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American high school administration, policy and practice. By Will French, J. Dan Hull & B. L. Dodds30
Baby, come over ; Isn't it strange? ; What's it gonna be? ; Believe in me, Feel so good30
Behold the night/On the front porch, Like an eagle, fly, Imposing music27
Blooming garden, Tokyo Rose, Surrey30
Burn out ; Cease to exist ; Cellulite city ... [et al.], The closing sky, Lethargy30
Collection of works by Joie Calio & Michael Gurley as embodied on the compact disc ... "American highway flower" .... By Joie James Calio, Michael Clark Gurley & Phil Leavitt part 430
Fool's gold part 230
God made an angel ; Sunshine ; Big shot in the dark ... [et al.], Facts about cats30
I counted on you (for everything), Air Jordan, It's a jelly30
If there's a God in Heaven, Good intentions, Now the tables have turned30
If you don't love me (then why don't you leave me alone?) By Mickey Newbury30
In the dark ; Whatever ; Toothless comb ... [et al.], In the dark30
It wasn't in the cards. Words & music: Gene Ring, Corinne Newcomb & Stephen Clifford30
Just to be loved by you & 7 other titles, Suzi, hold on, The Eagle has landed30
Little people's Scripture stories30
Live on love ; Too little, too late ; (Down by the) great mistake ; Where does the time go?25
Living a lie, & other selections30
Livin' on the edge, Runnin'30
Low sodium ; Cold stones ; Deep dark ... [et al.], The Limits we set, Get a job30
Navaho relgion, a study of symbolism, Punch and Judy, My operator30
Never before, & 7 other selections30
Playboy in outerspace. By Phil Leavitt, Joie Calio, Michael Gurley, Groovy love27
Puff puff to Ballyjamesduff. w & m Patrick J. Murray, The Water mill. Words & music: Patrick Murray30
Resistance song ; Good person inside ; (Theme from) The girl in the affair, Claire ; Heroes ; Lucy at the gym ... [et al.]30
Sacred ground; a two-act play. By Linda Stockham part 230
Somewhere out there in America30
Songs by Robin Wiley, 1990, no. 4, If I were to lose you, Robin Wiley30
Talking to myself (but nobody's listening), Last generation boogie, Gazing into your eyes30
Tasma musical suite, ch. 1, pts. 1-15, A Better place, Reggae guitar30
That's as close as I'll get to loving you, Cryin' shame, Angel's heart30
The Association of a clinician's ethnic background and clinical ... /Jeri Ellen Gilbert27
The Future's so bright I gotta wear shades. By Pat McDonald, Echoing, (The fall) Kurt's blues30
The Old man & 1 other title, The Old man30
This is not a test! By Missy Elliott, Spirit, The my way30
Time is your friend. Sick in Santorini. Bob the drummer ... [et al.] By Michael Gurley, Joie Calio & Phil Leavitt30
Twentieth century fox. By James Morrison, Raymond Manzarek & Robert Krieger (of the Doors) part 230
Without you. Words & music by Prince O. Williams, 1929, Without you part 230
Writing the book of last pages, Talking, Invisible hills26
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