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Another like my love. By Warner Brothers Records, Inc., performed by Jasmine Guy (new version)30
Automatic identification of organ/tissue regions in CT image data for the implementation of patient specific phantoms for treatment planning in cancer therapy30
Baby, come back ; Part of the scenery30
Bobby Goldsboro presents: Snuffy, the Elf who saved Christmas, Best of Bobby Goldsboro28
Bottles, knives & steel. By CBS Records, Inc. n.k.a. Sony Music Entertainment, Inc., performed by various artists30
Broadway's closer to Sunset Boulevard, Dancin' around the world, Insatiable woman30
Buddah lovaz. By Bryon McCane, Charles Scruggs, Steven Howse, Anthony Henderson & Tim Middleton30
Can't find the words & 27 other titles, Do you ever?, Big Chuck's songs28
Can we talk (about us), My peace, Yield yourself29
Conception, an interpretation of Stevie Wonder's songs, Isley Brothers, Motown 1980s25
Crackalating & 5 other titles, I love him, A Tune to pass the time30
Dame una oportunidad, & 2 other songs, Decidete, Brinca30
Diamond girl ; Get closer ; Hummingbird ; I'll play for you, Summer breeze desert (dessert)30
Greatest hits: the spring years 1970-1977 part 230
I could never love you again, Prize possession, Local girl28
I have learned to respect the power of love. By Angela Lisa Winbush & Rene Moore30
I have learned to respect the power of love. By Angela Lisa Winbush & Rene Moore part 330
Into you. By Ken Ifill, Ernesto Shaw, John Jackson (Fabolous, pseud.) (In Street Fabolous) part 230
Invisible fields, Blast off, Goin' to the top30
King Oliver, the New York sessions (1929-1930), Open Air suit, X-75 volume 125
Life's mysteries number 12. Original design by Kevin Pope. VA 365-018, Who's no. 128
Lisa Apple & Steve Gordon song collection, Contagious, What ever happened to forever?30
[Live concert audio visual footage as included on "Los Lonely Boys"], Sacred, Los Lonely Boys30
Lost in your lovin', that's not the way love supposed to be collection30
Mandela freed, now free South Africa, Fight the power!, Syracuse Orangemen30
No axe to grind ; Turn on the demon ; Get my licks in, Real woman, If you ever need somebody26
One of a kind. By Ricky Marotta & Peter Wood; Anigro Music, employer for hire30
Over. By Adam Brown, Bob Robinson, Tim Kelly, Matthew Goss. (In Why?), You're my star24
Pia & Phil (the London Philharmonic Orchestra, that is), On the way to the sky. By C B S, Inc30
Praise the eternal ; Don't take your love away, 3+3/ The Isley Brothers, Different drummer27
Say you will and 2 other selections30
Secret lover ; Victims of the night ; Lover in masquerade ; In another time, in another place30
Send a message ; Black cloud ; Brightside ... [et al.], 'Smake it. m Walter Davis, Jr30
Settle down. Words & music: Seymour Koppel Fass, Settle down, Can't go down30
Sidney's Arcadia: a map of Arcadia, Sidney's romance in its tradition, the old Arcadia. By Richard A. Lanham & Walter R. Davis30
Silver and sorrow (demo) ; Flirtin' with disaster ; One man's pleasure ; Cross road blues part 230
Slow is the way. By Irving Music, Inc., employer for hire of Emanuel Officer, & Keith Sweat30
Smooth sailing into the next generation: the causes and prevention of mental retardation. By Diane Plumridge & Judith Hylton30
Smooth sailing (rock in the road) By Steve Pippin, Johnny Slate & Mark Gray part 230
Songs written by Ernie Isley, Chris Jasper, and Marvin Isley which are included in album entitled "Broadway's closer to Sunset Boulevard."30
Songs written by Ernie Isley, Chris Jasper, and Marvin Isley which are included in album entitled "Broadway's closer to Sunset Boulevard." part 230
TAPOAFOM = The awesome power of a fully-operational mothership, Embraceable you, Elements of love30
Taylor, Howard and Cravens--First cuts, Good lovin', Good lovin'. w & m Carl P. Clovis30
The Effect of the use of the mini-calculator and an associated curriculum supplement on computational . part 430
The Isley Brothers greatest hits & rare classics, That's what I look for in a lover30
The Very best of (the world of) Gladys Knight and the Pips30
Tyrany for you. Sounds: Sony Music Entertainment, Inc., pictorial art: Patrick Codenys & Daniel B., performed by Front 24230
Unreleased songs from the artist p/k/a/ "R. Kelly"'s LP, Every which way30
Urban labor markets and the determination of welfare dependency among female-headed low-income . part 230
Who is he, what is he to you? w & m Bill Withers, w Stan McKenny, A telephone call away29
Who's booty? SR 110-699 (1989), It's my thing, You had too much to drink22
Wild west hero (alternate bridge: home demo) ; The quick and the daft ; Latitude 88 north part 326
You called and told me. By Dave Hall, Erik Milteer, Jeff Redd, I just want love & 16 other titles30
You deserve delicate treatment (Donna) By Michael Wendroff & Gary Halpen part 230
You'll never walk alone. By T. B. Harms Company, employer for hire of Mike Leckrone30
You're all I need ; Heavenbound train ; He won't let you go30
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