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Accidentally & 400 other titles; songs. (Part 001 of 002)29
Adrift just off the Islets of Langerhans, latitude 38 degrees, 54' N., longitude 77 degrees, 00' 13' W., and other contributions30
A History of civilization. Vol. 2: 1715 to the present. By Crane Brinton, Robert Lee Wolff, and John B. Christopher30
Along the path, Wasteland, Love30
Am I gonna have trouble with you? Words & music: Bobby Smith & Bess Reles, Can't find that gal of mine30
Angelina ; Electric magnetic love thang experience ; Losing you ... [et al.], Sharing a song27
Back in the hills of Carolina, Wide awake, I forgot about sunshine28
Bad boys main title & 8 other titles to be used in the theatrical motion picture Bad boys part 230
Bad moon rising & 49 other titles; songs. Written or composed in whole or in part by John Fogerty30
Ballad of the whiskey robber: a true story of bank heists, ice hockey, Transylvanian pelt smuggling, moonlighting detectives, and broken hearts part 430
Beautiful girl & 50 other titles30
Be true to your school. w & m Brian Wilson, Give it to Bloom, Junior high school24
Boys and girls win your favorite pedigreed dog for Lone Ranger safety scout mascot30
Brand new man. Writers, Faith Renee Evans, Mechalie S. Jamison, Michael Carlos Jones & Kip Collins30
Can't get this stuff no more ; Me wise magic, Marcha espanola. m Paul VanLoan, Samba 530
Cherokee Rose; song. Words & music: John Joseph Urbanik, After all I've done, Place my feet on holy ground30
Chicago part 230
Children of the corn 2: The final Sacrifice30
Cleveland Smith, bounty hunter, The Rookie, Nightcrew26
Cold mountain; 100 poems. By T'ang poet, Han-shan, English translation and introd.: Burton Watson30
Come drink with me. Underlying Chinese film with English subtitles entitled Come drink with me. PA 962-29122
Computer nerds against the Agenda, Golgotha, Golgotha demonstration tape30
Dawson's Creek. By Outerbanks Entertainment, Inc., employee for hire of Kevin Williamson30
Demon with a glass hand. By Daystar-Villa DiStefano-UA, The Inheritors, part 1, I, robot30
Don't be afraid of romance. From Mr. President. Arr. for dance orchestration & vocal: Irving Berlin, employer for hire of Fred Barovick30
Don't you ever feel sorry? w & m Buddy Scott (Robert Baird) & Jimmy Radcliffe, Crusade27
Everything that rises, episode no. 256-112, An unfinished life22
Famous First Facts about the environment, Sequoia, Eagle: America's sailing square-rigger28
Gender differences in science misconceptions in eighth grade astronomy, The blouse man27
Getting over getting over you, and 1 other song30
Getting over someone easy & 2 other titles30
Halloween 8 & 3 other titles; motion pictures, Halloween 8, 50 violins26
How to succeed in business without a *Removed* and Secrets and strategies for the working woman30
I love Huckabee's. By Warner Brothers, a division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, LP30
In too deep. By Matt Healy, 1956-, & Reynard Productions, Inc, Can't change, In too deep30
It almost happened one night, What next, my love?, And now, my non-love22
Kids from Shaolin & 2 other titles; motion pictures, Satire movie 2, Kate & Leopold30
Kissing sweet. A day for surprises. By John Guare, Marvin's room, Liar's Club music 199030
Lachrimae coactae. Arr. for recorder quintet. By John Dowland, arr. for recorder quintet: Edgar Hubert Hunt30
Mark! danger! (Doctor Christian), Mother's boy, Typhoid30
Mary Shaw--actress, suffragist, activist (1854-1929), The Water method man, Setting free the bears30
Mother's boy. m Ernie Freeman (Ernest A. Freeman)30
[Murder's not a simple matter, and other contributions] By Donald Honig, Woman warriors of the Yang family25
No. 1 ladies' detective. Underlying book entitled The no. 1 ladies' detective agency. TX 6-049-252 part 327
Number one lady's detectives agency, My wife is a gangster, Awake24
On a carousel ride, & 3 other selections, Roar, The Look in your eye30
Once upon a time in the West. From the motion picture Once upon a time in the West. French w Ralph Bernet, m & arr. Paramount Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of Ennio Morricone30
Once upon a time there was a big birthday party and all the little bears and bunnies and birdies and mousies and Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel and deer and foxes and unicorns and penguins and ducks and raccoons were all eaten up. Illustrated by Max. VS 398-74830
Open your mind ; Alone ; Xpressionism ... [et al.], Kate and Leopold, Kate & Leopold30
Pelasgian dance = Danse pelasgienne, Traveler's tale, Three donas for guitar28
Pledge this! A.k.a. National Lampoon's Pledge this! Motion picture, Hard shell30
Provocateur. By Provocateur VA Productions, Inc, Provocateur, Napoleon26
Reindeer games, no. CL20080, Diary of a dictator, On company time24
Release of copyright mortgage and assignment, Copland, Blood money30
Scream if you know what I did last halloween & 3 other titles, The Cider House rules30
Se que me amas ; Un gran dolor ; Mi prietita linda ... [et al.], Temas de Roberto30
Shall we dance? From Shall we dance? Words by Ira Gershwin, music by George Gershwin & arr. by Jimmy Lally part 230
South; modern southern literature in its cultural setting. Edited by Louis D. Rubin, Jr. and Robert D. Jacobs27
Speak for the dumb things of this world--twenty-two songs, A fate totally worse than death30
[Starseed, new light, new life, bright reminder of our extraterristrial (sic) origin and future]27
Texas ranger. By Will Cook a.k.a. Wade Everett27
Texas Rangers National League heroes vs. American League heroes, June 20, 1992 part 330
Texas Rangers National League heroes vs. American League heroes, June 20, 1992, Songs by Martha Lou Krueger, I, 198430
The Blue Print "Escape velocity" compilation, Paid in full, Gilmore Christal30
The Compositions of Claude Debussy's formative years (1879-1887), Crazy glue love30
The defenders, Osceola, Tecumseh, Cochise28
The evidence of my faith (a book in the making) ch. 1, The recurring dream, Halloween28
The First Jeroboam, Come-as-You-Are, Original Drive-Thru Church, View from the top26
The four feathers, Four feathers, The great raid26
The gathering. Underlying videocassette entitled The gathering. PAu 2-671-09530
The German dictatorship: the origins, structure, and effects of national socialism. Translation: Jean Steinberg, introd.: Peter Gay29
The great debaters Rambo. Underlying treatment for a screenplay entitled Rambo IV: the master race. PAu 2-744-12130
The imposter. By Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc., Arcola Pictures Corporation & Fespar Enterprises, Inc30
The journal of Douglas Allen Deeds, The mighty, The last book in the universe30
The legend of Frenchie King. PA 470-596, Ed Turner original songs, Eight original music compositions30
The mothman prophecies, End of the line, The yards28
The passion of love. Some new words & music: Erik Darling & Patricia Street30
The prophecy revelation. By John Sullivan, Joel Soisson, Lower level, Mimic 226
Thermal radiation heat transfer, Whalesong, The Beasts and the elders30
The short happy life of Brown Oxford, The night listener, Kids of Shaolin30
The Sicilian affair. From A bird's eye view. By ITC Incorporated Television Company, Ltd30
The storyteller. No. 2665. By Bates, lithograph: Providence Lithograph Company30
The sunchaser. By Charles Leavitt & Michael Cimino, CAMP, Bean scene23
The threshold bootstrap for the time series analysis, Magic, mysticism and initiation29
Too many crooks; motion picture. By the Rank Organisation Film Productions, Ltd30
Untitled Kevin Williamson Pilot, Wasteland, Cursed29
Untitled Robert Rodriguez/Kevin Williamson project, A price below rubies, Dogma30
Untitled Robert Rodriguez/Kevin Williamson Project; f.k.a. The faculty. By David Wechter, 1956-, & Bruce Kimmel, 194730
Untitled Robert Rodriguez/Kevin Williamson project, The mighty, The guest30
Village of stars. By Paul Stanton, pseud. of David Beaty, On the L, Cone of silence. By Paul Stanton, pseud. of David Beaty25
(Walking) among my yesterdays. w Fred Ebb, m John Kander, arr. Sunbeam Music Corporation30
Wishing I was lucky & 8 other titles, Look it up, Positive I.D30
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