing ; O come, all ye faithful ; One quiet moment part 230
Images and phases from a new world, Country cameos, Lament and caprice30
Impressions of life: the artist's path to love, Impressions30
Junior hymnbook. Book one. Compilation, arr. & fingering: Rachel Beatty Kahl, Christmas duets. Easy piano duet arrangements: Rachel Beatty Kahl30
Let not your heart be troubled. By James A. Stewart & Tim J. Nichols30
Lord, keep us steadfast in thy Word = Erhalt uns Herr, bei deinen Wort, A Mighty fortress25
Magic finger technique book 1. m, exercises, arrangements, compilation & editing: James Bastien30
Perceptions of Czech and Slovak participants of the usefulness of the Iowa State University "farm management" in a market economy workshop30
Pomp and circumstance (processional) By Elgar & Isaac30
Productions of Fouly Displayed Productions, I used to cry (till I learned how to bawl)30
Rhapsody in C major; for two B-flat clarinets and piano, String quartet no. 130
Rhythm etudes. Rhythmic independence through melodic & harmonic studies for individuals, small ensembles or large instrumental groups. m & arr. Red McLeod (James McLeod) & Norman G. Staska30
Robert Schumann--Kerner Leider, Mignon Leider, duets New York Festival of song--Hunt, Ollmann, Barrett. SR 175-37630
Scale etudes. m Red McLeod (J. McLeod) & Norman G. Staska, Strolling strings, A night at the symphony24
Scale etudes. m Red McLeod (J. McLeod) & Norman G. Staska, The Barber of Seville30
Scalepeggios, arpeggiscales, scalegeppiscales, and arpescalepeggios for the violin30
Sweet the moments, rich in blessing, Cross of Jesus, We sing the birth30
The change (box set) Composed by Tony Arata & Wayne Tester, Christmas guitars, Don't kneel by my graveside30
The Rock with wings--legend for piano and percussion, Three New Mexico landscapes30
Two idylls. For unacc. women's chorus. New musical settings of preexisinting w Shirley Whitecotton part 227
Two pieces for percussion quartet, Autumn, Four epithets for piano30
Waltz for two pianos. By Eugenie R. Rocherolle, About spring, Irish holiday30
White key majors and minors splattered with fun!, Springtime, Warm summer wind27
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