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A christian contribution to the conversation concerning Daniel Callahan and the medicare conundrum30
A comparison between a telemedicine and traditional management model of care with nasal continuous positive airway pressure use among individuals with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome22
Agarm--solo piano compilation, Helpless, I know30
All that I am (wedding anniversary song)30
Amor en el parue (reprise) Composed by Melecio Martinez, All thru the nite, All night til daylight30
An intensive family-centered early intervention pilot program for juvenile delinquents and ungovernable youth30
Another town, another place. By Nicholas Watkinson & John Alder, Back of my hand30
An outside chance. m Warren Zevon, w Glenn Crocker, Boom Boom Mancini, The Factory30
Application of artificial intelligence techniques to power system .., Playing possum25
Bass cat & 54 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), That's the thing about a memory, Redneck roses25
Beach magazine presents a free map of Palm Beach County, So excited, The ride30
Believe part 1630
Beverly Hills [Fla.] Civic Association, Inc., telephone directory and official householders guide, 1980-1981 part 230
Big Head Todd and the Monsters "live.", Say no more, Say no more in person20
Biochemical and functional analysis of the human papillomavirus type 6 E7 protein through site-directed mutagenesis30
Broken hearts can love again. w & m John E. Lane, 195630
California Emergency Physicians, Emergency Department medical-legal manual, Return to zero27
Chicken huntin' (slaughterhouse mix) By Bruce, Greenberg, Clark & Niles, Asking for the moon30
Common threads in the lives of children of survivors & Nazis & joint meetings30
Confessions of a psycho cat ; Naked girl falling down the stairs part 230
Development and validation of immunoassay-based tests for environmental tobacco smoke exposure28
Didactic versus discovery learning in hyperactive and non-hyperactive learning disabled .30
Disciplines of a godly man by R. Kent Hughes, Rumor has it, Rap payback27
Effects of state recovery on creep buckling induced by .., Storybook, The Theory of linear models and multivariate analysis28
Encouraging the use of accurate or appropriate colors for the interiors of historic residential properties30
Even the man in the moon is crying ; Trouble's coming like a train, If I could see you tonight30
Every man for himself ; The key to your heart, Tails I lose, The last of a dying breed29
Everything must go. Co-composer, Walter Carl Becker, We get there when we do, Tribute--the songs of Andre Crouch30
Feuding and loving in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, It's gonna get ya, I know, & other song lyrics30
For Earth and Heaven, Foundation, Latin Alliance30
For love or money26
Form and format for a laid-back music fine art channel, Moon shine, You've got to live30
Fourteen days in June, safety & health perspectives, Shum ticky, Welcome to Pagan Place24
Globalization, parental decisionmaking, and child welfare in rural northern Thailand30
Help me make it through the night ; The Pilgrim--chapter 33, Valentine30
He's so young & single & loves to mingle, Journey30
Hold me while I cry & 3 other titles, The chain of love, When you're not trying to27
How can you say you love me?, In control, The Purpose of life29
How to use simple mouse traps to make 24 great pranks!, W.E.B. DuBois, Play her back to yesterday30
I don't want to be, Give it up, Seascape30
Imagination into animation ... the magical journey ... storyboard workshop, Imagination30
I'm dreamin' & driftin' through the '50s, Sincerely with love, If you wanta ride30
Jazz/blues improvisation, Blue Monday, Funk 5427
Just to hear you say that you love me, Bayou boy, Let's go spend your money honey25
Karzan, master of the jungle, The last concert, More dollars for McGregors28
Laboratory studies of physical and biological factors affecting geotaxis and other locomotory behavior in a stored-product insect, Tenebrio molitor L. (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)30
Love like this & 12 other titles, You don't have to break my heart, Rock and roll recipes30
Lovers, friends, and aggrivators (L F A), Body and soul30
Martha Lou Thomas collection, Jungle village, Doll baby30
Match-maker, match-maker, make me a match, Right kind of love, Somebody loves you28
Mini-Billboards and Mini-Coupon Books presents the "triple action" advertising campaign30
Never wanted, never needed, never pleaded, S.O.S./W. Downing, D. Madden, B. Jackson30
Nothing but love for ya, Django like, Neo's bop30
One step beyond the darkness and into the light30
Original music, sound effects, and portions of narration and dialogue from Reading rodeo30
Out of his mind ; Hard times ; I remember you ... [et al.], Talk about it, Dug out30
Party music. Gotta go by what you tell me. Artist: Ron Keith, sound recording: A&M Records, Inc30
Pearl of sorrow (Magdalena), Magnetic, Breakin' loose25
Predictive factors regarding extra-marital relationships in ministers, Covenant, Best of Jay Clark30
Reconstructing the ovuliferous scale in picea pungens to examine the mechanisms surrounding pollination drop secretion30
Right way to say goodbye & 1 other title, Bring it on ; Heartaches and honky tonks30
Rockin' around the hound dog's blue suede shoe bag, Raspberry beret, This is it!30
Save the week. By CBS Records, Inc, Year of the fox, The Rhythm30
Secrets of the heart. By Cock DeJong, Jan DeJong, Wieb Zigtema & Peter Dispa, Eye of chaos30
Smells like teen spirit ; Even in his youth ; Aneurysm, Fire, fire, Goo30
Sonnet II from Fatal interview (poster) KK100306 (1972), Seasons of love--autumn30
S/T. By Alias & Barry Black, Son of Sam, I am, Something that's .30
Studies of vacuum ultraviolet laser probing of gas-surface interactions and gas phase photodissociation reactions part 330
Stuttering--Carter's speech control fluency method (Stuttering-Carter's SCF method)30
Swing down chariot. Arr. & adaptation of w & m Douglas Hatlelid, Henry Diltz, Live at the Hollywood Bowl30
The Application and evaluation of public relations in the legal profession, Just me30
The Beautiful, the sublime and the picturesque in eighteenth-century British aesthetic theory part 230
The collective dramatic works of Tamela Glenn, Praying mantis style, Things that fly30
The cruise of the Sea Eagle, Domination, Bloodright25
The effect of measurement technique, and load and fatigue, with changes in crank arm length, on lower limb kinematics in cycle ergometry30
The effects of a literature-based subject matter unit on African-American students' knowledge and attitudes about African-American folklore30
The essential Billie Holiday, songs of lost love, Billie Holiday, Billie, Ella, Lena, Sarah!30
The Institute for Stress Management presents The standard handbook of stress management and relaxation training for law enforcement professionals part 230
The pelican brief (main title & cues) Composed by James Horner, Oceans 11, Oceans 11 (teaser)30
The wonderful world of Cease A Leo: it's been a long time coming, Sweetness, Ride26
'Til you're back here with me again, Butterfly30
Time and chance, the story of a searcher29
Tony Bennett, the McPartlands and friends make magnificent music & 1 other title; sound recordings30
Underwater video basics with professional underwater videographer Steve Miller, When you get to be you30
Until you come back to me (that's what I'm gonna do), Love confessions, Ain't nuthin' in the world25
Until your love comes back around, All 4 love, I wanna sex you up22
Upon the light of you, Lord, I shall follow, Paradise, He's the peace in the midst of your fire30
Using baptismal theology for spiritual formation within a small group setting at The Evangelical Free Church of Sycamore-Dekalb, IL part 330
Walt Disney Pictures presents Dinosaur, Wyatt Earp, The prince of tides25
What more do you want from me? ; The best is yet to come, Back home again, The storm still rages25
Won't belong now ; Just friends ; Echo warrior ... [et al.], Incoming, Heaven's girl29
Yours truly is on top of the mountain, Yours truly, The ride home30
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