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19 deadly sins of software security programming flaws and how to fix them, La Guerre dans l'histoire de l'Occident30
2002CDW copyright all material created for Aesthetic Partners and Innovative Group, 2000-200430
A comparative research study on the effects of technology on student achievement26
A comparative study of high and low achieving inner-city African-Amerian sophomore males' expectations of self, in-school and out-of-school support part 230
A description of information requirements for media equipment information management part 230
A Great Lakes fur trade coloring book = Les Fourrures et les Grand Lacs cahier a colorier28
An evaluation of the consistency of judicial sentencing systems that incorporate subjective factors26
Animal cell electroporation and electrofusion protocols, In vitro toxicity testing protocols30
An Outboard cruising guide to New England, eastern New York State, and adjacent Canadian waters. By Fessenden S. Blanchard30
Antigen processing and presentation protocols, The ELISA guidebook, In situ hybridization protocols30
A study of a church-based program for the development of personal authority for adult attachments among divorced single adults attending selected Southern Baptist Churches part 229
A theory for predicting and minimizing the effects of matrix degradation on the thermomechanical properties of general laminates28
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and nonverbal learning disability as an adaptive anxiety response impacted by spatially oriented handwriting exercises30
A Wright branch on the roots of Abel with allied families Gilliam, Stewart, Scudder30
Beyond death towards solicitude in Bulgaria and Romania, Blind realism, Glossary of epistemology/philosophy of science30
Breast cancer patients' preferences for local and systemic therapy and willingness to participate in clinical trials part 330
Capillary electrophoresis of the imidazolinone herbicide imazamox and its metabolites in environmental matrices30
Carbon balance modeling at the Alpine treeling ecotone in Glacier National Park, Montana30
Cardiac safety of noncardiac drugs practical guidelines for clinical research and drug development30
Cardiac safety of noncardiac drugs practical guidelines for clinical research and drug development part 230
Cardiac safety of noncardiac drugs practical guidelines for clinical research and drug development part 330
Cerebral localization and organization; proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the World Federation of Neurology and held at Lisbon, Portugal, October 1960. Editors: Georges Schaltenbrand & Clinton N. Woolsey part 219
Characteristics of internalizing social-emotional behaviors of southwestern Native American children30
Chemical and biochemical studies related to the enzymatic cleavage of the cholesterol side chain to .25
Clinical applications of capillary electrophoresis, Prion diseases, Molecular diagnosis of genetic diseases30
Clinical evaluations of the pharmacologic properties and therapeutic effect of a new antimicrobial agent, Pipracil IV/IM30
Coastal navigation for the recreational sailor and Coast Guard license applicants30
Computer based expert system for pacemaker implantation, 9 scorpions, Cabinets and built-ins30
Conceptual design of zero discharge and safe discharge biological wastewater treatment systems using fast-growing wetland trees part 330
Dime, amor; (Tell me, love) By Gayle Caldwell, Caxanda [sic] = You know what (I need)28
Early biomineralizawtion and the Precambrian-Cambrian transition, The hands of time30
Effets d'une supplementation en calcium et en vitamine D sur la densite osseuse chez des hommes et des femmes ages de 65 ans et plus part 225
Epidermal growth factor and transforming growth factor-alpha gene expression in the normal and neurodegenerate murine central nervous system30
Essays commemorating the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights30
Essays on labor market efficiency and comparative macroeconomic .., Visions of women in the life and works of Sigmund Von Birken30
Evaluation of seed production and sex-reversal methods for tilapia .., The Pork butcher30
Fabrication of micro-optics using binary and graylevel masks, Proust in "translation"30
Flight across the border, a thrilling journey into the deepest abysses of human soul part 230
Fluorine and dental health; the pharmacology and toxicology of fluorine. By Joseph C. Muhler & Maynard K. Hine30
Game concept (video) and pictures of characters for video game, Steve's stuff, 1997-200229
Gene expression temporal patterns classification with hierarchical Bayesian neural networks and time lagged recurrent neural networks part 226
Gettin' heard, gettin' signed, gettin' a record deal, Do the Roxanne (dance), E-vette's revenge28
Home safe home. By Helen E. Wyatt-Maxwell, 1942-, with Robert D. Maxwell, The Queen's bastard30
I can do anything I put my mind to Black people, Back on the road, Chains of fire28
Idea for "holodeck" technology development and usage, Resiliency, The Rivers of Ireland30
Identifying organizational conditions that support or hinder collaborative work environments29
Illustrations for use in laying the foundation for the admissibility of the results of psychophysiological veracity examinations using the polygraph part 230
Imaging and correlative physicochemical techniques, Amino acids, Amines and their metabolites30
Implications of students' beliefs about the nature of ability for classroom experiences and learning part 330
Improving a pastor's ability to identify and become effective in unstructured .27
[Incorporation, purpose, text, as edited, of Saint Ignatius All Faiths Church, Home, and School for Wayward, Disadvantaged, or Orphaned Boys] part 230
Insights into the prevention and treatment of preventive cardiology, Bioimaging in neurodegeneration30
Insights into the prevention and treatment of preventive cardiology, Biomarkers in breast cancer30
Instructor's manual and test item file to accompany Marine biology, third edition, [by] Peter Castro, Michael E. Huber30
Instructor's manual for Help yourself--a guide to writing and rewriting, third edition30
Instructor's manual to accompany Educating special learners, [by] G. Phillip Cartwright, Carol A. Cartwright, Marjorie E. Ward part 229
Instructor's manual with test bank and transparency masters to accompany American education foundations and policy [by] John H. Walker, Ernest J. Kozma, Robert P. Green, Jr part 430
Instructor's solution manual to accompany MATLAB programming for engineers, third edition part 230
Instruments for physical environmental measurements with special emphasis on atmospheric instruments part 330
Insulin, insulin-like growth factors, and their receptors in the central nervous system30
Insulin resistance and the continuum of cardiovascular risk: implications and outcomes. TX 5-411-45630
Integrative physiology in the proteomics and post-genomics age, Cell migration, Handbook of proteomic methods30
International journal of gastrointestinal cancer, Molecular biotechnology, Clinical reviews in allergy & immunology19
Intimate sex facts for Christians and every adult, Nellie Mae, Rapture praise29
Iowa public records manual, county records section. By Iowa Title Company, employer for hire of John P. Dolan, Jr. & Lisa A. Lacher part 230
Jin Shin Jyutsu es. comenzar a conocerme (audarme) a mi mismo, Livre premier, Popular anatomical museums in nineteenth-century England30
Level of acculturation and machismo in Mexican American males as participants in substance abuse programs27
Manual of clinical laboratory immunology, Medical Portfolio for Allergists, Allergy26
Mary Glenda's Eat all you want, no weight gain main dishes and quick breads cookbook and 1 other selection30
Mass spectrometry of metallothionein adducts as candidate biomarkers of styrene oxide and 1-phenylpropylene oxide30
Medical malpractice investigative manual for adjusters, investigators & attorneys30
Methods in plant electron microscopy and cytochemistry, Otilia's body, Adventures of Joe Elevator24
Micah 4:4 "... everyone shall sit under his vine and under his fig tree.", The Kennedy School song30
Multi-input, multi-output flight control design using pseudo-control, software rate limiters, and quantitative feedback theory part 430
Myosin light chain phosphorylation-dephosphorylation in rat extensor digitorum .30
Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas: making sense of diagnosis, treatment & options, Chromosomes and cancer30
Nonlinear optical modification to the polarization and noise properties of a laser beam after propagating through atomic potassium vapor part 430
Nuclear and electron resonance spectroscopies applied to materials science, Chemistry and biology of pteridines30
Nucleon structure: proceedings of the international conference at Stanford University, June 24-27, 1963. By Robert Hofstadter & Leonard I. Schiff30
Nutrition, disease resistance, and immune function, Angels on high, Main Street, 7530
On to Kilimanjaro; the bizarre story of the First World War in East Africa. By Brian Gardner25
On twists for C('1) tensor surfaces and solids with applications to grid generation26
Optical properties of wide bandgap III-nitride- and zinc oxide-based epilayers, alloys, and heterostructures30
Organized online office program (OO software series), The Sun doesn't shine on me30
Pathologic, radiologic, and clinical correlates of pulmonary disease progression in patients with cystic fibrosis: implications for management and treatment30
Photocatalytic decomposition of organophosphonates and fluorophenols in irradiated titanium dioxide suspensions30
Platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIA inhibitors in cardiovascular disease, Cell migration in inflammation and immunity30
Politics in a pluralistic democracy; studies of voting in the 1960 election. By Lucy S. Dawidowicz and Leon J. Goldstein30
Pooh and the millennium: in which the bear of very little brain explores the ancient mysteries at the turn of the century. By John Tyerman Williams part 330
Proposed alterations and additions to Craig's Towing. By Craig Rok & Craig's Towing part 223
Protect your car! What you should know about forced placed collateral protection insurance part 230
Protein structure-assisted design of inhibitors of folate-requiring enzymes, Protein function27
Protocols for nucleic acid analysis by nonradioactive probes, Practical protein chromatography30
Psychoactive drugs. From video Commercial entertainment product. Recorded by EBN. PA 989-042 & PA 931-69230
Quantitative structure-activity relationships for pollution prevention, toxicity screening, risk assessment, and Web applications30
Quantities, symbols, units, and abbreviations in the life sciences, Protein protocols on CD-ROM30
Ready to start art. By Andra Leigh Robinson & Abigai I. Cowan, Rabindranath Tagore30
Recent developments in therapeutic drug monitoring and clinical toxicology, Primary and secondary preventive nutrition30
Receptor activation by antigens, cytokines, hormones, and growth factors, Human T cell clones26
Reverse transcriptase inhibitors in HIV/AIDS therapy, Biological trace element research26
Reversible polymer complexation for boron removal and concentration with polymer-assisted ultrafiltration part 325
RNA interference, editing, and modification, Steroid receptor methods, Protein arrays28
Selection factor and need area differences among industry types in selecting providers of customized training and continuing education30
Sexual rehabilitation of the spinal-cord-injured patient, Trace amines, Patch-clamp analysis30
Signal transduction mechanisms mediated by RHEB, a RAS homology enriched in brain, and their novel dependence on coincident growth factor and camp signaling for activation of the map kinase part 222
Soviet medical reviews. Section A, Cardiology reviews, Preventive cardiology, Cardiology reviews22
Spiritual insights into the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, Mind mapping, Speak with power27
Standing in His presence ; You are my God ; Sons of glory ... [et al.], Akira Raideen25
Stress, coping, empathy, secondary traumatic stress and burnout in healthcare providers working with hiv-infected individuals30
Study guide to accompany Berger/Thompson, The developing person through childhood and adolescence, fourth edition30
Target discovery and validation reviews and protocols, Nanobiotechnology, Stem cell reviews30
Teacher perception of participatory decision-making and its impact on student achievement30
Test bank to accompany General chemistry and General chemistry with qualitative analysis, 5th edition30
The attacks on the World Trade Cemter, February 26, 1993, and September 11, 2001 part 230
The dependence of growth on angular position in the developing Xenopus eye, What's new in plant physiology30
The descendants of Aaron Milleman of Kingston, Rhode Island, Why civil servants participate in policy formulation29
The effect of cognitive rehabilitation on length of stay in a drug-free therapeutic community30
The four-leaf clover = Le trefle a quatre feuilles = Das vierblattrige Kleeblatt = El trebol de cuatro hojas part 230
The girl from Ipanema wants to kill me ; Quesadilla, walk around naked, Noncooperative breeding in the California scrub-jay30
The Golden concise encyclopedia of mammals, The Pacific Ocean, Asia29
The Harvard Medical School Guide to suicide assessment and intervention, Motor activity and movement disorders26
The Importance, measurement, and adequacy of savings and loan association .., Taken over30
The influence of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on the creative life and output of Ludwig VanBeethoven27
The political economy of organizational enlargement, White washed hall, A Song is a moment30
The quest. Music: Theodore R. Scott 3rd, 1968-; words: Glenn C. Morris, 1968, The Social psychology of prejudice30
There's only one computer that's perfect for you. At Sam's Club, you can design it yourself30
The success of 1-, 2- and 3- embryo transfer (ET) policies on the live birth and multiple birth rates: a population-based analysis using data from the UK human fertilization and embryology authority (HFEA) part 230
The thoughts and feelings of an American poet, Seducer, Seducer, 2nd album30
The use of the word "comb" in Shakespeare's The taming of the shrew and Cymbeline30
The widow in early modern French literature, Eliminator, Meet the Martians28
The year the children saved Christmas ; Santa's recycling idea, The palm reader, It's your wedding!27
Thrombolytic therapy in the emergency department, a new treatment modality for acute myocardial infarction30
Tissue engineering of blood and lymphatic capillary networks via synergy of mechanical and chemical cues30
Toxicology and clinical pharmacology of herbal products, Experiments in molecular biology30
Treating child-abusive families--intervention based on skills-training principles part 230
Upsala Community Covenant Church, a Swedish pioneer church, 1888-1988, Handbook of essential fatty acid biology27
Walking the Bible: a journey by land through the five books of Moses & 1 other title27
We can't wait (for the party to begin), Roxanne, In the best interest of the child28
Witching hour. No. 11, Oct.-Nov. 1970. By National Periodical Publications, Inc part 228
Your little suburbia is in ruin ; Speech impediment ; Endorphins ... [et al.], Osmosis25
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