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A Better man & 56 other titles26
A little bit of love can grow. w & m Valerie Simpson, Nicholas Ashford, Joshie Armstead30
A little bit of love goes a long, long way. w & m Jan Crutchfield & Wayne P. Walker30
All day long. Words and music by L. P. Lehman, Jr. & James B. Miller part 230
All for you & 11 other titles, All for you30
All for you & 223 other titles, All for you30
All over you face & 11 other titles30
All the way (freaky style) Co-writers, Bryan Abrams, Sam Watters, Kevin Thornton & Mark Calderon part 230
"America's bravest of the brave" Medal of Honor heroes, Susanna, (You're) my ideal30
Another day on the road. w & m Neil Eric Buck, 196030
Before I die and go to heaven & 5 other titles30
Beg forgivness & 22 other titles, Nitetrain-time, Shuffle30
Believe it's the way I feel, I'm in love30
Bitter sweet wine & 9 other titles30
Blessing is disguise. By Island Music, Inc., as employer for hire of Matt Bissonette26
Borrowed time 5 & other titles30
Chasing rainbows: the story of Lise Meitner30
Cinderella. By Windswept Pacific Entertainment Company d.b.a. Longitude Music Company, as employer for hire of Rodney Shelton & Michael Williams part 230
Closer to you & 10 other titles part 330
Demonstration movie Z-1001, Destiny29
Diamond in the rough, & 3 other selections part 230
Dismissed and replaced & 4 other titles. By Bonnie Jewel Barker, with co-writers as noted30
Don't come back no more & 8 other titles29
Don't do no raindance in my heart. w Sterling Kodiak; m Larry Evans, Two hearts in love30
Don't know much about that & 1 other title30
Don't take it off (if you're putting me on) By Keith Stegall & Chris Waters part 230
Forever faithful (A2S) Artist, Hopkins, With out love, T.M.S. tunes28
Going, going, gone. w Gregory Thornton; m Kieth Haase, Cover it up, Dreams30
Good as gone. Co-composers, Chuck Floyd & Marty Dodson30
Graded German readers. Alternate series, books 6-8. Edited by Peter Hagboldt, Werner F. Leopold & 1 other28
I believe in you now ; Never been unloved ; Hello, good-bye30
I didn't mean to love you. By Shade Tree Music, Inc. & Tree Publishing Company, Everyday housewife blues30
I'd rather be with you than alive or dead, Year of the child, Lyrics for the song "Quest"30
I guess you'll be wanting back the memories too, Party line, Wrong kinda woman30
I'll be there when the sun doesn't shine. By Rebecca Lee Schmidt Hight, 1950 part 230
I'm in love (and I know it) By Henry Cosby, James Dean & Stevie Wonder, I'm in love30
I'm losing you & 5 other titles part 330
I'm missing you & 2 other titles part 230
It's a third world after all, I'm sorry30
I want to make music ; Lazarus ; Will it always be like this?, Call me tonight, It all takes time30
Let's go exploring, Everything, The set28
Let's swing. By State of the Arts Music, employer for hire of Louis Johnson, George Johnson & Jerry Hey30
Lies tell the best truth of all, As long as you do it with him, Amsterdam woman30
Lovely eyes behind the mask. Words: Ken Martin, music: Beryl Martin, A song for you30
Love will find a way, & 2 other selections30
Lovin' on borrowed time. By William Bell, Homer Banks & Joe Shamwell, Let's spend some time30
Missing you; (If I had the chance) By Almo Music Corporation & Willie Wilcox, Illegal eyes30
Moon dancing in a train's window, and 1 other selection, Miami nights, Half circle27
Mutual of Omaha's Spirit of adventure, Fragile China--rain forest, Spirit of adventure30
Never giving up on you. PAu 2-118-66230
One man's leftovers is another man's feast, & other selections, I'm so mad, Real Dream Productions30
One more heart's about to fall, Addicted to you, My baby's eyes30
Only one love (in a lifetime) By Dean Beard, Ray Doggett & Slim Willet30
She didn't know. By Anthony Adron Little, 1963-, p.k.a. Tony Little, & Darrell Wayne Perry, 1949 part 230
She was the last in a long line of mistakes, Perfect tonight, Why should I listen to me?30
Someone new ; Holiday ; We'll never know, Someone new, We had an understanding30
Something to sing about. By Dimension Music, employer for hire of Stephen R. Adams & W. Elmo Mercer30
The best is yet to come, & 1 other selection, Songs/poems of love and joy29
The great rock-n-roll crusade, & 2 other songs, Watchtower "control and resistance."30
The Viejo method of camcorder cleaning, maintenance and repair techniques & 8 other titles27
The young barmaid ; lyrics by Ray Carty ; music by George Calder, Long distance lovers30
TKO ; Who cares? ; Leave it be ; Time waste them away, Richard Lee collection 1, Normality collection30
Undercover. w Francesca Gallo, 1960-; m Thomas Gallo, 1967, What you got to say now30
Walking by myself again. By Rio Gregory, Suzanne Ducet, Scott English & Mark Barkan30
Walkin' on air, Fly away30
We gonna dance with the music, & 1 other selections, Rollin' thunder, August 198530
Would you like to go to sleep (with a man who thinks too much)?, Poodle dog lounge30
Yes, my baby (she knows how to rock) blues, Over the line, Perfect lady30
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