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48 travel photographs by Stephen R. Sanders and 20 photographs of the ballet Esoteric Satie part 228
A classroom investigation of the growth of metacognitive awareness in kindergarten children through the writing process25
A collection of independent study teacher education courses & programs, The unspoken dialogue30
A Complete guide to making the most of video in religious settings--how to produce, find, use, and distribute video in the church and synagogue part 430
Address, Battle of Monmouth and poem, Patriot sires of Monmouth by Samuel Craig Cowart, Old Tennent Church, June 24th, 1914, Welcoming Washington Pilgrimage part 230
A decision support system to predict student retention in higher education, The changing structure of United States labor markets30
A deconstruction and introspective analysis of philosophical stories using the existential approach30
A Dialogic analysis of American utopian novels by women, .., Music, TEXTPRO30
A future model for delivery of police services in an urban county by the year 200230
American coaching effectiveness program leader level instructor guide, How women runners train30
American coaching effectiveness program leader level instructor guide, Mind pump30
American coaching effectiveness program leader level instructor guide, Snow in America30
American Indians, Alaskan natives, and their attributions for success or failure in the classroom30
A narrative of some of the adventures, dangers, and sufferings of a revolutionary soldier, interspersed with anecdotes of incidents that occurred within his own observation part 530
An Assessment of the Sahuarita Unified School District Number 30 intern paradigm29
An Evaluation of judicial arbitration in King County, Washington, Rickety rag, Sweet is the sound23
Applications and exercises for Treece's Successful business communication, second edition30
Associated Press facsimile program written in 6800 assembly language for the Associated Press portable transmittor30
A Study of important aspects of the transition from stage to television acting, Go, reading in the content areas. By Harold L. Herber30
A theoretical study for estimating the order required for a group delay all-pass equalizer based on global optimization of variables30
Barriers to women's advancement in higher education as perceived by faculty and administrators30
Biochemistry and genetics of insecticide resistance in the Colorado potato beetle30
Biochemistry and genetics of insecticide resistance in the Colorado potato beetle part 230
Biochemistry and molecular biology of rubisco expression and stable carbon isotope fractionation in chemoautotrophic symbioses part 230
Black & tan bassett [sic] hound with whiskers, Snow makers book, Women in communication networks30
Buddhist Buda or Buda Buddhists? Conversion, religious modernism and conflict in the minority Buda Sasak communities of New Order and post-Suharto Lombok30
Cardiac rehabilitation, home-walking, health status, and self-efficacy30
Case studies in athletic training administration, Riot act (collection no. 1), Riot act collection 230
Clinical experiences for agricultural teacher education programs in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia30
Cognistat reference scores in alzheimer's disease at different levels of severity25
Color transparency package for Physiology of sport and exercise, Inside running, Physiology of sport and exercise graphics package23
Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor frequency conversion techniques for wideband code division multiple access30
Complete conditioning for the female athlete, Car country, Your garbe makes me I knowe you not29
Darryl Harris (una nina) collection of work, Strugglin' life, The echo of twigs30
Developmental relationships between throwing and .., Toward developmental advantage30
Effects of a first semester learning community on the academic and social integration of nontraditional technical students at a commuting institution30
Elementary school principals' perception of their role in teacher retention, The 1997 world record paper airplane calendar27
Envisioning and reflecting the identity and mission of Clearview United Methodist Church30
Evaluation of movement process categories as a system for classification of instructional .28
Fat distribution, site-specific body dissatisfaction, and perceived difficulty in regional weight loss as risk factors for disordered eating behavior and body image disturbances part 330
Feeling fit in the forties and fifties, Feeling fit, Teeny witch goes on vacation28
Financing and acquiring park and recreation resources, Crossing boundaries, Organizing successful tournaments30
Fireproof, plastic repair for rusted car floors, Karch Kiraly's Championship volleyball30
From ignorance to blasphemy within the church, Constipation of thought '87-91, Dahl's third phase30
Gensol, Fortran IV program for general solution to Graeffe's root-squaring method for polynomials of degree n26
Group leader interpersonal sensitivity and the flexibility and adaptiveness of personality disordered members in group psychotherapy20
Group registration for automated database titled Realtor Association of Southern Minnesota MLS database27
Guidelines for preparing personnel policies and practices for girl scout councils30
Gus: the story of the original takin' to the streets, all-world, three-on-three Gus Macker basketball tournament30
High-performance skating for hockey, Father Satan, Raymond and Claudette25
Information management system virtual storage (IMS/VS) version 1 release 3 fast path notebook30
In pursuit of excellence; motion picture. By Hovue Productions, Psyching for sport26
Instructor guide for Foundations of sport and exercise psychology, Lucas Payne is my name30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Exercise physiology theory and application to fitness and performance, fourth edition29
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Introduction to measurement in physical education and exercise science30
Instructor's manual, Cases in learning and behavior problems, a guide to individualized education programs30
Instructor's manual & test item file to accompany ninth edition, Concepts of physical fitness & second edition, Concepts of fitness and wellness [by] Charles B. Corbin, Ruth Lindsey30
International perspectives on adapted physical activity, Sport bibliography, Coaching speed30
Intramural-recreational sports, programming and administration, Racquetball today30
Introduction to statistical process control. By Industrial Training Corporation. (Statistical process control program) part 330
It's so peaceful in the country ; When the sun comes out, The Jump into Sicily, Johnny Rollin' Stone. Words & music: James B. Gavin30
Joey & Mary Ann's Top 20 places to kill a week or a day near New Orleans, Seeing red30
Just me and McGee, alone on the edge of insanity, Jumping into plyometrics, Last25
Knowledge of human immunodeficiency virus, fear of acquired immune deficiency syndrome, and nurses' compliance with universal precautions30
Laboratory activities for Life span motor development, second edition, Archery, Life span motor development30
Leadership training for economic development in China in service training .30
Let's draw a turtle with half circles = Vamos a dibujar una tortuga usando medios circulos30
Looking up the Yosemite Valley = Vue de la vallee du Yosemite = Ausblick in das yosemite Tal = Vista della valle del Yosemite = Vista del valle del Yosemite30
Making the model home: domestic architecture and cultural conflicts in Chicago, 1873-191328
Manual of developmental diagnosis: the administration and intepretation of the revised Gesell and Amatruda developmental and neurologic examination30
Marital roles, marital power and ethnicity, Gender through the prism of difference25
Measurement of the ratio sigma.BR(W(+/-) [arrow] L(+/-)neutrino)/sigma.BR(neutral Z [arrow] L(+)L(-)) and interpretation at the Cern proton-antiproton collider part 330
Mind and body; the treatment of the sequelae of torture using a combined somatic and psychological approach30
Mornin' always brings sweet memories, Canoeing, A Way30
Motor learning, sport psychology, pedagogy, and didactics of physical activity = Apprentissage moteur, psychologie du sport, et aspects pedagogiques de l'activite physique26
National Recreation and Park Association special edition of Youth sport director guide25
New directions for adult and continuing education part 230
On the origins of the Ninth Amendment and the American concept of a Bill of Rights, 1776-179130
Osteoporosis prevention behaviors of premenopausal community college students30
Parent/child and preschool aquatic program instructor training, YMCA maintenance manual26
Perceived educational goals and needs among three select groups at the maximum security prison .30
Photographs of a male resembling and believed to be John W. Hinkley, Jr., Nazi Party headquarters, Chicago, Illinois, 197428
Physical activity for health and fitness presentation package, Measurement and evaluation in human performance27
Preparing for the athletic trainers' certification examination, Rookie coaches tennis guide30
Proceedings of the Third international conference on excitonic processes in condensed matter30
Progressive rehabilitation of lower extremity sports injuries, Duke basketball video series30
Questions & answers about sales promotion agencies, The science of supervillains30
Rip-off sheets for If the world fits, you're the wrong size, Student outcome assessment in physical therapy education30
Selected physiological training adaptations during a water fitness program called wave aerobics30
Sergeant rose and the 15th Iowa in the war of the rebellion, CPP, Genetic issues in pediatric and obstetric practice25
Signal integrity issues and printed circuit board design, Rosemarie, Hardt songs, group I30
Slim Piggums, silk-screened artwork on T-shirt, Volleyball, Brand new highway30
Special athletic opportunities for individuals with handicapping conditions, Train-a-champ27
Strategic reading behavior as a function of perception of prior knowledge, Preventing dance injuries30
Strength training and assessment of vascular structure, function, and biomarkers for atherosclerosis in women30
Structure and function of the musculoskeletal system, Characters, Oh, when we get there30
Studies in dynamics and the application of asymptotic methods in solid mechanics30
Swimming pool & spa instruction guide for concrete type swimming pools, residential30
Teaching children with learning disabilities: personal perspectives, Teaching preschoolers, ages 2-530
Test questions for the article, Three-dimensional stylization of structures of interest from computed tomography images applied to radiotherapy planning (IJ radiation oncology Biol.Phys.,vol.35,no.1, 1996)30
The acrylic collection, vol. 1. By Jason Erwin Travis, Michael David Blizman, Geroge [sic] Kelly Graham, 3rd & Larry Frank Janes30
The aquatic handbook for lifetime fitness, How to run better, How to bike better20
The artificial insemination and embryo transfer of dairy and beef cattle (including information pertaining to goats, sheep, horses, swine, and other animals) part 230
The Art of painting; from the baroque through postimpressionism. By Pierre Seghers and Jacques Charpier, translation & additional pictorial matter: Sally T. Abeles30
The Athletics Congress's Track and field coaching manual, USTA's teaching group tennis video30
The Beast box is dreaming. Stupid blood. Against the past. Our curious leader. We keep on getting there. Ticket. Animal in the mirror. Smoking mirror. I've been expecting you. Karezza. Beast box. By Howard Devoto & Norman Fisher Jones p.k.a. Noko part 330
The Complete guide to bowling principles for left handed bowlers = The Encyclopedia of principles for left handed bowlers part 230
The Complete poetry of Henry Vaughan. By Doubleday & Company, Inc., as employer in a work made for hire of French Fogle and John Carey30
The effect of premorbid personality characteristics and leisure preferences on wandering behavior among hospitalized patients with dementia part 230
The effect of premorbid personality characteristics and leisure preferences on wandering behavior among hospitalized patients with dementia part 330
The effect of teacher participation in decision-making on selected teacher and student outcomes30
The Effects of an intraclass peer tutoring program on the sight-word .., You ain't heard nothin' yet27
The Effects of Zen meditation on the valence of intrusive thoughts .., Fight vices inside27
The "Hey" Gary series presents The "Skill" of proper documentation and report writing for supervisors30
The low-fat supermarket shopper's guide, Walking, The Rotation diet27
The metabolic basis of performance in exercise and sport, Optimizing sport performance29
The New Christmas, Inc., Donovan and Santeen, the son and daughter of Santa Claus. Screenplay & story by Don Davis, 1940-, and Bunny Bradley (Hughie F. Bradley, 1939-)30
The Olympic games must be enriched with history, art and philosophy30
The Philosophy of Edmund Burke: a selection from his speeches and writings. Editors: Louis I. Bredvold and Ralph G. Ross30
The relationship of stress and gender of university academic deans to the development of minor and major illness one year or more post appointment30
The student teacher's handbook for physical education, Advanced golf, Movement activities for early childhood30
The tabloid song (what color panties are you wearing today?), Does anybody wanna buy a memory?29
The Total physical response (TPR) as a logical method of foreign .., Written on the body27
THISYS, telephone health information system and T. H. I. S., telephone health information service part 230
To see shackles fall ... Christians coming free!, Bear hunting? & 1 other title, How to catch trout between the hatches22
Training guide for office education teachers, incorporating information processing units into the curriculum30
Transparency masters to accompany Health behaviors, second edition, [by] Rosalind Reed, Thomas A. Lang30
Union United Methodist Church, Union Cemetery, Octoraro Methodist-Episcopal Church, West Nottingham Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania part 230
Urbanization and social change during Soviet industrialization, Successful stress control the natural way27
Virginia High School Athletic Association coaching education package, Coaching principles classroom instructor30
Weight loss effects on growth, maturation, growth-related hormones, protein nutrition markers, and body composition of adolescent wrestlers part 330
What future impact will women in sworn officer, supervisor, and management positions have on California law enforcement by the year 2000?30
Women's consciousness raising groups, an exploratory study of demographic and other related variables30
Zephyr live at Art's Bar & Grill, May 2, 1973, Guam, Vehicle license and registration system24
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