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A declaration by the representatives of the United States of America in general congress assembled30
Agenda luv & 12 other titles, Back to luv & 6 other titles, Wind ya body & 31 other titles30
All or nothing ; Untouchable lover ; Stop calling, stop stalling ; Sour like a lemon lime30
All the things between us ; Regina ; Cheap whiskey (in a brown bag) ... [et al.]30
All the things (your man won't do) By Josh Thompson, Joe Thomas & Michelle Williams30
An Evaluation of the effect of an inquiry-oriented social studies curriculum, teacher cognitive .25
An investigation of educational technology sustainability factors in public schools and their alignment with the New Jersey school technology survey items30
Anne E. Dechant song book no. 4 containing Take your pain, Summer's the time, Drinking again30
A personal journey with Martin Scorsese through American movies, The aviator, Nemesis30
A software-defined ultra-wideband transceiver testbed for communications, ranging, and imaging28
A Woman's comprehensive check list and guide for worry free driving, Power of the tongue26
Back side front, & 1 other selection, Black shades, God send30
Backstreet Boys now and forever! backstage pass, Millennium, More than that30
Ba lee lashire ba lee lismoach, So beautiful30
Beauty shop Betty, and 1 other selection, Beauty shop, For richer30
Better days. By Norman Linton, Better days30
Break me off. Co-composers, Timothy Z. Mosley, Moses Barrett III, William "Bootsy" Collins et al28
Clubbin & 3 other titles, Damn, Stutter (Double take remix)30
Come around. Co-writer, Richie Lister, Come around30
Doin it for my baby & 7 other titles, You, me, & she, Fix it30
Freek-a-leek. PA 1-265-993 (2005), Blow your whistle, Gigolo25
Giddy up. By Veit Renn, Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick,, Joe Fatone, Lance Bass, Joseph Chasez. (In 'N Sync)30
Gospel Today Magazine presents Praise and worship 2002, Ride like hell EP!, Sleep in late30
I believe in you now ; Never been unloved ; Hello, good-bye part 430
I can do it better, & other selections, I can do it30
I'm missing you in every way ; Sister, even with miles between us, you're in my thoughts every day30
I saw the devil last night and now the sun shines bright, Integrity 2000, Nothing ever dies30
I still have joy. By John Croslan, 2nd, Country heat, Waterbed blue eyes30
I understand (just how you feel) auld lang syne30
I want a guarantee. w & m Valerie Simpson, Nick Ashford & Josephine Armstead a.k.a. Joshie Armstead part 430
[Joe's orbit sculptures and flyer], Area 51, Joe's orbit catalog, March 199630
Joseph, the husband of Mary, the stepfather to Jesus, speaks, Royal parade (three wise men)28
Liquid dreams ; Sexiest woman alive, Love, so real, Why?30
Little Red Ridin' 'n' da hood, Let's party fish, Let's party30
More and more ; Move by your spirit ; I dedicate my heart ... [et al.]30
No one else (could love you like I do) By Fred R. Maddox & Jimmy Ringo, No one else30
Obsession part 1030
One life stand, & 2 other songs, State of our union, Ain't nuthin' better than love26
Organizational view, management assessment package, and motivational dynamics, Suicide30
Quantum Wells and Superlattices in Optoelectronic Devices and Integrated Optics, Flashback30
Re The Leads-plus guide to cost-efficient lead development & prospect qualification30
So many rooms (in the corner of the closet), Can't get over, Your loving way30
Swiftactics beats--Klone project I, Coming back home, Tom-a-hawk30
Switchblades of love ; Going back to California ; Silverlake ... [et al.], Changed man30
Teacher's manual for Cases and materials on corporations (including partnerships and limited partnerships), fourth edition30
The one for me, & 2 other songs30
The praise & worship songs of Richard Smallwood, Froggy style, Don't know how to behave30
U should've known better, Game over, Hey now29
You learn ; You oughta know (live Grammy version), Everything, Eight easy steps30
You should know. w & m James Alan Fitzgerald, 1970-; m William David Becchina, 196530
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