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A Christian look at reincarnation, Augustine, Thoughts on the run28
An alternative model for supplementary Jewish education Kol Hamishpacha (the whole family) part 230
An analysis of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s letter from Birmingham jail, The Martin Luther King, Jr. companion30
An Application of an individualized approach to staff development based on the S R I model . part 330
An Empirical inquiry into the predictive power of selected attributes .., Pentecost 330
An overview of the Bible using the Westminster guide to the books of the Bible, Energy strategies for developing nations25
A pilot study of Pilates exercise for rehabilitation of sub acute low back pain patients30
A Study of current practices of Ohio public secondary social studies teachers engaged .25
A Synoptic harmony of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles with related passages from Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezra part 230
Christ and Adam, man and humanity in Romans 5. By Karl Barth, translator: Thomas Allan Smail, editors: Thomas Forsyth Torrance & John Kelman Sutherland Reid part 223
Christian ethics; sources of the living tradition. By Waldo Beach & H. Richard Niebuhr30
Christianity and Jewish-Christian relations in American rabbinical school programs30
Creation; a Bible suede-graph for the flannelboard. By Bernice T. Cory, assisted by Scripture Press staff, artwork by Helen J. Wachtel25
Creative designs with dried and contrived flowers--new methods of processing and new trends in arranging for home and flower show30
Descendants of the Neuwied couple, Johann Jacob Tromper (ca. 1670-?) and Anna Christina Welcker (ca. 1675-?) from Neuwied, Germany to New York State circa 171930
Design of asphalt concrete overlay to mitigate reflection cracking, 24 hours, Mining camp woman27
Deuteronomy 32, the deliberative rib tradition, and Hosea's concept of hope, Deuteronomy30
Dictionary of the later New Testament & its developments, The Spirit and the congregation30
Differences in attitudes, experiences, and success between delivering and receiving site students in interactive television foreign language classes30
Directions for administration and scoring Differential aptitude tests and D A T career planning program, second edition30
Drag me down blues ; Ain't worth the trouble blues ; Giant-sized bottle of cologne blues ... [et al.] part 230
Ecclesiastes, traditum et fides evangelica, the Ecclesiastes commentaries of Martin .30
Effect of incongruency of heart attack symptoms on the decision to seek treatment in a rural population27
Energy monitoring of residential utility customers using microprocessing techniques (including public acceptance) part 430
Ethics, religion, and the good society, The Presbyterian hymnal, Campus ministry26
EZ2 30 & EZ3 30 mono challenge family marble games of think-ur-tangle and scatt-ur-winner28
Faith and the prospects of economic collapse, Let's celebrate the birth of Jesus!30
First Timothy, Second Timothy, Titus, James, First Peter, Second Peter, Jude, Leviticus25
"Honesty," Alice, the day she was born and the gift given to her in later years, Introduction to Christianity30
How to have a healing ministry without making your church sick!, Unreached peoples '8030
Influence of simulated gastric reflux, body posture, aortic and pulmonic vascular expansion, and erythrocytes on the impedance cardiogram recorded from an esophageal impedance probe part 230
Influence of simulated gastric reflux, body posture, aortic and pulmonic vascular expansion, and erythrocytes on the impedance cardiogram recorded from an esophageal impedance probe part 330
In God's image: meditations for the new mother. By Patricia Houck Sprinkle, Women who do too much29
Institution building and organizational development at Allam Iqbal Open University (Pakistan)30
Instructor's manual to accompany Organization and people--readings, exercises, and cases in organizational behavior, fourth edition [by] J. B. Ritchie, Paul Thompson part 230
In the beginning, when God scattered stars into space, he planned treasures for us to discover .30
Judah and the Judeans in the neo-Babylonian period, Tokens of those trying times26
Justifications, argumentations, and sense-making of preservice elementary teachers in a constructivist mathematics classroom30
Liberty of conscience and the growth of religious diversity in early America, 1636-178630
Michigan appeals reports, cases decided in the Michigan Court of Appeals from November 4 to December 16, 198630
Missions and evangelism 451, Missionary principles and practices, The Synoptic Gospels--the literary relationships23
Modern catechetics; message and method in religious formation. By Gerard S. Sloyan27
Origen--the Bible and philosophy in the third-century church, Life is discovering God30
O, the depth of love divine, Inside out, Doing time in the pulpit27
Overcoming communication barriers in the church, Daniel and Revelation, Biblical books of Wisdom27
Pastoral care that minimizes negative transition for pastors of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada30
Philippians and Galatians, Philippians30
Preaching the new common lectionary, year B, Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Overhearing the Gospel30
Presbyterians, Baptists, and the making of a slave society in Virginia, 1740-182030
Proceedings, geometric modeling and processing, theory and applications, 10-12 July 2002, Wako, Saitama, Japan30
Psychology and theology in Western thought, 1672-1965, Clergy malpractice, Handbook of religious conversion30
Reclaiming the Old Testament for the Christian pulpit, Ezekiel, Escape from futility26
Refractory metal nitride self-encapsulation and thermal stability issues in copper-and silver metallization part 230
Santa, do you know where we are?, Survival of the spirit, Monte Croft's third collection24
Selected marketing practices and profitability of medium-size companies .., She said, & 5 other songs30
Special invitation CFI International Discount Travel membership, God and science30
Sportstatic with Mark Daniel (12/30/97-3/18/98), Daniel, Look up30
Struggling with Scripture by Walter Brueggemann, William C. Placher, and Brian K. Blount part 230
The Christian witness in an industrial society. Translation & pref.: George H. Kehm, introd.: Robert B. Starbuck part 224
The contemplative pastor--returning to the art of spiritual direction, Psalm 67, Psalm 11930
The effect of the school district reorganization process on Illinois goal assessment program test scores and operating expenses per pupil part 230
The Effects of selected industrial arts activities on educable mentally retarded students' .30
The end of the world as declared by Bible prophets, The book of Amos, Elements of Old Testament theology29
The Epistle of Paul to the Churches of Galatia. Author of Dutch manuscript: Herman N. Ridderbos, translator of English version: Henry Zylstra25
The expositor's Bible commentary, vol. 3. By The Zondervan Corporation & Frank E. Gaebelein, -198330
The Good news about panic, anxiety & phobias30
The history of the church since the Reformation [by] Garth M. Rosell, American Christianity and the Judeo-Christian tradition29
The HOME keepsake kindergarten curriculum album B, Exodus, Let's soft rock tonight30
The implementation of the Ohio articulation and transfer policy as reported by students transferring from a two-year college to a four-year university30
The influence of social support on coping with Peyronie's disease, Anology [sic]--Songs from the heart30
The Lord's prayer as a guide for effective praying30
The New Testament in the original Greek according to the Byzantine/Majority textform part 230
The Nineteenth-century Anglo-Jewish novel, Dorothy L. Sayers, William Sansom30
The Old Testament promise of the land as reinterpreted in first and second century Christian . part 330
Theological turning points: major issues in Christian thought. By Donald K. McCrim30
The orchids of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands = Las orquideas de Puerto Rico y las Islas Virgenes30
The Prophets. By Joseph Dheilly, translation by Rachel Attwater, Deuteronomic history30
The relations between husbands' criticism and wives' trait and state self-esteem30
The Relationship between personality factors, preference of goal structure .., Managing the public's interests: a results-oriented approach25
The search for meaning [by] Thomas H. Naylor, William H. Willimon & Magdalena R. Naylor part 230
The Word of God ... sharper than any two-edged sword. Hebrews 4:1230
To him I owe. w & m Lindy Janes, pseud. of Rae Jenkins, Eric Wilson-Hyde & Leonard Morris30
Truth, myth, and symbol. By Thomas J. J. Altizer, William A. Beardslee, J. Harvey Young30
Ukulele Ike (Cliff Edwards) collection for the ukulele. No. 2. Arr. Miller Music Corporation, employer for hire of Cliff Edwards30
What does it mean that Jesus is a Jew? Jesus the Jew, Israel and the Palestinians part 230
What impact will personal position location technology have upon the management and administration of mid-sized law enforcement organization by the year 2000? part 230
When in doubt, lead! pt. 3; the leader's guide to a focused and empowered workforce. By Dennis Compton30
When someone you love suffers from depression or mental illness, Gifted hands, One day I'll find you & 11 other titles30
Where the spirit of the Lord is .., Isaiah, The Book of Daniel28
William Sheppard, Congo's African American Livingstone, Cremation concerns, Genesis and gender25
With wings as eagles. By Helen Chappell White, If music be the food of love, Holy terror30
You look at a boy, and it's all there--right out front. You look at yourself, and what do you see?30
Youth ministry and beliefs and values among 10- to 19-year-old students in the Seventh-day Adventist school system in North America30
Zondervan illustrated Bible backgrounds commentary, Galatians, The Slide. m Dave Garland27
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