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A Beginners information guide to investment opportunities for the minority investor30
A Bibliography of first printings of the writings of Jules Verne in the English language together with information on numerous reprints, and a key to title interpretation30
A dictionary of Iraqi Arabic: English-Arabic. Text: B. E. Clarity, Karl Stowasser & Ronald G. Wolfe23
American Protestant ethics and the legacy of H. Richard Niebuhr, Deciding for incompetent patients30
American Protestant ethics and the legacy of H. Richard Niebuhr, Policy entrepreneurs and school choice30
A methodological examination of white racial consciousness and attitudes toward women, people who are deaf, gay men and lesbians part 230
A multidimensional analysis of the dimensions of physical pain and emotional stress28
An Automated audio/protein recorder for use with physiological fluids, Distant waters, & 2 other songs30
An Investigation of the effects of cooperative small-group instruction .., Pronounced dah-veed30
Annotated bibliography of technical and specialized dictionaries in Spanish-Spanish and Spanish-... with commentary = Bibliografia anotada y comentada de diccionarios tecnicos y especializados en espanol-espanol y espanol-.30
Answer key to Al-Kitaab fii ta callum al-cArabiyya with DVDs, A consistency of purpose30
Answer key to Al-Kitaab fii ta callum al-cArabiyya with DVDs, The annual of the Society of Christian Ethics22
A primer for finite elements in elastic structures, Gracie Allen for President 194028
Attempts to disperse nitrogen in natural diamond upon exposure to free-electron laser tuned to vibrational absorption part 230
Awakening democracy; a directory of American initiatives on constitutionalism and democracy in central Eastern Europe28
Caught between inescapable ethics and unavoidable distance learning technology30
Characteristics of undergraduate elementary reading teacher education programs in Pennsylvania's state system of higher education26
Coerced contraception? Moral and policy challenges of long-acting birth control, Photograph number 43-37 & 2 other titles25
Content-based instruction in foreign language education, The way of traditional taekwondo27
Conversation among student teachers, cooperating teachers, and teacher supervisors in a primary team setting part 230
Cross cultural perspectives in medical ethics, Ethical questions in dentistry, Dentists who care27
Development and experimental verification of a high resolution, tunable lidar computer simulation model for atmospheric laser remote sensing30
Effects of life history, domestication, and agronomic selection on plant resistance to insects30
Essays on the application of learning tools to non-linear problems in economics and finance part 230
Evaluation of natural rubber/butadiene rubber blends for the comparison of Banbury mixing methods30
Everything you always wanted to know about the "Reagan Bush, bush", but actually, couldn't care less about!25
Factors affecting transport of hydrophobic organic compounds in the Menomonee River30
Four living world books: deserts, jungles, mountains and grasslands, Green politics30
Fragmentation and wholeness in the novels of Luisa Josefina Hernandez and Gerlind Reinshagen30
Gender differences associated with enrollment in the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science30
Geological implications of impacts of large asteroids and comets on the Earth, The senior man film treatment, 12-23-0429
Georgetown University Law Center Continuing Legal Education Division presents the ... annual Representing and Managing Tax-Exempt Organizations part 322
Georgetown University round table on languages and linguistics, 1990, Male-Female wage differentials21
Gonna ride with an outlaw's ghost tonight, Boundaries, Sir Thrills music30
Grainbow & space series, Sheila "Silver" Smiths open me first attention grabber envelopes (8 pieces)30
Health care reform that doesn't measure up to these 10 principles could be dangerous to your health!27
House is on fire ; Damned if we do, damned if we don't ; We do rock 'n' roll, Crosslinguistic research in syntax and semantics26
How to continue your psychiatric practice after everyone is cured of their neuroses30
How to survive--and profit from--your son's bar mitzvah or other significant event where you are expected to pay the bill part 230
Implications of nonfoundationalist moral epistemologies for theological ethics in public moral discourse part 230
Individuality: the meaning and content of individuality in comtemporary America. By Henry A. Murray30
Informed consent for cardiac catheterization, coronary angioplasty, stent insertion and 2 other selections part 230
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Sentence skills, form A, seventh edition [by] John Langan part 230
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Sociology, an everyday life approach, [by] Ernest K. Alix30
Instructor's resource manual to accompany The play of power, Human knowledge and democratic theory27
Introduction to virtual machine (VM) and conversational monitor system (CMS)30
Is this any way to run a democratic government?, The Road to the White House, Studying the presidency29
James Luther Adams, his contribution to Christian ethics, Radio piece III, demo '8730
Lady extraordinary; article. By Carolyn Sherwin Bailey (Carolyn Sherwin Bailey Hill)30
Learning style preferences of technical education students, You for me, Show me a way30
Legal research exercises, sixth edition (1999), to accompany Robert C. Berrings' Finding the law and Cohen, Berring and Olson's How to find the law part 230
Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael in Renaissance Florence from 1500 to 1508, Memoirs of a Yukon priest30
Manual for Study of values; a scale for measuring the dominant interests in personality. By Gordon W. Allport, Philip E. Vernon, Gardner Lindzey part 330
Master test item file with solutions to accompany Statistics--decisions and applications in business and economics30
M.C. Muslim, the Muslim M. C. "as-salaam alaikum" intelligent rap style (I. R. S.)30
Medical ethics policies, protocols, guidelines & programs supplement 1430
Memorias de un estudiante soldado. By Roberto Esquenazi Mayo, introd., notes, exercises & vocabulary: George Thomas Cushman30
Modern Russian. No. 1. Text: Clayton L. Dawson, Charles E. Bidwell & Assya Humesky27
Monograph series on languages and linguistics. No. 17. Editor: C. I. J. M. Stuart30
Noah's Ark, topiary planted animal sculpture, Love has no boundaries, The Talking television30
Oceanic Society Expeditions & Earthtrust field guide to the humpback whale, Child abuse prevention placemat30
Pediatric clinics of North America; symposia on nutrition and nutritional problems. Vol. 9, no. 4, Nov. 1962. By Arild E. Hansen, Charles F. Ferguson, Victor R. Alfara part 230
Pope John Paul II and the luminous mysteries of the rosary part 230
Practical finance and accounting for entrepreneurs, business owners and non-financial managers30
Private investigators and security officers study manual--State of North Dakota, Dave Henderson was becoming an embarrassment30
Public budgeting: program planning & evaluation. 3d ed. TX 82-981, Budgeting in Texas23
Readings in the history of Christian theology, Why are we here?, Revelation and theology24
Recorded books presents Communication matters with Deborah Tannen, That's not what I meant!30
Rejuvenate your furnace to factory fresh conditions, and slash your fuel bills to the bone--guaranteed!30
Risk, altruism and universal historiography in the works and days of Ralph Bunche, Sterling Brown, Richard Wright and Robert Hayden30
Software for collection and management of data from two blood culture testers, Priorities in biomedical ethics28
State & local government [by] Ann O'M. Bowman, Richard C. Kearney, State and local government26
Strategy and choice in congressional elections, American parties in decline, The logic of American politics30
Stress, appraisal, coping and the differentiation of anxious and .., Supa star, Still gone blow, & 1 other song28
Stressful life events, social-support networks, and gerontological health, Modern-day Bolivia30
Student study guide and solutions manual to accompany Fundamentals of business mathematics, sixth edition part 230
Study guide and unit mastery program to accompany Hilgard's Introduction to psychology, twelfth edition [by] Rita L. Atkinson, Richard C. Atkinson, Edward E. Smith ... [et al.]30
Sudden cardiac death. By Borys Surawicz & Edmund D. Pellegrino, For the patient's good27
Teaching your child to make decisions, Life choices, applying sociology, It's your business to decide29
Ten thousand men and one hundred thirty "mighty midget" ships part 230
The Changes in internal object representations and perception .., The Changes, Competence to consent30
The Christian response to the atomic crisis. By Edward LeRoy Long, Jr, Go forth into the world26
The Doll Santa with Ida & Eddie, Grace & child, Child molestation--a crime against children29
The economics of social insurance and employee benefits, Responding to God's call25
The failure of the Kantian antinomies to demonstrate the logical contraditions of speculative cosmology and some explanations why30
The fellowship of the saints: an anthology of devotional literature30
The government's role in the early development of English language education in Korea (1883-1945)30
The historical development of fundamental moral theology in the United States, Transition and tradition in moral theology30
The Last little mile is the longest when you're longing for home sweet home, Omar Khayyam's30
The Middle-market business acquisition directory and source book, Entrepreneurial megabucks27
The moral bond of community justice and discourse in Christian morality, Taking the initiative30
The mystery of culture contacts, historical reconstruction, and text analysis, Understanding Jewish mysticism30
The patient with Alzheimer's disease as a proxy for caregiver quality of life, The patient part 230
The politics of ideas: intellectual challenges to the party after 1992. TX 4-372-214 (1996)30
The rebirth of Kirk Franklin & 4 other titles; masters30
The Revolutionary terrorist's empty pistol, Savinkov wagers White in the Russian Civil War (1917-1925)30
The Role of ideal perceptions in measuring organizational change, Political constructivism and global justice27
The Sermon-conferences of St. Thomas Aquinas on The Apostles' creed, Royce's mature ethics30
The time and the seasons of New England, the time and seasons in Maine, A Parallel scriptural guide for today's deacons and deaconesses28
The truth about managing your career ... and nothing but the truth30
Trade unionism and industrial relations in the commonwealth Caribbean, How management matters30
Trio 'S52' for clarinet, cello &, Sursum Corda, Toy piece22
Unsung heroes ; The black boy of Atlanta ; Negroes in domestic service in the United States30
We didn' know no clinic: an ethnomedicinal study of plant use in central Mississippi part 230
What would a balanced budget amendment mean for Massachusetts?, Taxation, myths and realities28
Winning the war against militant Islam, Clients, The sharp end30
Workbook to accompany Pasaporte first-year Spanish, second edition, Pasaporte, Aqui, alla y aculla27
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