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Brighter day, & 1 other selection30
[Bulldog beating a University of Mississippi rebel], Help me praise the Lord, Oh what a blessing28
Call his name Jesus; a Christmas cantata for mixed voices SATB (tenor & bass optional) & children's choir (optional) By Lorenz Publishing Company, employer for hire of James Tillman, pseud. of Frank L. Cross (w) & James Moffatt, pseud. of Robert J. Hughes (m) part 530
Culture, conduct, and cosmology in Toni Morrison's and Gloria Naylor's novels of (re) acculturation30
Destination: heartward bound, I made it, Rolling of the dice30
Don't blame this broken heart, Keep on trusting, The fly got away!30
Don't let the Devil steal your joy, Jesus on my side, The Lord is a working God29
Dottie Peoples greatest hits, He'll give you everything, The water I give30
Environmental psychology and nonverbal behavior, Heaven, Whose side you leaning on?22
Equipping pastors and church leaders in the Medina River Baptist Association and the Uganda Fellowship of Baptist Churches, Uganda East Africa with a balanced-evangelism ministry model for the local church27
Give him the glory/low voice melodies no27
God will see you through ; All alone ; So glad ... [et al.], I'm havin' fun a tryin'29
Great is thy faithfulness, and 15 other poems, Over death triumphant, The Master's plan27
He's worthy. By Gerald Thompson, He's worthy, Come and go28
Hold on part 5730
I am that I am Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Jesus Christ, I am Jesus Christ30
If there's a need in your life, How I got over, Saved30
I love you for all seasons. Piano arr.: JAMF Music & Fencliff Music30
I love you, Lord, because you first loved me part 230
Inner child abuse. By Mark Forrester Griffin, 1968, Jesus cares, Young hustla30
Innovative factors in player development, performance, and conditioning for football30
Is he yours? By Harrison Johnson, If you wait for me, If you wait30
It's written II poems and lyrics by John Eric Brownlee 200630
Jesus is a friend in the dharma27
Jesus is calling you now ; The promised land ; Precious to me ; Promise me30
Jesus is my friend, & 6 other song lyrics30
Joy cometh in the morning/Low voice melo30
La Riqueza minera de las colonias hispanoamericanas como determinante socio-economico en el debilitamiento o permanencia de las sibilantes americanas26
Lift him up. w & m C. Sumpter, Lift him up30
Living in the last days, & 2 other songs, You seduced me, Catch your love27
New birth project 10-22-03, It's already done, Only if God says yes30
No need of sun. By Ruth Strahm Hoien & Clifford Anderson, Get ready, you are next30
Notes on the synthesis of form. By Christopher Alexander, I can win, Rock me down30
Nothing can separate us ; The Spirit of David ; Warriors of light ... [et al.]30
Responses of marching band directors to their professional roles and to an instructional framework for teaching marching band shows30
Satan, take your hand off of me, Be what you are (traditional), We must be ready25
Selected from I know why the caged bird sings and The Heart of a woman [by] Maya Angelou30
September brought that mournful day, & 2 other selections, He rose, Christine Smith collection30
Since he came into my heart, Even in the rain, One prayer away30
Soul searcher. By Joe Lynn Turner, Alan Greenwood & Caroline Newman, In a hurry30
That's not the way to do it, Beverly, & 2 other selections, What I've been feelin' for you30
The How and why of Christmas, Free indeed, Kept30
The last word business & music directory30
The Lord will give what is good. w biblical; m Diana Roesch; m & arr. Anna Zingariello30
The View from a bottle, I'm leavin', Grateful30
United we stand, & 4 other selections30
U.S.F. Constellation, Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland, Faith is, 1996 Upattinas Appalachian Trail hike27
Way back when ; You brighten my day ; We'll be together 'til the end30
We give you praise ; God answers prayers ; The people have the power ... [et al]30
Wherever I go thou art there ; God's blessing me ; I will never be alone ... [et al.]29
Where would I be without the music in me?30
You can't serve the Lord and the Devil at the same time. By Allen E. Thompson & the Gospel Crusaders, pseud30
You just can't hide ; The time has come to say good-bye, BFI Posse's collection, Raymo30
You ought to want to service the Lord, I know a man30
Zone Platinum Entertainment presents Drop-zone music, Mr. Goodbar, Something alive in the mist30
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