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1st IEEE Computer Society international workshop on cluster computing, Goddess, Thug30
A Brief introduction to social psychology. By Joseph E. McGrath, The Journal of social issues26
A descriptive study of attitudinal factors of deans and directors in associate degree nursing programs towards chemical dependency part 228
A longitudinal cross sectional comparison of the relationship between phonemic knowledge, prior knowledge, content knowledge, domain knowledge, discourse knowledge, and strategic .30
An Evaluation of locational factors pertaining to wholesale .., Failures in family therapy25
An Evaluation of the statistical regression technique for estimating the live weight and total length of fish from fossil material26
A Self-awareness program to help counselors become more effective personally and professionally30
A study of the support practices of new bilingual teachers in selected Los Angeles County elementary school districts part 230
Biological, psychological, and environmental factors in delinquency and mental disorder30
Brad and Nikki Carder proudly announce the arrival of their daughter, The Seafood industry28
Cancer recovery: daily exercises to accompany radiation therapy, Movement disorders30
Cases argued and decided in the Supreme Court of the United States, October term, 1955. Editor: Ernest H. Schopler30
Clinical handbook of couple therapy, The Jaffe/Schott suite, Get on out there30
Cognitive-behavioral treatment of borderline personality disorder, Journal of personality disorders30
College entrance reviews in mathematics aptitude. By Edward I. Shapiro and Louis Tapper30
Combining medication and psychosocial treatments for addictions, Using you, Smoke and mirrors30
Combining revealed and stated preference data to explore cognitive elements of choice and their implications for environmental valuation30
Community prevention trials for alcohol problems, Information networks for community health28
Design and evaluation of sequence selective DNA binding agents based on duocarmycin SA part 330
Differentiating characteristics of social isolate third grade .., Family assessment25
Divorce mediation, Peggy W. Fellouris, MA, PhD, Murder on the move, Cold case cops30
Don't stop before quitting time! Be proud to give a full day's work!, Gangland, Minatour [sic]28
Effects of imagery, mnemonics, and level of processing in learning definitions upon concept comprehension30
Effects of perceived similarity to male photographic models on body-esteem in college men30
Elementary statistics, a step by step approach [by Allan G. Bluman30
Empathic attention and self-hypnotic relaxation for interventional radiologic procedures30
Exploring the nature of social capital in a kindergarten program utilizing parent volunteers30
Family systems theory (Bowen theory) and the family with a male homosexual member who has acquired immune deficiency syndrome (A I D S), A I D S related complex (A R C) or tests positive for the antibodies to the human immunodeficiency virus (H I V+)30
Guide to the Microfilm edition of the Catharine Maria Sedgwick papers, 1798-190829
[His Holiness Pope John Paul II at Saint Peter the Apostle Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 4, 1979]30
How much can indirect estimation techniques tell us about marital fertility control?29
I am not giving a "Hook 'em Horns" sign. My fingers got this way holding flour tortillas while I was in south Texas30
Improving outcomes and preventing relapse in cognitive-behavioral therapy, Journal of social and clinical psychology30
Informed consent for cardiac catheterization, coronary angioplasty, stent insertion and 2 other selections30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Drug use and abuse, third edition [by] Stephen A. Maisto, Mark Galizio, Gerard J. Connors ; prepared by Stephen A. Maisto, Mark Galizio, Gerard J. Connors, Mark R. Duerr30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Intimate relationships, third edition [by] Sharon S. Brehm, Rowland S. Miller, Daniel Perlman, Susan M. Campbell30
Instructor's manual for Developmental psychology today, fifth edition [by] Lois Hoffman, Scott Paris, Elizabeth Hall, Robert Schell30
Instructor's manual to accompany Bloom, Lazerson, Brain, mind, and behavior, second edition30
Instructor's manual to accompany Personal adjustment, the psychology of everyday life [by] Valerian J. Derlega, Louis H. Janda30
Instructor's resource manual for The St. Martin's Guide to writing, second edition and the St. Martin's Guide to writing, short second edition part 230
Key events in the lives of successful middle school principals in Virginia, A DSM-III casebook of differential therapeutics30
Linking developmental assessment and curricula: prescriptions for early intervention30
Marriage and divorce in a Muslim Hausa town (Mirria, Niger Republic), Sexual and reproductive aspects of women's health care30
Methodological and statistical advances in the study of individual differences, The Handbook of school psychology30
Miscibility in blends of poly(vinyl chloride) and chlorinated poly(vinyl chloride) with polycarbonates30
New directions at the Department of Interior: opportunities for the energy industry on federal lands part 530
New evidence for the 'Amarna Period from the Memphite tombs of 'Aper-el, Horemheb, and Ma'ya27
Organizational behavior and change--managing diversity, cross-cultural dynamics, and ethics30
Patterns of change in the symbolization of object-relations and narrative over the course of short-term psychodynamic treatment with psychiatric inpatients30
Play therapy and its effects upon problem behavior of .30
Proceedings of the ... annual meeting of The Association of Physical Plant Administrators of Universities and Colleges30
Prospect Park; a musical memory play. Book & lyrics by Anthony J. Boccone, 1959-; m Phillip Costanzo, 196021
Psychiatric and developmental disorders in children with communication disorder, Clinical update in adolescent psychiatry30
Psychopharmacology education and prescriptive privileges perceptions of marriage and family counselors and counselor educators30
Public self and private self, Identity, The cultural animal30
Rosseau, Kant & Goethe. By Ernst Cassirer, introd. by Peter Gay, Portraits of the artist21
Self therapy approaches to the modification of anxiety, depression, self-concept, smoking and weight30
Sigmund Freud and the origins of Western culture: a psychoanalytic look at the Bible. By Ralph Pessah30
Social competence of learning-disabled students and their nonhandicapped lower and higher achieving peers aged eight to eleven years29
Social skills and problem behaviors of adolescents with learning disabilities with and without attention/impulsivity problems30
Social work in juvenile and criminal justice settings, The Best music ever written30
Stress and coping of parents of pediatric heart transplant patients and parents of pediatric patients with chronic heart disease30
Structures of HIV-1 and SIV proteases with implications for the catalytic mechanism and drug resistance part 230
Student solutions guide to accompany Introduction to organic chemistry, second edition [by] William H. Brown30
Study guide to accompany West's federal taxation--corporations, partnerships, estates, and trusts, [by] William H. Hoffman, Jr., James E. Smith, David M. Maloney30
Study questions and test items for Sensation and perception, 2d edition, by E. Bruce Goldstein part 230
Synaptic plasticity of an identified motoneuron following partial denervation of an insect muscle26
Temperature dependence of the electronic relaxation time in copper, aluminum, and potassium determined .30
Test item file for Psychology today--an introduction, fifth edition [by] Richard R. Bootzin, Elizabeth F. Loftus, Robert B. Zajonc30
The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of suicide assessment and management part 328
The boy who lived with the seals, Female authority, You're not what I expected30
The Brain as a health care system--a psychobiological foundation for stress and behavioral medicine30
The child in his family. Editor: E. James Anthony & Cyrille Koupernik, contributors: Worthan W. Ackerman27
The College preparatory curriculum at two high schools in .., Truth hurts, Take it past the limit30
The Development of intrapsychic structures in the light of borderline personality organization29
The Effects of hostile environments on coatings and plastics, God rest ye merry, gentlemen30
The Effects of prediction and control on learned helplessness and an electrodermal measure of arousal30
The Effects of taxation on financial decisions and organizational .., Don't hate--be leaders in peace30
The Impact of collective bargaining on management. By Sumner H. Slichter, James J. Healy, and E. Robert Livernash30
The impact of gay identity and perceived milieu toward gay employees on job involvement and organizational commitment of gay men part 230
The Intelligent man's guide to women. By Jane Whitbread & Vivian Cadden, Daughters29
Theory and practice in building an EAP workplace follow-up support network program for EAP practitioners and counselors part 230
The Peanut vendor; El Manisero. Full & symphonic band with condences score. Music by Moises Simons & John J. Morrissey29
The relationship between reading recovery story-writing activity and student achievement and acceleration rate30
The relationship of selected variables to citizens' attitudes toward the prestige and professionalism of teachers part 330
The significance of developing an instrumental music curriculum in the middle school philosophy part 230
The skill of the administrator and staff productivity, McBride, script no. 6, Dogged29
To know someone here or there with whom you can feel there is understanding in spite of distances or thoughts unexpressed--that can make this life a garden25
Trade and diplomacy on the China coast; the opening of the treaty ports, 1842-1854. Vols. 1 & 2. By John King Fairbank30
Trained musical performers' and musically untrained college students' ability to discriminate music instrument timbre as a function of duration part 230
Treating alcohol and drug problems in psychotherapy practice, Outpatient treatment of *Removed* and crack addiction26
Understanding post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction, Where you are, Baby U know30
US health care and the future supply of physicians, Diversity in the workplace, The eye of illusion26
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