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Ideal School Supply Company documents
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100 activities for the hundred number board, Pencil stencils--farm animals, Block beads & laces30
A comparison of the effects of computer-assisted instruction using logo and prescription learning on the achievment and attitude of second-grade students30
Adhesives, sealants, specialty & plastic fasteners, Fasteners, Chains23
An Anthology of song poems entitled "Love and other problems", We need each other30
Color, cut and put together, Career matching game, Squeezable sculptures30
Computer activities in math, Number match it, Principal parts of verbs27
Dollars & cents of shopping centers in the top 20 metropolitan areas, 1997, Forget her name30
Easy grip pegs and pegboards plus patterns, Ralle, Angels30
Ideal initial and final consonant charts. No. 2720. By Marjorie Pratt, Gertrude J. Lang & Elsie C. Lang30
Ideal periodic chart of elements, Career puzzles, Quizzle--telling time30
Ideal School Supply ... teachers catalog, Cow chalkboard, Happy hoppy pig30
If I don't have you, Sailboat30
If I don't like myself, I can change myself, Tray puzzle--color discrimination, The Inside track30
Indian chief, and 1 other sculpture, Millenium frost, Old warrior30
Kaleidoscope (Do you recall?) ; Catch you on the way down ; Clementine part 330
Lexigrow; a unique growing concept for large and small fruit, vegetable, or flower gardens. By Jack M. Langston27
Math discoveries about fractions & decimals with manipulatives, Beginning base 10 set30
Math discoveries about fractions & decimals with manipulatives, Ideal teacher's number line30
Math discoveries about fractions & decimals with manipulatives, Pentominoes, Plastic beads30
Math for everyday living workbook student educution (IDEAL) TX 512-792 & TX 1-837-43721
Math relationship cards (multiplication/division) TX 3-026-774 & A667168 (1963)30
Math relationship cards (multiplication/division) TX 3-026-774 & A667168 (1963) part 330
McDougal, Littell daily oral language. Level one. By Neil J. Vail & Joseph F. Papenfuss30
Mouse head with partially inflating ears, Teddy bear, Brontosaurus looking forward30
Multiples (blossom math kit) No. 263333, Forming sound, Bird30
Mystery story problems: mixed multi./div. problems, Number footsteps, Just for third grade: arithmetic drill/prac27
[Number 6215 tray puzzle form constancy], Airplane, Turtle30
Pathways book D: multiplication/division problems, Deciding sides, Mystery story problems: multiplication facts30
Plan trigonometry & 1,176 other titles. (Part 007 of 007)30
Problems for BASIC discoveries, Practice the alphabet, Dan April's casebook30
Rational W I S C-R analysis, The Math machine, The Capitalization machine30
Steeplechase of Middlebury, a planned residential development, Long Meadow and Christian Roads, Middlebury, Connecticut; master plan and project data20
Sunshine math, multiplication and division, English for everyday living, Finite differences27
Teaching piano with the Kodaly method as developed by Katinka Scipiades Daniel, Cost, quality, and quality assurance in developing country health systems26
The game drawer reading series set 4 (grs. 3-4) TX 834-247, Survival signs, Just for third grade: arithmetic drill/prac30
The mathworks: handbook of activities for helping students learns mathematics, Math discoveries with calculators30
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