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A Bottle of wine and Patsy Cline, MUCHH flava collection, April Staunton's rapture27
A Cad over Pete with chrome stacks & 248 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), The Little boy from the carpenter's shop30
A Little bit short on love (a little bit long on tears)30
All heaven's gonna break loose tonight, Dancing in the flames, Sometimes you win30
All of my life & 401 other titles. (Part 002 of 002) part 430
A Woman like you (to hold) Musical composition part 230
Brown eyed children of the sun. By Daniel Valdez & Sylvia Galan, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park screen saver30
Carried away & 3 other titles part 230
Christmas isn't Christmas ('til it happens in your heart) By Carol Owens & Jimmy Owens part 330
City limits ; Miles & years ; You keep me guessing ; Devil's triangle, "I-40 Paradise" theme30
Deeper in is all you get. By Vogue Music, employer for hire of Douglas L. A. Foxworthy, & Bar None Music, employer for hire of Chris Hillman30
Donuts make my brown eyes blue, Seasons30
Father Christmas marches through the woods, Santa's song, The kids won't forget Christmas30
Get out of the boat ; Loving miracle ; Place where people don't die ... [et al.] part 227
Givin' just a little more love. By Danny Flowers, Tulsa time, You are my fire30
God bless this home ; One step at a time ; It isn't easy raising parents ; I just want to speak about your goodness22
God has a miracle for you & 13 other titles, I'm the reason, A Collection of seven songs by Greg Crawford30
Golden years & 3 other titles; songs part 230
Goodbye's all we've got left, Fearless heart, Guitar town25
Harmony part 830
Heart on the line. By Glen Burtnick & Reed Nielsen30
Heart on the line part 230
He's my kind of guy & 2 other titles, Ain't nothin' gonna slow this train down, Water under the bridge30
I don't want to be the one to say goodbye. By Larry Willoughby & Suzanna Clark, Hurricane Rosy30
If he won't treat her right, the wrong one will & 5 other titles, Party crowd, Rush for gold30
I hate myself (for loving you) & 1 other title, Through a wise man's eyes, Goodbye, Hollywood30
I've forgotten what it was in you (that put the need in me), Ophelia, & 1 other selection30
Jesus in the wilderness & 3 other titles, I'm letting go & 3 other titles, She must have done wonders24
(Louisiana night) acadiana moon & 526 other titles. (Part 002 of 003), Great lengths30
My old friend, the blues30
Open your window. From album Ella Fitzgerald in Budapest, Time to waste, A Far cry from you30
Regular guy. Co-composers, John Rich & Mark D. Sanders, Regular guy, This highway's mine (roadmaster)25
The Closest I'll ever come (to losing my mind) By Glenn Barber & Glenn Barber, Jr part 330
The get back series. w & m Wendy Morgan; m Frank Caruso, 1948, Just for the moment29
The Works of David Murphy. Tape 1. By David Lee Murphy, What do you take me for, senor?30
To be with you, & 10 other songs30
Too much beaty [i.e. beauty] to forget, Compared to you, Keep your hand over me29
Treat me right & 5 other titles part 230
Trixie, the teen detective and the mystery of Gravestead Manor, Makin' it, You gotta Charleston!29
Up for sale. w & m Henrietta Williams, m Teddy Bart, Fixin' to die. w & m Booker White30
We can't stop (what we're starting tonight), Broken trust, Don't promise me anything, do it27
What is wrong? From The Prodigal. Music: Bronislau Kaper, Lifter for leaners, Badwoman blues30
What you gonna do with that beautiful body? By Wanda Mallette, Patti Ryan, Bob Morrison, & Charles Westover a.k.a. Del Shannon part 530
You can't run (away from love). I don't want to say good bye. Saved by love. By Jack Conrad & Holly Smith30
You don't have to be lonely. By Bettye Crutcher, Play brother, Rod's groove 130
Your very own "I love you" song. w & m Terry Blaine; m Ray Kennedy, The Same old girl30
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