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A change in me. Love is for everyone. Sound recording. Artist: Jerry Foster, by Mercury Record Productions, Inc part 230
Ain't nobody but me & 29 other titles; musical composititons, Blessing in disguise & 3 other titles30
A Shot in the dark & 1 other title25
Before I met you. Words & music: Charles L. Seitz, Joe "Cannonball" Lewis & Elmer Rader30
Computer aided thickness design of ductile iron pipe, 'Cause I love you, Another kiss28
Don't go walkin' through my memory & 467 other titles. (Part 001 of 003), I never lie to Ruby30
Don't show me your memories (and I won't show you mine) Musical composition, Don't start me dreaming again29
Don't show me your memories (and I won't show you mine) Musical composition, Forever has got to be longer than this30
Don't show me your memories (and I won't show you mine) Musical composition, The Lights of home. w Steve Allen, m Pete Rugolo30
Don't you think it's time we settled down? & 5 other titles, I've rambled on too long30
El fotingo de tono ; Guerra, guerra ; Mi jibarita ; Pobre islita, Patrocinio Barela: taos wood carver30
Euro song contest collection, Back for your love, Satan's blade30
Exultate Deo. m Alessandro Scarlatti, English text, editing & arr. Norman Greyson, pseud. of Walter Ehret & Harry Robert Wilson30
Get right with Jesus (or get left here) & 2 other titles, Where only the lonely hearts go30
Happy birthday, Jesus (I'll open this one just for you)30
Hide and seek with with a sneak on Okeechokee Creek part 230
High octane selling--boost your creative power to close more sales, Fun dancers, Arthur Murray dance party30
How do I forget that I love you? Musical composition, Somebody lied to me, King of nothing30
How your children love your love & 1 other title, Looking for Suzanne, Halfway around the world30
I believe I'll just leave it. By GlenTan Music, employer for hire of Steve Crossley & Delaney Bramlett30
I don't wanna dance (with anybody else but you) By Layng Martine, Jr. & Tommy Rocco30
If I can't love her as she is, I'll love her as she was; a.k.a. If I can't love him as he is, I'll love her as she was. By Michael Baugh27
If you put cedar chips under a dreaming dog's head, you'll have the same dream, Give us a happy home30
If you're gonna do me wrong (do it right) Written by Max D. Barnes & Vern Gosdin30
If you're thinking you want a stranger (there's one coming home) Musical composition30
I'll love you till the cows come home. Words & music: Alton Delmore, Lonnie Glosson & Rabon Delmore30
I'll love you till the cows come home. Words & music: Alton Delmore, Lonnie Glosson & Rabon Delmore part 230
I'm not being easy (I'm just being free) & 2 other titles, Blues on board, Broken windows & 4 other titles30
I still love you (and how I love you) By Gary Pickus, & Tom Johnson a.k.a. Tommy Knight part 230
It all comes with goodbye & 3 other titles, You made me believe in love again, Sometimes I get lucky and forget30
It's not what you know (it's who you know) Composers: Carl Jackson & Jerry Salley28
I've been loved before (but not like this) By Earl Montgomery & George Jones28
I wouldn't believe you (if you said the world was round) By Wes McLain, John Durham & Ginny Johnson30
Janie's garden ; Only you ; Your love will get me there ... [et al.], Songs by Bruno O'Donnell30
Keep my heart that you have broken, Loved me just the same, The beauty of holiness25
Labor markets and labor contracts in an overlapping generations .., If you're serious about cheating28
Lastin' love & 5 other titles, Room with a view, Healing24
Leavin' it up to you & 1 other title. Assignment of copyright and exclusive adminstration rights30
Let me be your lady. Words & music George Fischoff, 1938, Reasons30
My baby loves his red truck, & other selections30
Originals by Rickey Wayne. w & m Rickey Wayne Shelton, 1955, Hoggle's Christmas28
Out of sight (out of mind) By Philip Gould, Mark King & Michael Lind part 230
Physiological effects of ethylene glycol-induced cribriform frond structure in Lemna gibba30
Pony tail girl. w & m Jimmy Bowen, Don Lanier (Donnie Henson Lanier) & Buddy Knox30
Reach out, observe, and touch, if only for a moment, Let our love count for something29
She had the nicest pair of b-b-b-boots and the prettiest b-b-belt buckle I'd ever seen part 230
She's in love with a honky tonk man, & 2 other songs30
She's in love with you & 4 other titles; songs27
She's not you & 18 other titles part 230
Some memories just won't die bw lover, lover. SR 36-565 (1982)30
Song of the South based on a theme from Song of the North adapted from the original30
Still got room to grow ; Don't harden your heart, Don't let the singing die, The Truth30
Talking heads--Give me some reason, Before I met you, Political eyes30
Talk to me (here I am), Overnight30
Teacher's manual for A Pre-reading inventory of skills basic to beginning reading. Pt. one: survey test, pt. two: diagnostic test. By Paul McKee, M. Lucile Harrison & James B. Stroud part 230
Tear me out of the picture. By Bill Rice, Sharon Rice & Mike Lawler, Never, my love30
The Story of Missy T-T-T-Tinkle and Master D-D-D-Dingle. Text: Roberta Iris Phillips part 230
Untitled, 1st verse starts ... Here I come, boppin' down the street, lookin' for any girl I might meet part 330
Waitin' in your welfare line. w Nat Stuckey; music: Don Rich & Buck Owens; arr. Central Songs, Inc., employer for hire30
When tommorrow [sic] comes, Still loving you30
Where was I when they passed out luck? From the musical production, Minnie's boys. w Hal Hackady, m & arr. Larry Grossman30
Why do we want (what we know we can't have)?, So conceited, Heartache, here I come28
You're foolish. w Jimmy Downs, w & m Arthur E. Mayer, Just like a man, Need you. w & m Jimmy Downs & Arthur E. Mayer29
You're something special to me (something special) w & m Ray Griff, Someone's walkin' around upstairs30
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