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1982 spring 1982, Davis Blue Artwork publishers of fine art posters & limited editions30
25 years of Deer & deer hunting (the original Stump Sitters magazine), Blood beach30
An Investigation of the relationship between family functioning and .., Mack Bolan30
An Investigation of the relationship between family functioning and .., The world's greatest gospel skating party & heavenly expo30
Answers to the study guide to accompany West's Textbook of cosmetology, second edition30
Applications of a laser-driven superconducting switch to fundamental measurements and to low-frequency noise reduction in SQUID measurements part 230
A search for meaning from the surface of a small planet, Countdown to chaos, Hell's gate. By Don Pendleton30
At last, the winner! Pacheco [i.e. Ferdie Pacheco], Pony soldiers totem, Lighting up30
Blood heat zero. By Peter Leslie, The Deadly birdmen, School for slaughter25
Blood testament. By Worldwide Library, employer for hire of Mike Newton, Whose your Daddy?30
Challenge the widow-maker and other stories of people in peril, Brothers in blood30
Chemical warfare ; Captor of sin ; Haunting the chapel ; Aggressive perfector, Haunting the chapel28
Code of dishonor. By Worldwide Library, employer for hire of Mike McQuay, Jitterbug30
Conan and the gods of the mountain, Sweet story of Jesus, Valley of affliction30
Croc 2: Prima's official strategy guide. By Mel Odom, Stranded, Trapped!30
Croc 2: Prima's official strategy guide. By Mel Odom, Wild card, Evil kingdom30
Cutting edge valves for polyethylene & polypropylene production30
Deathlands "Homeward bound", Deathlands, Outlanders27
Defenders and believers. By Mike Newton, Night kill, Pipeline28
Double exposure. By Edgar Rice Burroughs. (Tarzan, no. 3918), The bossa nova years30
Effects of reading-mediated vicarious reinforcement on the behavior of .., Strike force alpha30
Firebase Florida, Kill zone, Dead line28
Flesh and blood antecedents of the Dobson-Garrigan family of Beloit, Wisconsin30
Guidelines for communication--the right tool for preparing great speeches, Mister Personality30
Harlequin Reader Service million dollar lotto project/fast cash, The Select reader30
Homeward bound ; Mustang summer ; So long, I'm gone ... [et al.]30
Homeward bound ; Mustang summer ; So long, I'm gone ... [et al.], Got a reputation, gotta get the job done30
How to get your child to practice--without resorting to violence, The Rogue, Bluegrass king30
I came in with Halley's comet in 1935. It is coming again next year ... I am looking forward to that30
Introducing ... West Coast Harem, Fire in the sky, Insanity bound27
ISPCO frame masters and transparency masters to accompany People and computers, No safe place30
La Fiesta brava; the art of the bull ring. By Barnaby Conrad, Endangered, Fire below zero30
Meltdown. By Worldwide Library, employer for hire of Charlie McDade, Backlash, Tropic heat26
More tales of the Black Widow, Camo specs, Tales of the Black Widow27
Moving targets-do-it yourself play painting26
Norse by norsewest (LV II) Saturn, Desert strike, Casino master30
No sanctuary By Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc, Jihad. By Robin Hardy, Agile retrieval. By Robin Hardy25
On a winter's day (I'll be around), Ghost train, Ghost train (minor 1)30
Original songs of Randy & Donna Washburn, Prairie fire, Too many pieces30
Playboy interview: Joseph Heller and Kurt Vonnegut. By Carole Mallory; editor, Johnathan Black30
Point blank. By Worldwide Library, employer for hire of Robin Hardy, The Wicker man30
Saigon commandos-Mad minute, Code zero, Dinky-Dau death28
Save the children, and three other poems30
Sentimental journey of Pres & Elsie Mull, 1942-194630
Short-term remediation of memory deficits in moderate to severe closed head .., Line of fire30
Sorcerer's blood. By Ron Renauld. (Warrior of vengeance, no. 1), Table for five30
Sudden death and the management of potentially lethal ventricular arrhythmias30
Superintendent opinions toward critical issues related to Channel One, Mean streets30
Surface structure determinations of crystalline ionic thin films grown on transition metal single crystal surfaces by low energy electron diffraction30
Terminal velocity. (Speed racer X, no. 11), Flash, Flash/Green Lantern30
The Apple Corps guide to the well-built house, Sludge & 9 other titles, In quarantine27
The Armageddon conspiracy. By Worldwide Library, Messy rooms, Answer30
The Chemical theatre, Borderlines, The Fruit Palace28
The Development and field testing of a framework for improving the effectiveness .29
The effectiveness of an alternative education program targeting youth who are "at risk" of becoming seriously delinquent30
The effects of information overload on information processing and judgment in an information systems audit task30
The Fury bombs. By Worldwide Library, Dragon's kill, Ninja blood26
The Historical background to the works of Pierre Fatou and Gaston Julia in complex dynamics30
The Nightmare on Elm Street theme song30
The Predators and their prey, The Deadly crusader, The Power barons28
The Protectory, Inc., Lawrence, Massachusetts Congregate elderly housing facility30
The psychocybernetic model of art therapy, Trojan horses, Oedipus at Thebes28
The World War II black regiment that built the Alaska military highway30
Tooth and claw. By Bill Fieldhouse. (Phoenix Force), Dun Lady's Jess, Touched by magic28
Understanding psychiatric medications in the treatment of chemical dependency and dual diagnoses30
Warlord of Azatlan. By Worldwide Library, Cajun angel, Justice by fire29
Weep, Moscow, weep. By Worldwide Library, employer for hire of William Fieldhouse30
Weep, Moscow, weep. By Worldwide Library, employer for hire of William Fieldhouse part 230
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