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A debate on Jewish emancipation and Christian theology in old Berlin, Plato's thought30
A flip chart for use in educating patients in a cardiac rehabilitation program, Heart of justice29
An exploration of the life experiences and discursive practices of alternatively prepared beginning elementary school urban teachers30
An introduction to the history of structural mechanics, pt. 2, vaulted structures and elastic systems30
An introduction to the mathematical theory of the Navier-Stokes equations: vol. 1, linearized steady problems part 230
A Revised edition of G. M. A. Grube's translation of Plato's Republic, Readings in ancient Greek philosophy from Thales to Aristotle30
Art nouveau; art and design at the turn of the century. By the Museum of Modern Art, as employer for hire of Peter Selz and Mildred Constantine30
A Translation of the seventeenth century Arabic manuscript "Kitab ad-dalala al-lamia" with an introduction that explains its significance in the history of the Middle East30
A Treasury of poems for worship and devotion. By Charles Langworthy Wallis, Powderkeg27
Before and after (you're a different) By Michael I. Noble & Steve L. Pippin, Antes y despues de la frontera. By Clemencia Gutierrez25
Complete book of model railway electronics, The Natures Bounty way, A stain on the brain26
Dear world. From the Broadway musical Dear world. SATB. Arr. Peter King, Sexual addiction. Performed by Dacia28
Der Einzig moegliche Beweisgrund = The One possible basis for a demonstration of the existence of God30
Developing critical thinking skills for effective reading ; Developing critical thinking skills for effective reading for upper grades30
Discourse on method, optics, geometry, and meteorology, Zack and magic factory, What shall we wear party? By Wilson29
Divine right and democracy: an anthology of political writing in Stuart England, Edon Waes25
Essays on the context, nature, and influence of Isaac Newton's theology, The History of scepticism from Erasmus to Spinoza17
Everyday life in Roman and Anglo-Saxon times, including Viking and Norman times. By C. H. B. Quennell and Marjorie Quennell30
Existentialism, its meaning for American public education as perceived by selected contemporary educational philosophers30
Festliche Kantate. Nach Spruechen aus 4 Jahrtausenden. Fuer gemischten Chor und kleines Orchester. w Ptahhotep, Salomo, Demokrit, J. Bohme, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche & Gunther Eich, m Max Bendik, pseud. of Diether DeLaMotte30
Franz Rosenzweig: philosophical and theological writings, Classics of moral and political theory25
Funky robot (part 1) From album title Funkiest man alive: Stax funk sessio, The breakdown of governments. B75156229
Geology and seismic stratigraphy of the Antarctic margin, Sold out, Breaking bad habits30
Getting good at saying goodbye, Free will, The agony and the ecstacy27
How sleep the brave. A glee for SSA a cappella. m Francis Ireland, pseud. of Francis Hutchinson, w Appolonian harmony, editing: G. Wallace Woodworth30
Instructor's manual to accompany Elements of physics. By John N. Cooper & Alpheus W. Smith30
In the bar of a Tokyo hotel. Editorial revision & author's changes in text Tennessee Williams (Thomas Lanier Williams) part 330
In Thee, O Lord. For chorus of mixed voices (SATB) with piano or organ acc. By J. F. Haydn, editing by Bennett Williams, pseud. of Benjamin Suchoff30
Introduction (clean version) Additional title: Introduction (version 2) By Christopher Wong Won "China Man", Mark Ross "Marquis", David Hobbs "Mr. Mixx" & Luther Campbell30
Introduction to concurrent engineering : electronic circuit design and production applications, 1992 / prepared by aReliability Analysis Center (CRTA-CE) TX 3-462-45530
Introduction to improvisation of polychordal cycle of 5ths w/chord substitution, progression, and melodic potential part 230
Introductory readings in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, The Schillinger supplement22
It's time you knew what Jesus could mean to you, Make up your mind, A passed over voice29
I will be the one ; Walking through Jerusalem, Hume, political writings, Jesse Beagle in concert30
John S. Clarke, parliamentarian, poet, lion-tamer, The State, The Hatters of eighteenth-century France19
Lawyers' medical cyclopedia of personal injuries and allied specialties. Vol. 1. By Charles J. Frankel, J. W. Holloway, Jr., Kenneth R. Redden, and one other30
Leviathan. By Thomas Hobbes, introd. & editing: John Plamenatz, Leviathan, Hobbes, Leviathan25
Message of the cross ; Singers song ; What is this thing called love? ... [et al.]30
Mishneh Torah of Maimonides: book 2--holidays & 7 other titles, Book of Avodah, Book of Taharah25
Modern political arithmetic: the federal budget and the public sector in national economic accounts29
New millen[n]ium (what cha wanna do?), Reality30
People, work and organizations: an introduction to industrial and organizational psychology23
Phaedrus. By Plato ; translated, with introd. and notes, by Alexander Nehamas & Paul Woodruff26
Professional and self-development programs for office assistants, The cardinal, The ruby-throated hummingbird30
Ready to take a chance again. By Paramount Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of Norman Gimbel (words) & Charles Fox (music), & Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation, employer for hire of Ed Lojeski (S.A.T.B. arr.) part 230
Rival lovers (Amatores) By Plato, translator, Jeff Mitscherling, On virtue, Axiochus30
Roll on, Columbia. For voice & piano with guitar chords. w & arr. Woodrow Wilson Guthrie, m Huddie Ledbetter, John A. Lomax30
Spinoza, principles of Cartesian philosophy with metaphysical thoughts, Technologies of the human corpse30
Spokesman for freedom: the life of Archibald Grimke, Lysistrata, Soldiers in the civil rights war27
Tao Teh King. By Lao Tzu (Lao-tzu), rev. translation, special arr. & explanatory essay by Archie J. Bahm30
The essentials of dianetics checksheet, no. 2, how to understand yourself and others: HCO policy letter part 230
The Government contractor software series, version 3.0, system operating manual30
The love council. Translation from German into English: Peter D. G. Brown, Every time you say goodbye30
The nuts and bolts guide to college writing, Kideta, BossCard 530
The older Sophists: a complete translation by several hands of the fragments in Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker, edited by Diels-Kranz with a new edition of Antiphon and of Euthydemus part 230
The Old Regime and the French Revolution. By Alexis DeTocqueville [i.e. Alexis Charles Henri Maurice Clerel DeTocqueville], translation: Doubleday & Company, Inc., employer in a work made for hire of Stuart Gilbert30
The philosophical foundations and practical use of choral music in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the twentieth-century, focusing on the music of Robert Cundick, with emphasis on his sacred service, "The Redeemer"30
The poliovirus controversy in the years before World War II, Route paradise, But for you26
The Wasps. By Aristophanes, English translation: Douglass Parker, Granville Hawes project30
This extraordinary new nursing reference series will help you prevent errors, save time, teach patients, solve problems, grow professionally30
Truth. Vol. 3. By Saint Thomas Aquinas, translation: Robert W. Schmidt, Oh, oh, on the run27
Walk with a smile ; The Poor man's cry ; Slowly but surely ... [et al.], Fox and the crow30
When cries are photographed finally as ravens, Man a machine, man a plant, Bronwen, the traw, and the shape-shifter29
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