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An analysis of the relation between student achievement as measured by Tennessee value-added gain scores and teacher absence, education, school, and experience30
Angels are holding them tonight, Resonance, Nightwatchman30
Baroque garden for concentration, Fine fruit, Gale tropics30
Brain--repairs & maintenance (P), Synchronizing, Recall30
Charles Redlin pavillion design-Redlin Art Center, Flying free, The Music of Charles A. Redlin25
Circle-in-the-square, Prisms, Flowering sun30
Developing & utilizing our temporal lobes, Lucid dreaming, 199630
Endocrine system and selected metabolic diseases. Text: Ciba Pharmaceutical Company25
Euroflight/Geronamo hold out, Threshold30
God owns--I manage, The maze, Oooo-weee30
H-Plus function exercise26
Human Plus, H-Plus function exercise--buy the numbers (P), Catnapper, Super sleep30
Human plus workshop gateway outreach trainer's manual, Excursion, Inquiry information innovation22
Inner circle, & other works, Alice, Rosella30
Introduction by Robert A. Monroe, Recuperation, Energy walk28
Journeys out of the body. By Robert A. Monroe, Freedom 3--vectors--focus 12, Freedom 4--five questions--focus 1230
Journeys out of the body. By Robert A. Monroe, Freeflow 15, Future 1530
LSSDEBUG.BAS. By Proclosure, Inc., employer for hire of Steven J. Halpern, Robert S. Haley & Raymond E. Johnson part 230
Opening the way--support for pregnancy and childbirth, Human Plus tape taking techniques30
Personal development re-education and social enrichment training program and personal development training center30
Physical existence--perceptions from the other side, Levels of human consciousness25
Red Hot Chili Peppers greatest hits and videos, Ascension30
Revelations. By M. Glover, J. Coleman & P. Ferguson, Espionage, Revelations30
Robert Monroe--laboratory procedures, Human plus, The Way of Hemi Sync30
Robert Monroe--laboratory procedures, Metamusic, Under par concentration golf30
Susan M. Smalter songbook I, Recovery, Doggone day30
The shaman's heart with Hemi-Sync, Thursday, Hope26
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