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(2x4's) songs, poems, plays, to God, by God, for God, unlimited, Tuff love, Take this town27
A brief history of The Bank of Ruleville and Delta Southern Bank and the merger with Southern Development Bancorporation, 1902-2004 part 230
A Comparison of county hospital utilization before and after .., Direct instruction and language arts curriculum26
A continuation of 27 more poems under reg. no. TX 624-686, Collaborative ministry30
Adaptability analysis: a method for the design, analysis and interpretation of on-farm research-extension30
Addison-Wesley minds-on science workbook, level 4, Yesterday is dead, Show30
A descriptive historical content analysis of the disciplinary actions taken by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission against policemen in Florida who were found guilty of sexual harrassment between January 1, 1993 and December 31, 199726
Advances in carriers and adjuvants for veterinary biologics, Small school, giant dream30
Advertising compliance service: practical analysis of current government, industry, and media restrictions on advertising part 1430
American spa, Jan./Feb. 2002 & 1070 other titles (part 003 of 006) part 230
America's Black self-made millionaires and their secrets of sccess!, Born to win30
A Multi-dimensional analysis of purposeful inhalation of toxic substances in southwest Texas and implication for a treatment model30
An analysis of the roles of high school administrators as perceived by principals and assistant principals in selected Oklahoma public high schools part 230
A National multi-media program on the value of wearing seat belts and using protective restraining devices for children using Buckey, the adult turtle, and Snappy, a baby turtle, as communication symbols30
An exploration of the relationship between mathematics anxiety level and perceptual learning style of adult learners in a community college setting part 230
An Exploratory study into the development of the self-awareness curriculum .., Porta Clef & 2 other titles; translations of Spanish works30
An investigation of the withdrawal motif in the Gospel of Mark, Mahanagar =, Big city ; Culture shock ; Do not disturb30
Answer key for the study guide to accompany Introductory statistics for the behavioral sciences, fifth edition [by] Joan Welkowitz, Robert B. Ewen and Jacob Cohen30
A reality based guide for the teaching professional for hanging on and not burning out30
Are the upcoming certification standards for the petroleum and natural gas industry shifting the paradigm of quality?30
Assessment of posttraumatic stress in children, adolescents, and their parents following a motor vehicle accident30
A Study of systematic differentials between option model prices and market prices on .25
A Study of teachers' perceptions and utilization of simulations in public secondary social studies .30
A Taxonomy of behaviorial [sic] objectives and activities for the nursery and kindergarten child's readiness for reading30
Barriers to participation in educational programs as perceived by first-time enrolling freshmen in higher education30
Basic laboratory exercises for field, audio and TV studio production, Simplified diet manual30
Battle stations: true stories of men in war. By Margaret C. Scoggin, Battle of the video arcades30
Biochemical and cellular characterization of a novel cell cycle regulated protein Kinase, P58 (GTA)30
Boson test for Sun Certified System Administrator for the Solaris 7 operating system, pt. 2 (310-010)30
Characteristics of multi-sensory visual art works of multi-sensory visual art works of selected .30
Chasing rainbows--Rubinoff and his violin30
Chico Freeman with jazz on the line, Secondary love, Lack of love30
Christian vocation and the community of faith, Collecting debts with small claims actions30
Close encounters of the cheatin' kind & 11 other titles part 530
Combining the best of P P B S, M B O, E R M S, and program evaluation into a local model part 230
Compendium's standards of care. Emergency and critical care medicine, Veterinary Technician22
Competencies needed by maintenance managers for selected North Carolina industries and need by these industries for maintenance management personnel30
Complete solutions guide for Chemistry, second edition [by] Steven S. Zumdahl, Play me a tune, ol' man30
Conservation and management of California gnatcatchers (polioptila californica californica) part 330
Defending the faith in the last days (a transforming Christian worldview of religion, philosophy, and science)30
Design and analysis of low-power channel access protocols for wireless ATM networks supporting multimedia traffic30
Determinism and American foreign relations during the Franklin D. Roosevelt era, America first: the battle against intervention, 1940-1941. By Wayne S. Cole21
Economics models of agricultural land conservation and environmental improvement30
Economics models of agricultural land conservation and environmental improvement part 230
Economics models of agricultural land conservation and environmental improvement part 330
Factors affecting survival and connectivity in the brain as studied .., 11 hours27
Family reunions of Holmes County, Florida, and surrounding areas30
Finance and enterprise in early America, a study of Stephen Girard's bank, 1812-183130
Food preparation principles and procedures. By Elisabeth Sutherland, Norma Newmark, P. Mabel Nelson et al30
Handling, transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables, Food sanitation, Horticultural reviews30
Health instruction--guidelines for planning health education programs K-12, Introduction to agricultural economics and agricultural policy30
Historical perspectives and future horizons of local government managers and the international city/county management association30
History of the 16th North Carolina Regiment (orginally 6th NC Regiment) in the Civil War30
Holywood (in the shadow of the Valley of Death) By Brian Warner (p.k.a. Marilyn Manson), Jeordie White (p.k.a. Twiggy Ramirez), John Lowery (p.k.a. John 5)30
How to avoid being sued while teaching science; the total science safety system. Grades 4-7. By Jack A. Gerlovich & Timothy F. Gerard25
How to deal with the bureaucracy ... and win every time!, Swainsonine and related glycosidase inhibitors30
Imagery-evoking advertising strategies and the interrelationships among cognitive and affective responses to radio commercials30
Instructor's manual for Houston, Bee, Hatfield, and Rimm's Invitation to psychology part 330
Instructor's manual to accompany Principles of management information systems, Ceramic arts & crafts28
Instructor's resource manual to accompany peak performance, second edition, Peak performance30
Instruments for assessing selected professional competencies for home economics teachers30
Instruments for assessing selected professional competencies for home economics teachers part 230
Integrating ego psychology and object relations theory: psychoanalytic perspectives on psychopathology part 230
Interaction of antimicrobials on phagocytosis and survival of Acanthamoeba spp, Handbook of Spanish verbs25
Internal standardization and calibration architectures for chemical sensors, Community economics25
Inventory control system (micro) source code and disaster recovery diskette (tape vault copy) part 230
Job hunting for pilots: Networking your way to a flying job, Night skies, I.D. music30
John Calvin Stevens, domestic architecture, 1890-1930. By John Calvin Stevens II & Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr part 230
Just beyond reach and other riddle poems, Just beyond30
Landscape in America. By George F. Thompson, Charles E. Little, Denis Wood et al30
Le Motif de la prison dans des oeuvres choisies des XIXE et XXE siecles .., Roadside America30
Limited liability companies--law, practice & forms. Update, God is everything to me25
Making perfect landings in light airplanes, On my way to Nashville, Benita25
Michael Willis Singletary family history four generations, Calling the shots, Hilo Hattie, a legend in our time30
Microcomputers in management of dietetic services in long-term care facilities and computer educational needs of practitioners part 330
Modeling and simulation of turbulent flow and heat transfer in turbine-blade coolant passages30
Natural resource use in the southeastern rain forests of Madagascar and the local impacts of establishing the Ranomafana National Park30
Newspaper coverage of J. Gresham Machen's ecclesiastical trial in 1935, Airborne weather radar & 210 other titles25
Owner/operator manual for the TFX5000 Total Fluid Xchange System (TFX) for vehicular automatic transmissions30
Perturbed scale-invariant initial value problems in one-dimensional dynamic elastoplasticity30
Peter Oliver's Origin & progress of the American rebellion, a Tory view. Edited with an introd. by John A. Schutz and Douglass Adair30
Point of no return = originally published as The Wine of astonishment30
Poisonous plants and venomous animals of Alabama and adjoining states, The Bamboo cross25
Practices in veterinary public health and preventive medicine in the United States30
Preliminary users guide to the Hawkeye Mark 1 machine vision system, Painting and sculpture from antiquity to 194229
Private pilot question book including answers, explanations, and references part 230
Production and characterization of recombinant group B rotavirus (IDIR strain) structural proteins from insect cell cultures part 230
Promises to keep, teaching the handicapped30
Proposal for The True Light Community Based Outreach Program, Stronger than before30
Proposal--Video journal of interventional cardiology (update), Half stepping, Is anybody happy?30
Pulitzer Prize feature stories, Valerie, Rah! Rah! Lilly!30
REC Specs professional sports eyewear fitting system handbook, Ever ancient, ever new30
Research methodology in applied economics: organizing, planning, and conducting economic research30
Rhumatologie et kinesitherapie des coxarthroses, des gonarthroses et des periarthrites, scapulo-humerales22
Sample letters and memos for builders, developers, and remodelers, Marketing for remodelers27
Serological methods for detection and identification of viral and bacterial plant pathogens30
Supervisory, organizational, and interpersonal skills questionnaire, Lennie's corletions26
The Best of Pulitzer Prize news writing, The Media in America, Pulitzer prize editorials26
The Boundary behavior of solutions of quasilinear second order elliptic .., The Atelier27
The Chicken back. w & m Estelle Loring, Sonny Derr30
The Decision-making process of Vermont District Court judges in juvenile cases30
The development of an instrument to assess the presence of dyslexia in preschool boys30
[The Housetop collection ; Time passages reproduction cardboard Christmas villages]22
The investigator's guide for police involved shootings and other critical incidents part 230
The Massachusetts Coalition of Nurse Practitioners' guide to nurse practioner practice in Massachusetts30
The Molecular biology of the major histocompatibility complex of domestic animal species30
The Molecular biology of the major histocompatibility complex of domestic animal species part 230
The Molecular biology of the major histocompatibility complex of domestic animal species part 330
The office of naval research support under represented ethnic groups mentoring model redirecting science education part 230
The political economy of agricultural, natural resource, and environmental policy analysis30
The political economy of agricultural, natural resource, and environmental policy analysis part 230
The political economy of agricultural, natural resource, and environmental policy analysis part 330
The political economy of agricultural, natural resource, and environmental policy analysis part 423
The relationship between supportive services and the school's responsibility to provide these services to the teenage mother part 224
The student pilot's flight manual from first flight to private certificate, The advanced pilot's flight manual & 16 other titles29
The Sugar plum fairy variation from The Nutcracker as taught by Ludmilla Schollar29
Understanding Africa's rural households and farming systems, Sea of forgetfulness25
Urban-regional economics, social system accounts, and eco-behavioral science, Forest and shade trees of Iowa30
Urban-regional economics, social system accounts, and eco-behavioral science, Wilderness lands and energy exploration30
User's manual to accompany GRASP-IT, General review and study program-interactive testing30
Using decision models to automate and individualize interactive decision support for patients30
Validity and reliability of final say decision measures of marital power, Sometime later27
Vertebral morphology, alternation of neural spine height, and structure in Permo-Carboniferous tetrapods, and a reappraisal of primitive modes of terrestrial locomotion30
Water transportation firms face injury problems every day, Veterinary medicine in economic transition21
We all live in the gutters but some of us kill the stars, Raise the funk25
Webster's American biographies. By G. & C. Merriam Company, employer for hire of Charles VanDoren & Robert McHenry28
Wildflowers of the tallgrass prairie, the upper Midwest, The Deer bookends and candleholders25
Wonderful year. By Brian Mahoney, Paul Spitz, Richard Vaughn & James Keaney, The Taint30
Wood technology in the design of structures, Total auto body repair, Modern industrial plastics30
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