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1st European Conference on Cineradiography with Photons or Particles = 1er Congres Europeen de Cineradiographie par Photons ou Particules25
3rd International Conference on Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (P A C S III) For Medical Applications part 230
Active vibration control of a simply supported beam using a spatially segmented piezoelectric actuator27
Airborne and Spaceborne Lasers for Terrestrial Geophysical Sensing, Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy in Biochemistry28
Application of optical instrumentation in medicine XIV and Picture archiving and communication systems (P A C S IV) for medical applications part 230
Applications of artificial intelligence and related techniques to selected elements of number theory and cryptology27
Applications of calculus to accompany Calculus, one and several variables, third edition [by] S. L. Salas, Einar Hille part 230
Architectures and circuits for high-performance multirate digital filters with applications to tunable modulator/demodulator/bandpass-filter systems30
Both human and humane; the humanities and social sciences in graduate education. Editors: Charles E. Boewe & Roy F. Nichols28
Calcium-mediated signal transduction of amphotericin B-induced interleukin-1(beta) expression in human monocytic cells30
Cam Jansen and the mystery of the dinosaur bones [by] David A. Adler, Amorphous semiconductors for microelectronics30
Cirugia robotica con activacion de voz, sistemas inteligentes en el quirofano y telerobotica en Mexico y Latinoamerica part 330
Cold-blooded--the saga of Charles Schmid, "the notorious pied piper of Tucson", Monsanto Agricultural Products Company biphenyl BIQ S08 hydrogenation30
Commercial proposal to Ford Motor Company for syndicate for automation company; Financing automation; Business proposal to Ford Motor Company for syndicate for automation company. By Robert John Schwartz30
Communications skill builder applications, 5 1/4" diskette for use with Apple personal computers30
Contemporary optical instrument design, fabrication, and testing, Image coding based on address vector quantization25
Counseling and psychotherapy therories in context and practice, The Grass roots fundraising book27
Dear Ms., is your health hanging in the balance as you tug with being a mother, wife, careerperson, and woman?30
Diffractive and holographic technologies, systems, and spatial light modulators VI30
Digest of papers, F T C S-9, the Ninth Annual International Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Computing30
Digital image processing: proceedings of the NATO advanced study institute held at Bonas, France, June 23-July 4, 198030
Electro-optic properties of semiconductor nano-crystals and electro-optic polymers and their applications30
Fiber Optic and Laser Sensors VI/ Eric Udd, Ramon P. DePaula, chairs/editors ; sponsored by S P I E ; cooperating organizations, Applied Optics Laboratory/New Mexico State University, Center for Applied Optics Studies/Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Center for Applied Optics/University of Alabama in Huntsville ... [et al.]30
Fiber optics reliability, benign and adverse environment II30
Fluorescence and X-ray crystallographic studies of the binding of the fluorescence probe molecule, Ans, . part 230
Geographic information systems, photogrammetry, and geological/geophysical remote sensing30
Group employers death, disability, burial, and medical benefits insurance master policy for on the job injuries30
How to be a star at work: nine breakthrough strategies you need to succeed. By Robert E. Kelley30
Industrial Applications of Holographic and Speckle Measuring Techniques, Industrial inspection methods. By Leno C. Michelon30
International Conference on the Application and Theory of Periodic Structures, Diffraction Gratings, and Moire Phenomena III29
International Conference on the Application, Theory, and Fabrication of Periodic Structures, Diffraction Gratings, and Moire Phenomena II30
International Conference on Thermal Infrared Sensing for Diagnostics and Control (Thermosense X)23
International Seminar on Laser and Opto-Electronic Technology in Industry--State-of-the-Art Review30
International Symposium on Microchemical Techniques: proceedings 1961. By Nicholas D. Cheronis. (Microchemical journal symposium series, v. 2)30
International Workshop on Physics and Engineering of Computerized Multidimensional Imaging and Processing28
Knowledge acquisition, cognitive flexibility, and the instructional applications of hypertext30
Laser applications in combustion and combustion diagnostics, 19-20 January 1993, Los Angeles, California30
Laser surgery (nonophthalmic) and allied therapy markets, Diamond dealer, Sol's nude beach30
Metabolism of steroid hormones. By Ralph I. Dorfman & Frank Ungar, Advanced technology30
Micromachining of elements with optical and other submicrometer dimensional and surface specifications26
Mini-study of positive effects of a specific math lesson plan on 3 selected developmentally handicaped students in the areas of self-motivation, self-concept, attitude, self-reliance and the work ethic part 230
Modern optical characterization techniques for semiconductors and semiconductor devices30
Modern optical characterization techniques for semiconductors and semiconductor devices part 230
Multifrequency electronic/photonic devices and systems for dual-use applications29
Multi-temporal satellite image analysis for crop inventories in the Po River Valley (Italy)29
Nanostructures and microstructure correlation with physical properties of semiconductors26
Net foreign assets and international adjustment in the United States, Japan, and the Federal Republic of Germany30
Optical component specifications for laser-based systems and other modern optical systems30
Optical materials technology for energy efficiency and solar energy conversion V27
Optical materials technology for energy efficiency and solar energy conversion XI--chromogenics for smart windows25
Optical microlithographic technology for integrated circuit fabrication and inspection26
Patient concordance--the multidisciplinary approach to bipolar disorder, Patient education in the primary care setting30
Patterns of criteria utilized by Massachusetts special education .., Creatanators of one30
Probate code gives county public guardian access to depositors' records and property to stop elder abuse part 230
Proceedings of diagnostic and therapeutic cardiovascular interventions IV, 22-23 January 1994, Los Angeles, California30
Proceedings of the I E E E ... Working Conference on Current Measurement, IEEE Transactions on consumer electronics30
Proceedings of the ... Stocker Symposium on Energy, Technology and Society, Computers, Electronics30
Remote sensing, biomass, methane emission, and net carbon dioxide exchange relationships within stands of Typha domingensis (Persoon) and Cladium jamaicense (browne) in the Florida Everglades30
Solid state NMR characterization of structural and motional parameter distributions in polyamidoammonium dendrimers part 230
Status and near-term prospects of the international research program in controlled fusion power27
Studies in peak recognition for gas and liquid chromatography, For the birds, Maybe I never loved you. Words & music: Frank Warren27
Study guide [by] LedaThomson, Carrie Summers-Nomura, Corey Presman ; Social problems, ninth edition30
Taking it back ; Trust Him ; Thanks for the priviledge of giving ... [et al.], Social injustice and biblical law30
Text and materials for bar management certification ; alternative ti., Managing a bar for maximum profit part 230
The Bethesda system for reporting cervical/vaginal cytologic diagnoses, Genre, sex, and paratext in the theatre of the long restoration27
Theoretical determination of the energy dependence of charged-particle, electron, and fast neutron cross sections30
Theoretical determination of the energy dependence of charged-particle, electron, and fast neutron cross sections part 230
Three-dimensional and unconventional imaging for industrial inspection and metrology28
Three-dimensional microscopy, image acquisition & processing III, My lovin' place29
Video techniques and software for full-service networks, Applications of digital image processing, III30
Virtual tour collection & color connection ; Virtual tour collection by Michael Adams30
Visual communication and social identity in woodblock-printed letter papers of the late Ming Dynasty30
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