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Active filters: lumped, distributed, integrated, digital and parametric, 110 IC timer projects30
A History of Spain and Portugal. By William C. Atkinson, Lectures on public economics28
A layperson's guide to the mysterious philosophical theology of Yale's Paul L. Holmer30
A longitudinal study to characterize Hawaii's volcanic aerosol and investigate its potential acute effects on asthmatic children30
A Proprietary experiment in early New England history: Thomas Gorges and the province of Maine. By Robert E. Moody30
A Study of participation in a career internship program for women, Alexander and divination30
A study to determine if questions taken from the Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory can differentiate between successful and unsuccessful vocational rehabilitation closures30
At the Seven Stars. By John Beatty & Patricia Beatty, with Hogarth prints and line drawings by Douglas Gorsline30
Backgammon, Darrow, Colt30
Ballistic transport of hot electrons and intervalley resonant tunneling in semiconductor quantum well heterostructure device30
Basic electronic devices: from vacuum tubes to large scale integration30
Beat the odds without counting, splitting or doubling down, No fool for you, Long way to Heaven30
Black-on-black violence, and 1 other song, I'ma VSP, & 1 other song, Power27
Children's spine tingling stories for Halloween and the X'mas fantasy, along with songs30
Chip Mitchell, the case of the stolen computer brains, Catie and the computer, Mighty Mac fights back: or, Justin and Mighty Mac30
Colorado practice. Volume 17, Workers' compensation practice and procedure. Pocket part28
Commodore 64 Basic programming with technical applications part 230
Easy studies for string quartet (or string ensemble) and piano. Arranged by Jennings & Margaret Butterfield30
Eavesdropping (outline) & 2 other titles; literary works, Strawberry pie, You're human after all27
Effective potentials and the semiclassical asymptotics of Schrodinger operators for particles in external gauge fields30
Evaluation of the effects of peer counseling in a culturally-specific adolescent pregnancy prevention program for African-American females30
Expression of p21 Cip1/Waf1 in chondrocytes during hypertrophic differentiation, Interregnum30
Federal rules of evidence, with selected legislative history and California evidence code30
From rhetoric to action-the implementation of a state mandate in .., Like mother, like me25
Fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics. By Michael J. Moran & Howard N. Shapiro. 2nd ed30
General mathematics. By L. W. Singer Company, Inc., employer for hire of Virgil S. Mallory, Kenneth C. Skeen, Bruce E. Meserve30
Grading the advanced placement examination in English literature and composition28
Guide to electrical power distribution systems, Undergrounding electric lines, Basic electrical power equipment28
Guide to home air conditioners and refrigeration equipment, MCAP, Microtyping30
History of the Cambridgeport Baptist Church, the Iglesia Bautista Central de Cambridgeport, and the Eglise de Dieux30
How to cope when you are surrounded by idiots--or if you are one30
How to make your own video tape using old photos, home movies, and 35mm slides inexpensively and of professional quality29
Human communication, a symbolic interactionist perspective & 1 other title30
In a blur. By David Aaron Yudis, whose pseud. is David Faith, & William Francis Haber & Joanne Theresa Connaire27
Instructor's manual and transparency masters to accompany Managing services marketing, fourth edition [by] John E. G. Bateson, K. Douglas Hoffman30
Instructor's manual with test bank and transparency masters to accompany Introduction to civil litigation, third edition part 330
Instructor's manual with transparency masters, Contemporary physical distribution and logistics, third edition part 230
Intercultural communication and psychological health of Turkish workers in an American-German workplace in Germany30
Interdisciplinary approaches to human communication, Beyond media, Calico row. By Lillian Budd28
International Christian Music Ministry Inc., a Michigan ecclesiastical corporation d/b/a Late Night Praise and Worship, vs. OCWEN Federal Bank, FSB, a foreign banking corporation30
Interrelated integrated electronics circuits for the radio amateur, technician, hobbyist, and C B'er30
Introduction to cooking with the Amana Radarange Plus microwave convection oven cookbook30
Low thrust trajectory design for resonant flybys and captures using invariant manifolds30
Management accounting [by] Anthony A. Atkinson, Rajiv D. Banker, Robert S. Kaplan, S. Mark Young part 230
Proceedings international symposium on software engineering for parallel and distributed systems26
Regulation of the photosynthetic circadian rhythm in Euglena gracilis, Laboratory manual for introductory biology30
Rehabilitation of the adult and child with traumatic brain injury, Mini/micro soldering and wire wrapping30
Ronnie's a dynamite lady, Backgammon, Zany23
Royal flush poker chip design (spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts), Royal flush30
(SBC) Somebody Cares Outreach Ministries Training Institute, Inc. (SBCOMTI), GED preparation program (GEDPP), July 1993 part 230
Schaum's Outline of theory and problems of electronics technology, Handbook of electronics calculations for engineers and technicians30
Sentence composing for elementary school, The Writer's craft, Daily sentence composing25
Software engineering methods, models, and tools to support business process reengineering30
Software toolkit for microcomputers, Women and the Catholic Church, Potok paints30
Solutions manual for Microcomputer experimentation with the Motorola MC68000ECB, The 6800 microprocessor: arch., prog. & appl25
Songs in the key of Staci. By Kevin Dwayne Jacobs30
Stimulating simulations for the TRS-80 color computer, Secrets of better Basic, The Free-lance writer's survival manual30
Study guide to Second edition, The Visual arts, a history [by] Hugh Honour & John Fleming29
Teacher's manual with transparency masters to accompany Teens, crime and the community30
Teaching English in today's high school selected readings second edition, The AB Cs of literacy30
The Art and science of managing hotels, restaurants & institutions, An ocean between21
The Art and science of managing hotels/restaurants/institutions = formerly The Art and science of modern innkeeping30
The Effectiveness of the Brigance preschool screen for three and four-year-olds as a screening device for the presence of speech/language, and motor delays in preschool children in Alaska30
The Influence of stature and age on the walking patterns of normal young children30
The modern power supply and battery charger circuit encyclopedia, Ca marche comme ca30
The Social determination of production, the critique of Hegel's system of needs and Marx' concept of capital30
The "Top secret" registry of U. S. Government radio frequencies, 25 to 470 Mhz, 103 simple transistor projects23
The Writer's tax and recordkeeping handbook, including everything you can legally deduct30
Using microcomputers: tutorials for dBaseII, Wordstar and 1-2-3, instructor's guide30
What cha gonna do about it? w & m Robert Moore, Ray Love, Glenn Holmes, Nathaniel Dean, Vaughn Tooley30
World masterpieces. Vol. 1: literature of Western culture through the Renaissance. General editor: Maynard Mack30
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