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A little bit of you (goes a long, long way) By Craig Wiseman, Jason McCoy & Sonny Burgess30
A little more country this time & 36 other titles30
Any less of a man & 14 other titles, I pretend, When wedding bells ring30
As I rode out this enders night; a Christmas madrigal for four part chorus of mixed voices a capella. m Williametta Spencer part 230
Believe in love ; Image ; Shot in the dark ; Down the road30
Business organization and combination. By Richard Norman Owens, Mary go 'round, Nothin' ain't nothin'30
Circle of friends; a play in one act30
C'mon George, sing me one the other way, That's all she wrote, When answers aren't the answer30
David's song of deliverance & praise part 230
Do nice girls finish last? Co-authors Larry Gottlieb, Sharon Leger & Beth McKee30
Don't say a thing like that, Wild heart, If you're in the mood26
Do what I say and nobody gets hurts, You got away with it this time, When Donna's in Dallas28
Do you want to make something of it & 21 other titles; musical composition, Have you seen me (since I saw her)30
Foolish heart. By Phil Thornalley, Ian McDonald, Calvin Hayes & Mike Nocito30
Forty miles of bad road. By Van Wesley Stephenson, 1953-, p.k.a. Van Stephenson, & Charles David Robbins, 1959-, & Irene Kelley, 195030
Gossip. w & m Erik Jacobsen, 1964-; m Kirby Jacobsen, 1966, Fallin' for you30
I can get it on down with country, It's out of my hands30
I got a thing for you, & 1 other song, Wave of love, Pleasure cruise30
I know I'll always be in love with you, Century songs III, There's a heaven somehere I know30
I'll never make it through this fall, One hundred promises from now, KISS26
I'm takin' my toothbrush from your bathroom ('cause darlin', I'm saying goodbye, Go figure30
I need a wife. By Daniel E. Tyler & Joan E. Harms, One of these day is here, Nobody's girl30
It ain't easy (gettin' over lovin' you), This old guitar and me, This thing called cheaten [sic]30
It's my turn, I wanna to live. By Shefik Jakupi, Take to the dance floor, 3 stages of love30
Just in time (to watch love die) EU344010 part 230
Memories part 2730
Merry Christmas from your friends and colleagues at ICE30
New Yawk, New Yawk. m Kent Maurice Margason, 1953, I'll be there for you30
No one to blame but yourself, On the run, We've got tonight30
Seeing is believing, & 3 other songs, Darby and Joan, Shangri-La30
So long part 1130
So strong to be weak, & 1 other selection, Give peace a chance, Miracles30
There's not enough love (on this side of the moon), A song & a prayer, Sounds like my ex-wife30
There's too many honky tonks on my way home; a.k.a. A song book, vol. 1. By Ben Shaw, 1953-, & Chiles Patrick, 193927
These are the days that reindeer love30
The works of songs by Donald Roy Hayes, Flying Dutchman, Run away30
They said, go ahead and burn the American flag, Forever just ended today, Any place will do30
This country boy's gonna rock your world tonight, Your sacrifice28
Twelve citizens of the world: a book of biographies. By Leonard S. Kenworthy, ill. by William Sharp30
Waiting for peace. Words & music: Raymond Anthony Gonzalez, 1959, Now you know30
We're cookin' a gourmet treat for people of the street (rocksoup), Wild love, Trucker's tune30
What about me (don't you love me anymore)? part 230
What can I do? w & m Donald Williams (Don Q); w Linda Ellis, 1963 part 230
What's the matter, Ruth? ; Mother Nature lady ; Ghost of Tchoupitoulas St. ... [et al.]30
When she wakes up (and finds me gone), Between heaven and hell, Hey baby, I'm home30
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