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1945 & 327 other titles (part 001 of 002); songs. Composed by Blue Miller & co-composers as noted29
3-minute consultations with America's greatest psychotherapists, The language of emotions28
Above is an article from my priceless archives in which my cousin Larry S. Anderson satires an instigated space laser health care attack30
A comparative case study of the program planning process in learning in retirement institutes30
A Criterion referenced test of written languages syntax of hearing impaired students27
Adolescent psychiatry: developmental and clinical studies. Vol. 7. By The University of Chicago28
An analysis of achievement test for selected Virginia high school business computer applications students30
An empirical examination of selected difference analysis techniques for the evaluation of health care quality assessment data30
Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy. No. 713. VA 4-169 (1978)26
Asedios a la poesia de Nicomedes Santa Cruz, Cheer up, Live like a warrior ; Gone, clear gone30
Associations among dietary vitamin C, dietary calcium, gingival disease, .., El coro de ninos30
A study of the self-perceptions of children with familial dysautonomia, the severity of their familial dysautonomia, and the child rearing attitudes of their parents30
A Survey of accountants' views on the desirability and method of inflation accounting30
Ausgewaehlte Orgelstuecke der Romantik = Selected organ pieces of the Romantic period30
Blood and roses. From the motion picture, Blood and roses. m Societe Anonyme pour le Commerce Intercontinental, employer for hire of Jean Prodromides30
Changes in psychoanalytic perspectives on the early years of life--the Oedipus revisited25
Chemical synthesis and characterization of duplex DNA containing a new base pair30
Citizens' energy directory /edited by Jan Simpson ; based on questionnaires prepared by Ken Bossong, Alan Okagaki and Ron Okagaki ; cover art by Tom Chalkley30
Close encounters Jerry Garcia and Steve Ulmoch at Golden Cape, Paru, Apothecary treasures28
Cognitive-behavioral treatment for adult survivors of childhood trauma, Theraplay30
Comparison of expressive and instrumental types of aggression betweeen men and women in the National Guard and men and women in college30
Confrontation or cooperation? Marxist theories of nation-state competition .30
Conversations with John Schlessginge, the director of Midnight cowboy and Sunday bloody Sunday part 330
Deactivation of visual transduction without guanosine triphosphate hyrolysis by G protein26
Developmental pathegenesis and treatment of borderline and narcissistic personalities30
Effects of caffeine, bright light, and their combination on melatonin, body temperature, alertness, and performance during two nights of sleep deprivation30
Factors that influence persistence among students in middle adulthood at the public two-year college part 230
Fortschritte der Differentiellen Psychologie und Psychologischen Diagnostik, Schmerz im Kindesalter22
Gaslighting, the double whammy, interrogation, and other methods of covert control in psychotherapy and analysis30
Gaslighting, the double whammy, interrogation, and other methods of covert control in psychotherapy and analysis part 230
Gaslighting, the double whammy, interrogation, and other methods of covert control in psychotherapy and analysis part 330
Gaslighting, the double whammy, interrogation, and other methods of covert control in psychotherapy and analysis part 430
Getting past first base, overcoming fear, doubt, and inertia in career planning25
God in search of man; a philosophy of Judaism. By Abraham Joshua Heschel, Moral grandeur and spiritual audacity23
Homosexuality and marginalization in selected post-World War II American fictions part 230
How to learn Morse code--the easy way, Hearts image, Telephone receiver image25
How too use computers and cyberspace in the clinical practice of psychotherapy, Hoax and reality30
How too use computers and cyberspace in the clinical practice of psychotherapy, Social phobia30
How to overcome loss, grief, trauma, or PTSD in 30 minutes or less, Shady Grove, The Beatin' Path consort collection30
How to use the major indexes to U. S. Government publications, Golf magazine's Encyclopedia of golf24
Illustrated gymnastics dictionary for young people, Fearful symmetries, Summer moon29
Immortality, resurrection and the age of the universe, Until the Mashiach, Likutey moharan21
Individual and group therapy and work with parents in adolescent psychotherapy, Sex abuse hysteria30
Infantile sexuality and attachment = Sexualite infantile et attachment, The subject and the self24
Infrared atmospheric pressure matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization ion trap mass spectrometry30
Instructor's manual to accompany Louise H. Kidder, Selltiz/Wrightsman/Cook's Research methods in social relations, fourth edition30
International journal of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. By Robert Langs, The Listening process25
Introduction to quantitative analysis of linguistics survey data, Nightflash, Edso30
Listening to children, a descriptive study of children's expressions of curiosity, concern .30
Love and hate in the analytic setting, Free at 3327
Maternal diabetes and diabetes in young children, their relationship to breastfeeding30
Mathematicians have said for over 2000 years that it is impossible to trisect an angle using only a compass and an unmarked straight edge--well, now finally it can be done29
MCMI II/III interpretive system, version 2, psychological assessment with the Millon clinical multiaxial inventory (II) part 322
Measured impact of federal government policies as determined by stock market capital values for selected industries26
Microcomputer-assisted medical diagnosis using quadratic discriminant analysis of clinical laboratory tests part 230
New paths in biology. By Adolf Portmann, translated by Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc., employers in a work made for hire: Arnold J. Pomerans26
Object relations, psychological differentiation, and trauma in firesetting and non-firesetting psychiatric inpatient children30
Olympics revisited. From The Happiest girl in the world. m & arr. Gerald Alters27
One baby, two baby, three baby, four, The psychology of twinship, Emstar20
Pastoral care that minimizes negative transition for pastors of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada part 230
People of the lakes. (The American Indians) TX 3-616-560 (1994), Origins of the mind30
Psychoanalytic perspectives on children 1-3 years of age for the 1980s, The psychoanalytic study of the child22
Second thoughts on the Second Amendment, and other contributions30
Separation-individuation, dependency and difficulty in benefitting from post-separation class on cooperative parenting27
Sex and family in the Bible and the Middle East. By Raphael Patai, Israel between east and west. By Raphael Patai27
Sexual abuse experiences and family environment in childhood as predictors of sexual dysfunction and premarital relationships in adulthood part 230
Students' perceptions of literacy activities within a whole language classroom, ChartGuide, Southern California27
The analysis of student achievement as measured by the Iowa test of basic skills spelling subtest subsequent to the implementation of a research-based spelling program30
The barber didn't drive a Seville & other tales from the neighborhood!, Rethinking women's roles29
The City, a dictionary of quotable thought on cities and urban life, Aeson renewed30
The Complete letters of Sigmund Freud to Wilhelm Fliess, 1887-1904, The return of the gods30
The Criminal behavior of juveniles and adults, comparisons within .., Rehabilitation of the criminal30
The Decline of Rome and the rise of mediaeval Europe. By Solomon Katz, Competitive nature30
The Early makers of handcrafted earthenware and stoneware in central and southern New Jersey part 230
The Hebrew vowels and consonants as symbols of ancient astronomic concepts, One and one make three26
The little giant encyclopedia of logic puzzles, Eye popping puzzles, Power puzzles29
The metaphor of the phallic woman and its use in understanding the psychic mechanisms of male patients who require transsexual images in their erotic life27
The Penguin Book of modern Yiddish verse, Thinking about socialism, The American newness30
The Penn ancestors of Lorine Penn Christian, descendant of Abram Penn, 2nd of the Penn family of Virginia part 330
The prophetic pulpit: clergy, churches, and communities in American politics. TX 5-793-832 (2003)30
The Relationship between Ellis' irrational beliefs and frequency of self-recorded .20
The Relationship between perceived uses of food and transitional .., 5 ballads, This is entertainment30
The seasons of my life: autobiography & family history manual. By Donna Dru Brummet30
The sovereignty and goodness of God, together with the faithfulness of his promises displayed27
The therapist's experience of the interpersonal impact of the patient and its relationship to psychotherapy outcome29
The World of emotions, clinical studies of affects and their expression, On sexuality and power24
The World of K'ung Shang-jen, a man of letters in early Ch'ing China, Otto Rank, An Interview with Esther Menaker30
This He believed; the religion of Jesus of Nazareth as revealed by readings from the Old and New Testaments and other sources. Editor: Robert O. Ballou, illustrator: Valenti Angelo23
Turning points in the education of deaf people part 230
When bad things happen to good people; conversations with Harold S. Kushner. By Network for Learning, employers for hire of Harold Kushner, interviewee; Tom Vitale, interviewer30
Women and self-esteem--exploring the forces that enhance and diminish the self, What's so terrible about swallowing an apple seed?28
Working with the core relationship problem in psychotherapy, Chrysalis, Being and loving29
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