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A bridge to a secret of my own, I know you30
A la velocidad de tu amor, & 3 other songs, What's next?30
A little more country this time & 9 other titles part 230
All that Heaven allows, Walk away30
Am I still in your heart girl?, Those were the nights, Hot rod29
Complicated. Co-writer, Arnold Michael Roman, Complicated, Stop (do you want to say you love me?)29
Empty house ; The High cost of living ; She's dangerous ; This is not a world of our making30
Everything and nothing in particular, Naomi29
God gave me you; That good. By Andy Goldmark, Jamie Houston, James Dean Hicks, Black water transit: a novel30
Heaven bound train, & 1 other song lyric part 230
I can see forever (in your eyes tonight) By Rick Ferreli & Butch Carter part 230
I can't take it. Words, music & arr.: Kenneth E. James, 1955, What will I do, Boyfriend30
I'll be the one with my arms around you part 230
I love you more and more each day. w & m Alex Mack, Jr., Faith R. Evans30
Imagine that30
I'm not the same ; I'm gonna leave ; Old time feeling ... [et al.], Songs of the redeemed30
I promise to love you for life, In so many words, It'll never feel the same30
Jesus will take you thru (to the promised land), Mama's tears, Adios, I'm outta here30
Just to be with you (Philadelphia soul mix) ; Just to be with you (black masses orchestra mix) ; Just to be with you (pianosoulapella) part 230
Keep your heart together, Together30
Moon-shine in the North Carolina mountains. w & m Diamond Record Company, Inc., employer for hire of Tex Dean (William Dean)30
My first love, & 1 other selection30
Na na, hey hey, we love livin' in the USA, Morning after, Bolero30
Ode to a city girl (whose name has been crossed out of my book), Life is hard, If she hadn't broken my heart30
Older and wiser. w & m Barney Greene, Well enough alone, The Jack Daniels waltz27
On a night like this. By Adam Mitchell. (In the phonorecord album by Bette Bright "Rhythm breaks the ice")30
Still in love with you. w, m & arr.: Kenneth Harris, 194830
The complete works of Michael Anthony Peterson, Can't erase the feeling, Why30
The greatest part of me. By Stephen Allen Davis, 1949, Was your grandpa a monkey? By Stephen Allen Davis30
There she ain't (just like she always was), Everybody's lookin', Christmas could get crazy30
We must be thinking alike. By Charles Harmon Jones, 1955- & John Christopher Farren, 1957- (p.k.a. Chris Farren)30
We must be thinking alike. By Charles Harmon Jones, 1955- & John Christopher Farren, 1957- (p.k.a. Chris Farren) part 230
What is love? ; Believe ; You're gonna be OK ; Staring30
What was I thinkin'? By Victoria Shaw, Karen Tobin & Mark Fosson, A heart to break30
Where the river runs cold ; He called on me ; A heart that will glow in the dark30
You and me part 1930
You can't serve the Lord and the Devil at the same time. By Allen E. Thompson & the Gospel Crusaders, pseud part 230
Your street. By Timothy James Thorney p.k.a. Tim Thorney, Paul Robert Henderson & Joel Richard Feeney part 230
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