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12 months: a winter fairytale (part 3) (MBSFMC) PAu 2-010-154 (1995), Mirthworms on stage30
Breakfast time & 39 other titles; episodes from the television series The Trap door30
Dirk Savage: mutant hunter! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, no. 9062-9310), Enter the rat king30
Distant voices, still lives30
Distant voices, still lives, Drugstore cowboy30
Donatello's badd time & 19 other titles; animated episodes of the television series known as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles part 430
Family secret & 21 other titles; animated episodes of the television series Teen Wolf part 230
For love alone & 1 other title29
Fortress & 8 other titles; theatrical motion picture photoplays, Pentathlon, Beyond bedlam20
Free ride part 230
Gringo, the buzzards are digging your grave, Language Plus presents Survival Spanish30
Hello Kitty: the Keroppi-adventures of the coward prince, Women at large breakout30
Hollywood uncensored, Breaker Morant24
Honey & 9 other titles; motion pictures. (Wil Cwac Cwac, series 3) Short form license part 421
It rained all night the day I left, White mama, Fighting stallion30
Mad scientist toon club (full show, consisting of cartoon and live-action segments) part 330
Mowgli's brothers/Rikki/seal27
Peter Bogner's skiing techniques : free skiing and racing, Guide to making love, Enid is sleeping29
Pirates & 606 other titles; motion pictures. (Part 001 of 003), Nineteen eighty-four24
Plan six from outer space & 33 other titles; motion pictures, Usagi, come home, Corporate raiders from Dimension X30
Quiet thunder. By Judy Lamppu & Tom Campbell30
Rest in pieces (April 15, 1912) By Kurdt VanDerHoof & Craig Wells, Final chapter30
Roll of thunder hear my cry & 9 other titles; films27
Sergeant Matlovich versus the U. S. Air Force27
Sparky's magic piano26
Strike commando27
Teen wolf--Toot, toot, tut, tut, tut and all that rot, Dolph Lundgren maximum potential30
That's incredible : episode no. 94 part 230
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ; The Boscombe Valley mystery ; The Hound of the Baskervilles part 230
The First flower & 12 other titles, Moschops' tent (Moschops), Moschops'party (Moschops)30
The Full swing & 2 other titles; theatrical motion pictures, Black Arrow, Able's island30
The Glacier fox: in quest of the northern sun, Red Skeleton funny faces, part III30
Tommy Tricker and the stamp traveler & 2 other titles30
What's Michaelangelo good for? (Teenage mutant ninja turtles), Turtles on the Orient express30
What's Michaelangelo good for? (Teenage mutant ninja turtles), Were-rats from channel 6. (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)30
When the wind blows north part 227
Yankee Doodle & 2 other titles; three songs of colonial America30
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