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AIDS knowledge and attitudes on a highly selective Midwest university campus, Traklab--beatz from the streetz30
Assessing attitude toward, and knowledge of, organizational behavioral characteristics associated with the presence of total quality management using the "quality behavioral characteristics self-assessment" instrument28
A study of a summer remedial program for students scoring below minimum level on a state-mandated competency test30
Cheer forever for the Dodgers, Mystery, Apple generation30
Contribution of the streptococcal C5A peptidase to the virulence of .., Underscores 627
Country rock 'n' ragtime blues, Wind, Your eyes are the window30
Dangerous dramatic elements III ; CHR playlist art.grv ; Pop snapshots ... [et al.]26
Direct results radio advertising, Chime time, Bozo24
Don'tcha know you're my baby?, Tied up, The Situation30
Dramatic grooves/beds/stings, Dancing on the beach, Power tracks30
Dramatic percussion ; Acoustic elements II ; Classic pop ... [et al.], Hold out for love, love will find you30
Instructor's manual and test item file to accompany Environmental science, a study of interrelationships, seventh edition30
Instructor's manual to accompany American democracy debated, an introduction to American government [by] Charles W. Dunn30
Leave this world, & 2 other songs, Service, Tastysnake music demo '9029
Lesbians who engage in public bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and sadomasochism (BDSM)30
Love in the palm of her hands, Move on, baby, Bleulonious25
Making bentwood trellises, arbors, gates & fences, My prayer, Master of my life30
Mostly unplugged ; Inspirational motivators ; The entertainment album ... [et al.]30
Non-equilibrium dynamics of a binary fluid, Good stuff, Santa Barbara 1-2-3-422
Perspectives among mental health providers regarding rehospitalization of the chronically mentally ill30
Random access with mixed voice and data over broadcast channel, Lover lier [sic]29
Recognition and management of life-threatening digitalis intoxication in the emergency department30
Remick combo dance-orks for small dance bands, E-flat book. Alto sax, baritone sax, mellophone, trombone (B.C.), bassoon, cello. Arrangements & compilation: Remick Music Corporation, employer for hire part 230
Renovation and conversion of the Portland custom house into a luxury hotel, Hot spot30
Sound design and music as part of the adapted and performed text in narrative theatre30
Stop stinky feet, stinky socks and smelly shoes! & bad body odor!, City lights, City lights. w & m Fred Schmitz30
Study guide to accompany the eleventh edition of Textbook of anatomy & physiology30
Sunny side "talk" ; Warming up for the Opry "talk", Jesse James, Midnight at Woody Creek29
Thank you, "Mister Hef" (for giving us a Thanksgiving home), I'll bring the rainbows for your eyes26
The Bascillica [sic] of St. Denis, 1909-10, Exotic landscape, The First fruits30
The fool and the hummingbird, Red moon, For Christmas25
The Influence of coherency strains on the low temperature mechanical behavior of Ni-15, Cr-Al-Ti-Mo . part 230
Theme from the Universal television series Simon and Simon, Renegades, Slowly30
The nuclear predicament; nuclear weapons in the Cold War and beyond. By Peter R. Beckman, Larry Campbell, Paul W. Crumlish, Michael N. Dobkowski, Steven P. Lee30
The production of (26)Al in the early solar system by the (16)O((16)O,x)(26)Al(gs) and (14)N((16)O,x)(26)Al(gs) reactions30
The really big picture ; Yee-ha! ; Acoustic stories ; Get the funk!, Confederation30
To God, it's not what you do, it's who you are that counts, The Jim Long and Bill Schumacher songbook 230
Tools for story tellers ; Prime time drama ; Network dramatics ; Comedy ques & reflective underscores21
Transparency masters to accompany An Introduction to management science, fourth edition, quantitative approaches to decision making [by] David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. Williams part 430
U.S. probes payoffs to Nevada casino officials, Increasing energy, Robotic motion30
What will be the relationship between the Costa Mesa police department and the media in meeting30
Wild action ; Heavyweights ; Corporate hip-hop ... et al, Action plus & 70 other titles30
Wings of sound ; Flying dream ; All souls ; Heaven's gate, Sunrise ; Celestine ; Summer prelude et al30
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