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Absent minded lover & 444 other titles & arrs. (Part 001 of 002)30
Absent minded me & 299 other titles. (Part 002 of 002)30
After the lights go out. Then. Artist: Warner Mack, sound recording by MCA Records, Inc30
Ain't got time & 18 other titles, Sam's second batch, Harlan29
Ain't no way (jazz house overhall) By Full Force & Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley part 230
Ain't no way (jazz house overhall) By Full Force & Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley part 330
All American girl & 14 other titles30
All tangled up in love & 16 other titles, State of love, Look away30
An Investigation of the attitudes fourth- and fifth-grade pupils exhibit .., City of tears30
Any old time will do & 69 other titles30
Belonging to someone again & 4 other titles, I want a cookie, I sold my heart30
Betcha can't do it like me. Co-composers, Dennis Butler, Mark Robinson & Carlos Walker30
Blame it on your lyin', cheatin', etc. heart & 13 other titles, Overtime, I need you (to make love grow)30
Breaking up (ain't all that it's cracked up to be) Co-writer: John Northrup, Breaking up part 230
Can't let you go back to him30
Country girl (just home from town) Musical composition30
Crash landing! (Sweet Valley High) TX 1-630-336 (1985)30
Cry no more (part one-two) & 6 other titles, Cry no more part 230
Don't think you're too good for country music (just because you can rock and roll) By Bob McDill part 530
Everybody loves a winner. w Betty Comden & Adolph Green, m Jule Styne27
Everybody's got to be somewhere & 2 other titles, Dixie highway, Any other way & 6 other titles30
Everyday for a lifetime (we can be sure) a.k.a. Lifetime of love (we can be sure) Musical composition28
Feelin' warm. w & m Barbara Wyrick & Mickey Buckins a.k.a. Charles M. Buckins, Radio romance30
Going out with the tide. w Gene Bourgeois, m Huey Meaux, I can't give up, I ran around & 6 other titles30
Gone with the wind & 1 other title part 230
Good bunch of biscuits. w & m Curly Putman, John Preston, My heart knows better28
Here comes that feeling again. By Brian Holland, Reginald A. Brown, Stafford Floyd & Marcia Woods30
Hits of Peter, Paul and Mary. Easy arrangements for recorder (C or F instruments solos or duets): Pepamar Music Corporation, employer for hire of Allen Richardson30
I can't forget the way we were in love30
If Hollywood don't need you (Honey, I still do) Musical composition, That same old line30
If it would only rain just a little bit harder, Look what we've done to love, I love you was his favorite song30
If you can't say something nice. w & m Roy Orbison, Joe Melson & Ray Rush, So what30
If you're waiting on me (you're backing up) Musical composition, You need intensive care30
If your leaving don't kill me (your memory will) & 4 other titles, In Nazareth (there's a carpenter)30
If your leaving don't kill me (your memory will) & 4 other titles, My boy Willie. Rev. w & m Burl Ives25
I hope you find someone (who loves you like I do) By Douglass VanArsdale30
I'm dreaming of a Bbrown Christmas30
I'm little but I'm loud & 1 other title; musical works. By Boudleaux Bryant & Jimmy Dickens. Notice of termination of grant under 17 USC Section 304(c); date and manner of service of the notice: 27Oct06, by ctified mail, return receipt requested30
I'm looking for Mr. Right (you're just looking) By Gottlieb, Garvin & Smith, I'm just glad I had the heart to break30
I'm not afraid to fly (pre June 1998) By Will Robinson & Faith Hill part 230
I'm not being easy (I'm just being free) & 2 other titles, Out of your heart, That all over feeling25
I'm saving this seat for Mary (just like she asked me to do) w & m Bob Forshee, A Good country song. w & m Bob Forshee30
I'm still looking for a home & 11 other titles29
I must be crazy. w Adela Elow & Sig Altman, m Lawrence Elow30
Innocent heart. Portuguese w Jack (Jacques) Segasture, m Armand Kahn, Read all about it27
It feels like love for the first time30
It's a heartache either way24
It's so good to be in the love of the Lord part 230
I've got Georgia on my mind (but I'm living in the heart of Texas) PA 123-203 (1981) & PA 129-718 (1982)30
I've had too much (of never enough of you) & 4 other titles, Two good friends of mine30
I want you back & 1 other title30
Key to my heart & 1 other title; musical composibions part 230
Libre como el sol; balada guijira. w & m E. J. Ledesma, English w W. S. Francey30
May I wish you an old fashioned Christmas? By Jesse Rogers & Sally Starr, Man needs a woman30
Moment by moment/gospel songs for the ac, Tightsuit collection, Come on and go with me26
My dream love & 1 other title, My heart's not mine anymore, My heart is a stone28
My prayer. If ever two were one (then surely we are) Artist: Narvel Felts, sound recording: ABC Records, Inc29
Oh, Will (who made it rain last night?) & 2,072 other titles. (Part 002 of 011), I don't like trains. Co-composer, Tommy Lee James30
Oh, Will (who made it rain last night?) & 2,072 other titles. (Part 002 of 011), I've already walked in her shoes30
On again, off again love, Some kind of miracle30
Philosophy and psychology of a Workshop Way day, Don't be shy--make the Subway connection30
Preparative methods of polymer chemistry. By Wayne R. Sorenson & Tod W. Campbell part 230
Red River Valley. Adaptation & arr. Jo Ann Castle, Humoresque, Castle rag & 1 other title26
Revelation in the courthouse park. A music-theater work for voices, dancers, acrobats, and musical instruments built by Harry Partch part 230
Rollercoaster & 1 other title; sound recordings (musical performance) By Peter (Pete) Venegas part 228
Rose City chimes. m & arr. John Robert Garrett, Chasing the dragon, I'm in vogue23
Shame on you. Co-authors: Tom Marks & Scott Chatham part 230
She's hangin' in there (I'm hangin' out) By Charles Quillen, Dean Dillon & David Wills part 230
Slowly but surely30
Starting over (we've made the necessary changes) By Lamont Dozier30
That's what I get for thinking26
The First time is the hardest one of all30
The Heartaches are here to stay. w & m Brooks Arthur & Alan Lorber30
The LosAngeles times Olympics guide to L. A. and southern California, Backstage at the Opry29
The sweetest story. w & m Edward Hinton & Jeannie Greene a.k.a. Mary Elizabeth Greene30
They could put me in jail (for what I've been thinkin' about you), Let's leave the lights on tonight30
They could put me in jail (for what I've been thinkin' about you), Old flame, new fire30
This one's gonna hurt you (for a long, long time) & 1 other title, Honky tonk crowd & 1 other title30
Token of love. w & m Richard Ester (a.k.a. Richard Harold) & Benny Barnes, My sugar baby (sweeter then [sic] cotton candy)27
When my love for you began. w & m Benny Joy (Benny Joy Eidson) & Larry Kirby, You're just another broken heart. w & m J. L. Dickens & Larry Kirby27
When you leave me where does that leave ...? By Billy Lawson & Terry Skinner30
When you leave me (where does that leave me?) Musical composition, I was the first one. w & m Hank Thompson30
Where's Poppa? (The facts of life, episode no. 804) PA 317-744, I'm dancing as fast as I can30
Winners and losers in East-West trade: a behavioral analysis of U. S.-Soviet detente (1970-1980) By Ronald E. Hoyt part 230
Written in the stars; a novel about Albrecht Durer. By Frances Hope Fisher30
You can't catch a fish where there's no water. Words & music: Bennie Hess, Honky tonk town & 2 other titles28
You can't get there from here & 1 other title. Assignment part 329
You can't take it (but you dish it out)30
You must think that I'm a playground (the way you play around on me), You're not a liar like me30
Young folks, don't go in that room, Wino's prayer, Satan30
You're breakin' in another heart; a.k.a. Breakin' in another heart. w Hank Thompson & Dorothy Thompson, m Billy Gray30
You're under arrest (for stealing my heart) Words & music: Autry Inman (Robert Autry Inman) & Bob Foster30
You turn me on (like a radio) By Bob McDill & James D. (Jim) Weatherly part 230
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