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Achieving wealth through franchising, Indian tiger, King Job (the good man)30
A Collection of solved problems in circuits, electronics, and signal analysis, An Orientation to total fitness30
A comparison of traditional and nontraditional grammar instruction methodologies on language usage, writing performance, and attitudes of upper-elementary students25
ACSM's health/fitness facility standards and guidelines, Parachute games, The dice stacking book30
Administering YMCA early childhood and afterschool programs, Playing YMCA soccer30
Adults only: the curmudgeon's guide to child-free travel. By Jennifer Lawler, 196525
A Guided tour of selections from Aristotle's Nicomachean ethics, Swimming even faster30
A longitudinal analysis of the impact of religion on the experience of depression and hopelessness in a clinical sample part 330
A model of identified principles to be considered when implementing outcome-based education30
A moment's difference ; Fire sermon ; Big red rooster ... [et al.], Re-entry, Nightshift II28
An Analysis of selected behavioral variables affecting motivation for involvement .26
A study investigating the effects of a brief education intervention emphasizing principal components of the dash diet among community-living older adults29
Automated external defibrillation featuring a Heartstream Forerunner, Medic first aid mark III22
Beautiful skin. Co-composers, Robert Barnett, Thomas Burton, Cameron F. Gipp & Willie Knighton25
Breakthrough leadership--achieving organizational alignment through hoshin planning30
Building reading skills; teacher's guidebook. By Rowena Hargrave and Leila Armstrong30
Building strategy-focused organizations with the balanced scorecard, The smoker, I'ma lover30
Cafiton and Billy in Fun cleaning a room. Written by Patricia M. Koll, 1956-; illustrated by Patrick L. Kirk, 195530
Catastrophic defeat in war, weapon system life cycles, energy threshold advancement and political change30
Character development of Countess Almaviva by comparing two operas, The workout ethic23
Cognitive precursors of affective and social deficits in Caucasian adolescents at high risk for schizophrenia28
Cohesion, dyadic adjustment, and quality of support in parent-in-law/child-in-law relationships25
Colorado tonight ; Ecstasy ; I can't see the mountains from here, & 7 other songs28
Comparison of alcoholic and non-alcoholic families of origin as related to martial choice and emotional expressiveness of women30
Components of gross motor skills demonstrated by infants and toddlers from multi-risk families who were also exposed to *Removed* in utero29
Contemporary issues in the management of allergic upper respiratory disorders in the American worker part 328
Contract between Personalized Nursing Corporation, P.C., and Comprehensive Health Services of Detroit, Inc part 230
Contracting out the operations and management of local hospitals, Football Sports Nut character28
Country Fever presents Conway Twitty, his life, his music, his legacy, Film Threat30
Creating value through retirement planning, protection management, and debt elimination27
Designing and delivering high-quality YMCA school age child care programs NTSC video30
Designing and delivering high-quality YMCA school age child care programs NTSC video part 230
Diethylstilbestrol and testicular cancer in Connecticut, Born to shop, Suzy Gershman's Born to shop Italy30
Effective leadership behaviors of two selected high school principals with successful professional-technical programs30
Effective leadership in small group ministry through the application of family systems theory to the group process30
Effect of pre-training ventilatory threshold on pre- to post-training changes in ventilatory threshold and maximal aerobic capacity30
Efficient communication presents--More effective reports, memos, and speeches, Poetic visions30
Entering your "golden years" and how you can make them become the "best years of your life." part 230
Evidence evaluation and aggressive reporting in ambiguous tax situations, Therapeutic exercise for athletic injuries lab manual26
Fitness for life: childhood to maturity. (Fitness, health & nutrition) TX 2-638-071 (1989)30
Fitness program design for sedentary and active people, Fit for two, Before I made you blue22
Flexibility of coping styles and school motivation factors as in truancy in learning-disabled students30
Food news, wine news, artisan news, book news, travel news and other contributions part 230
Four faced clown figure having facial expressions of happy, sad, angry, scared, Prism Theory30
General highway map, Quadrangle 6-4, 1984, Eureka, Nye, and White Pine Counties, A Call to blood30
Graphing of dyadic developmental stages and areas of individual assessment, Utah real property law30
Guidelines for cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention programs, Raw songs for $ale20
Harris Corporation quality assurance project plan semiconductor complex ground-water assessment, Palm Bay, Florida29
Helping your child learn the multiplication tables, Collection of Alfery, Ellis, Gerhart27
High level waste integrated flow sheet model. By Westinghouse Savannah River Company, employer for hire of M. Gregory, J. Aull, R. Dimenna et al part 230
High temperature properties and thermal decomposition of inorganic salts with oxyanions part 230
How to be a successful business person and remain a human being, Men in the arena30
Ice skating scene, boy putting girl's skates on, Ice skating30
I'm not exaggerating. Lyrics: Joseph Edward Dzienisiewicz, music: Jack Nelson, After a million28
Instructor guide for Foundations of sport and exercise psychology, Grapes from my vineyard30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Fundamental principles of exercise physiology for fitness, performance, and health [by] Robert A. Robergs, Scott O. Roberts30
Instructor's manual and test item file to accompany Principles of politics and government, fifth edition [by] Edwin M. Coulter part 330
Instructor's resource manual and test item file to accompany Roles in interpretation26
Integrated skills reinforcement for a clinical nursing course in a baccalaureate nursing program part 326
International special education programs in American-sponsored overseas schools, The Study of behavior: Q-technique and its methodology. By William Stephenson30
John Yandell, work published on, Advanced tennis, Andy Roddick29
Justice, righteousness and the social critique of the eighth-century prophets, Rape plots29
Kickin' up a storm. Taken from the new American dance, Kickin' up a storm. w Oliver McCool, w & m Walter Francis Bishop part 423
Let's explore inside the Bible, I like it how I like it, I won't tell27
Levels of family functioning in middle school and young adult literature targeted for censorship30
Lookin' at life (through the bottom of a glass), En route, Mike O'Leary songs30
Making it thru the gig (basic theory for Blues, Rock and Jazz), Building strong bones & muscles29
Manual of test questions to accompany Medical-surgical nursing, a psychophysiologic approach, third edition [by] Luckmann and Sorensen30
Martial arts and ways and their meditative-religious traditions part 230
Meeting needs and pleasing kids: a middle school physical education curriculum, Moving with skill28
Mystery hour ; Where's the killer? ; Get out of the house ; All Hallow's Eve, John & Karen Perkins seminar, S C 5-8130
P.E. teacher's complete fitness and skills development activities program, Finiteness theorems for forms over number fields30
Please hold my hurt. w & m Truman Lankford & M. Beth, pseud. of Marlene Schleiff30
Protooncogenes and growth factors in steroid hormone induced growth and differentiation30
Purification and characterization of NADPH cytochrome P-450 reductase, a component of the .30
Quick-reference sexual assault for healthcare, social service, and law enforcement professionals30
Randalia, Iowa, business places in 1878-1879, the big fire on December 13, 1883, and the Brooks settlement, 1874 part 230
Reporting of currency transactions by banks and financial institutions under the Bank Secrecy Act30
Second edition instructor guide for Advanced fitness assessment and exercise prescription30
Social development and the prevention of adolescent antisocial behavior, Think differently30
Solutions manual for Engineering mechanics statics, Advanced mechanics of materials24
Songs in recovery; or, Recovery in songs. By James Thomas Skinner, The death of a confederate29
Studies of translational diffusion and proton magnetization transfer in heterogeneous biological systems30
Symposium to develop methods to improve the clinical evaluation and treatment of smoke and toxic inhalation survivors17
Tabulation of biotransformation and urinary excretion data of 70 drugs of interest to analytical toxicology30
Teacher's guide for use with the fifth edition of Modern principles of athletic training and the first edition of Athletic training, a study and laboratory guide30
Telling tales out of school, the experience of becoming a special .., Mythos music27
The 7 habits of highly effective teens, Stadium for rent, Optimal health27
The de-evolution of the American president, Be Ye separate, Delusion sent from God30
The development of an evaluation analysis protocol designed to trace the science-oriented persistence of minority students from elementary through postsecondary education30
The Effect of anxiety and stimulative music, sedative music and .., Perception, Poems to be lyrics28
The Effect of a structured and content-oriented marriage enrichment program on the marital relationship part 230
The effect of pre-exercise hydration status and water intake on plasma testosterone, cortisol epinephrine and norepinephrine concentrations29
The effect of short term vs. long term stagnation on water quality in wet pipe fire sprinkler systems and the migration of stagnated water across backflow preventer assemblies part 230
The Effects of aggressive characteristics of an observer and attentional processes on .25
The effects of anxiety on youth sport participants as a function of age, gender, and experience differences part 230
The heart rate monitor log book for outdoor and indoor cyclists, Triathlon, Just country29
The house servant's directory; or, A monitor for private families comprising hints on the arrangement and performance of servants' work30
The If I can't be ordained, I'll cook book, We can't afford it, The Baby-sitter30
The impact of African American principal leadership on African American student achievement in low-performing elementary schools part 230
The joy of the Lord is my strength! ; The lion will lie down with the lamb ; In every thing give thanks ... [et al.]25
The Life and times of baseball's greatest--Roberto Clemente, Tom Lasorda "Winning ways."26
The Mysterious image as it appeared on the bathroom window shade in the home of Reverend Harrison E. Bailey30
The reliability and validity of pesticide use data obtained from interviews, A walk in the desert29
The silliest shapes and colors book in the wild West, Wrap it around me, Funny30
The story of KC, the cat who lived in a shelter, Dreams and desires, Sammy, the friendly scarecrow22
The Story of the Spanish galleon, Nuestra Senora de Atocha, When you smile, Finally got the nerve27
The teacher's handbook of multicultural games children play, Electric possessed sheep--remora24
The Ticklebugs in welcome to the Land of Happy, Suffer the little children, Precious angels30
The Use of permanent learning groups in teaching introductory .., Home free, Ethno-specificity30
The volunteer at the homeless shelter; overnight at a homeless shelter. By Leonard C. Henderson part 230
Viability determination for isolated perfused kidneys using parameter identification .30
Virginia High School Athletic Association coaching education package, Coaching youth football21
Virginia High School Athletic Association coaching education package, Coaching youth softball30
Vital records of Rockingham, Vermont, from the beginning of the records to January 1, 1845, and30
Weekly class unit, teacher resources grades 1, 2 and 3, this is the Bible, Paddiwak and Cozy29
World record. Co-composer, Rodney Clawson. DCR 200428
YMCA Earth Service Corps administrator's guide and club handbook, Coaching YMCA winners volleyball30
YMCA Earth Service Corps administrator's guide and club handbook, YMCA winners coaches training video30
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