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H.W. Wilson Company documents
titleNumber of documents
Abridged readers' guide to periodical literature, Art index, Deception about the self23
Abridged readers' guide to periodical literature, Fiction catalog, Play index30
Abridged readers' guide to periodical literature, Vertical file index, Wilson library bulletin30
Applied science & technology index retrospective25
Baseball's offensive production numbers & best offensive players and most valuable players26
CollegeView, version 2.0--Macintosh version, Education index, Prezo builder22
Compute!'s Quick & easy guide to HyperCard, Our future in space, Preserving the world ecology27
Current biography, 1951. Editor: Anne Rothe, asst. editor: Evelyn Lohr23
Eighth book of junior authors and illustrators, Humanities full text, Index to legal periodicals30
Evaluating the effects on conceptual understanding and achievement of enhancing an introductory calculus course with a computer algebra system23
Imitation of a child with autism by her nonhandicapped twin and its effect on functional play30
Library literature & information science full text21
Middle and junior high school library catalog. Supplement, Index to legal periodicals & books19
Middle and junior high school library catalog. Supplement, Wilson OmniFile full text--select edition30
Nicknames and sobriquets of U. S. cities, states, and counties, Study guide for Physics, second edition26
Omnifile full text select edition, November 2000, China, Business for beginners30
Readers' guide to periodical literature & 1 other title, Humanities & social sci retro17
Readers' guide to periodical literature, December 2003, Humanities full text, December 200329
Readers' guide to periodical literature, December 2003, Job orders, Frame & lens selection30
Readers' guide to periodical literature, Essay and general literature index, Cider-sicle17
Senior high learning disabled students in east Mesa, Arizona, using the social and developmental summary and comparative achievement in academics as measured over three years by the Woodcock Johnson revised educational battery30
Senior high school library catalog. Supplement, Public library catalog, Short story index23
Social sciences 112, human relations; Harvard College reading assignments. Compilation: Hugh Cabot & Joseph Alan Kahl28
Test bank to accompany America's history, second edition, volume 2 [by] Henretta, Brownlee, Brody, Ware27
The American book of Southeast Asian and Pacific stories, Underneath the Broadway moon30
The least you need to know about WordPerfect for DOS, The Breastfeeding guide for the working woman26
The relationship between gender traits, sex-role egalitarian attitudes, attachment styles, and life satisfaction part 330
The Wilson chronology of science and technology, Selected from Elvis and me, Dear Abby, January 16-January 22, 197825
Unemployed and living in Brooklyn, Making friends, Throw away that needle28
Wilson applied sciences & technology abstracts, December 1996, The Peace Corps. By Pauline Madow30
Wilson Business Abstracts, November 199323
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