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Above and beyond. By Columbia Pictures Television, a division of Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc30
A boyfriend for Christmas. PA 1-260-081, Ladera Heights, Rumors at evening27
Adventures of Waldo Kitty & 924 other titles; programs. (Part 001 of 002), The good, the bad and the clumsy30
America part 1130
An American story & 14 other titles; motion pictures30
Ancient healing: a ritual for our time, & 1 other play, Home again, Infinity, forever27
And never let her go. PA 1-032-419, Archie funhouse 23x23, Archie 17x2623
Annie's point. PA 1-260-084, Redemption, A Mother's day22
A place called home. (The new adventures of A.R.K. (Animal Rescue Kids) episode no. 203) PA 922-37030
By dawn's early light. By Universal City Studios, Inc30
Captain Frank Mundus/white shark (pen advertising catalog 2005), Straight from the heart30
Children of the dust bowl: the true story of the school at Weedpatch Camp22
Christiandom [sic] (revisited), Home again, Footprints in the sky28
Closing theme ("I have the power") (Shera--princess of power) PAu 713-115, Sabrina, cue no. S-8-23030
Defending our kids: the Julie Posey story. PA 1-193-581, Elizabeth Smart story, Echo of thunder. PA 926-40727
Della-Ambrose button & 3159 other titles; music cues. (Part 003 of 019), Della--bridge30
Dynasty the making of a guilty pleasure. Add. ti.: Dynasty behind the scenes, There's a Viking in my bed30
Educational tag/instrumental background & 3159 other titles; music cues. (Part 009 of 019)30
Fantastic voyage, cue no. FV321 & 3159 other titles; music cues. (Part 006 of 019) part 330
Fantastic voyage, cue no. FV322 & 3159 other titles; music cues. (Part 005 of 019) part 330
Farscape series season 4 (episodes 67-88) PA 1-129-263 et al, An unexpected love30
Fat Albert & Cosby kids, episode 31075 & 3159 other titles; music cues. (Part 007 of 019)30
Frankenstein. By Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley, artwork & introd.: Mary M. Threapleton part 230
Friendly monsters; (Friendly monsters by Alexis A. Savage), or B-29 versus F M. By Steven E. Mundt30
Gone but not forgotten. From If it's Tuesday this must be Belgium30
Heart of a stranger. PA 1-125-491 & PAu 2-692-928, Inherit the Earth, Of men and of angels28
He Man & the masters of the universe, episode no. 66023 & 3159 other titles; music cues. (Part 010 of 019)30
Home for Christmas. Words & music: Teddy Peters, pseud. of Norrie Paramor, & Jimmy Harper30
I could lift the whole world if I knew where to stand, Son of the dragon, The waltz of the blue devils26
In the beginning, when God scattered stars into space, he planned treasures for us to discover.30
In the beginning, when God scattered stars into space, he planned treasures for us to discover. part 230
It's a girl baby bear. VAu 658-378, It's a girl30
Jack and the beanstalk and other favorite folk tales30
Jason of star command, episode no. 86026 & 3159 other titles; music cues. (Part 011 of 019)30
Journey to the center of the earth. By Joseph M. Schenck Enterprises, Inc. and Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation30
Jules Verne's mysterious island, Detective, Shark swarm20
Just desserts/You doo. (Fairly odd parents, episode no. 60)30
Killer instinct: from files of Candice DeLong. PAu 2-737-826 & PA 1-202-07730
King and queen of clubs program (crown the king and/or queen of clubs), Vincent Burns first collection27
King and queen of moonlight bay & 9 other titles; films27
King Lear; an outline guide to the play. By Barnes & Noble, employer for hire of Mark Eccles26
Lives of the saints for every day of the year, Twenty-eight poems, Short tracts for the times26
Love comes softly. PAu 2-912-471, Gentle Ben I, Santa, Jr30
McBride: anybody here murder Marty? Television motion picture, Desolation canyon28
McBride: the doctor is out, really out, La femme musketeer, Supernova25
McBride: the doctor is out ... really out, McBride: murder at the mission, McBride25
Mission magic, cue no. MM-9-10 & 3159 other titles; music cues. (Part 012 of 019) part 330
Monster makers. PA 1-260-09529
More than meets the eye; a new comedy in 3 acts. By Fred Walker Carmichael part 230
Murder among friends. By Irving E. Cox, Jr27
My favorite Martian, cue no. FM-1-30 & 3159 other titles; music cues. (Part 013 of 019) part 330
Mystery woman (script no. 5) Proposed television series project part 230
Mystery woman (script no. 9 "Oh baby") Teleplay. Writing services by Joyce Burditt, employee of Limestone Entertainment, Inc., as a work-made-for-hire. Based on the script written by Michael Sloan30
Night of the wolf. By Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc. & Qualis Productions28
On the beach & 1 other title30
Opening theme & 28 other titles composed for the motion picture Pretty in pink30
Out of order. By Row, Peterson and Company, employer for hire of M. David Samples30
Out of the ashes. PAu 2-743-982 & PAu 2-743-98429
Overload! & 35 other titles; motion pictures, Hope rose, Single Santa seeks Mrs. Claus25
Prima's Command & Conquer secrets & solutions, unauthorized, Marco Polo, Command & Conquer24
Roots and wings: talks on Zen30
Sail on blues. New w & new m adaptation with guitar chords: Bill Crofut & Steve Addiss27
Shera--princess of power, episode no. 67002 & 3159 other titles; music cues. (Part 015 of 019) part 230
Silent night (PD) Arr. Booker T. Jones, Donald Dunn a.k.a. Duck Dunn, Al Jackson & Steve Cropper30
Snapshot of murder (formerly known as Mystery woman (script #2) Teleplay, JD: how to fire your boss24
Star trek, cue no. ST-14-30 & 3159 other titles; music cues. (Part 017 of 019)29
Straight from the heart, out of gas, and still runnin'30
Summer solstice. From Cause for alarm. Music: Andre George Previn30
Tennessee Williams, rebellious Puritan. By Nancy M. Tischler30
The adventure of the Bruce-Parkington plans, A scandal in Bohemia, The problem of Thor Bridge30
The crooked arm and other baseball stories,. Compiled by Scholastic Magazines, Inc., employer for hire of Tony Simon30
The last cowboy. PAu 2-915-76930
The last riders: motion picture30
The long shot. DCR 1984. VA 174-125 (1984)22
The outsiders, no. 2430
Thermoluminescent mechanisms of gamma-irradiated calcium sulfate .., Blackbeard, Love among the cannibals29
The roman spring of Mrs. Stone. PAu 2-787-331 & Pau 2-787-332, Recipe for murder30
The story of Artaban, the other wise man; a play with music for Christmas or Easter. Play adaptation: Clive Robbins, m Paul Nordoff part 230
The Ten Commandments. Music: Sunny Skylar a.k.a. Selig Shaftel, & Andrew Ackers30
The ultimate baseball memorabilia (CFE), Finding Buck McHenry, When he is not a stranger30
The wedding cake. w & m Margaret Lewis Warwick (a.k.a. Margaret Ann Lewis) & Mira Ann Smith (a.k.a. Myra Smith)30
Thicker than water; motion picture. By Window Glen Production Company30
Through my eyes & 6 other titles30
Untitled Arthur Ashe project, A gun in the house, Miracle run20
Upon my lips a song. By Kate Smith (Kathryn Elizabeth Smith), Audrey's rain, Bet me28
Winter white. m Vic Abrams, w Irving Reid29
Witch danger & 3159 other titles; music cues. (Part 002 of 019), Sad, Chase no. 2--button30
Within these walls. PA 1-087-01324
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