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A comparative investigation of leadership style in southern Arizona elementary school principals based upon socioeconomic context in the school community30
A Complete guide to the six New England States including Cape Code and the coastal islands, telling you what to see, what to do, where to go, how to get there, how much to pay. Text: Harlan Logan & Andrew H. Hepburn part 430
A Computational theory of human linguistic .., In the wrong hands, Whiskey mornin'30
A Continuing education course in Preventive medicine, Common plants of the mid-Atlantic coast30
A dynamic comparison between computer-based instruction and traditional methods of instruction as applied to teaching digital circuit analysis30
After the gold rush & 31 other titles, Your love again, Yonder stands the sinner30
Alabama Civil Rights Era photography of Joseph M. Chapman, [Jesus loves me handbag stationery set]22
Allen's office guide of the metropolitan Phoenix area, MLN, I can't believe my eyes21
A Longitudinal follow-up of high school graduates and their evaluation of the .30
Alternative assessment for Tomorrow, when the war began [by] John Marsden, Take off28
American English sound acquisition program for the non-native speaker30
A model of psychological adjustment for children and adolescents with cancer, Energy dialog30
An account of a spiritual awakening process compared to Roberto Assagioli's definition and stages of the spiritual awakening process27
Analysis, modeling, and control of three-phase, four-wire UPS style sinewave inverters for unbalanced/non-linear loads part 230
Analysis of the fiscal year 1997 defense budget request with historical defense budget tables30
Analytical and experimental control of Horton-Rogers-lapwood convection, I opened a bottle of memories23
An analysis of the perceptions of school volunteer programs in three suburban St. Louis elementary schools30
An analysis of university-level general education courses in the visual arts, Re-mapping transborder environmental governance30
Anatomy and biomechanics of the back, and preventing back pain, The Pig who could conjure the wind30
An Evaluation of the effects of a time management training program on work efficiency28
An Introduction to home-equity-loan-securities, Master Flagg, Waiting for snow30
An investigation and measurement on the effectiveness of adding continuous quality improvement problem-solving teams to the assembly plant floor30
An investigation on the effect of aging and fatigue damage on the mechanical properties of a graphite/bismaleimide composite part 230
Annotations to the Model Procurement Code for state and local governments, with analytical summary of state enactments part 230
Antwerp in the age of reformation: underground protestantism in a commercial metropolis, 1550-1577. By Guido Marneff, 195930
A Photographic guide to the ethonographic North American Indian basket collection, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology30
A preliminary phonological sketch of Phu Kha, a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in northern Vietnam26
A provincial elite in early modern Tuscany family and power in the creation of the state30
A provincial elite in early modern Tuscany family and power in the creation of the state part 230
A provincial elite in early modern Tuscany family and power in the creation of the state part 430
A Reader's guide to the short stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Vladimir Nabokov, Adon Olom23
A research study concerning knowledge systems use and the relationships between perceived usefulness, intent to use and level of use30
A Stereotaxic atlas of the brain of the chick (Gallus domesticus), From Garden City to Green City30
A Stereotaxic atlas of the brain of the chick (Gallus domesticus), The Speakers of the U. S. House of Representatives30
A study of non-English-speaking Russian immigrant students in a Jewish independent school30
A Study of the correlation of nutritional adequacy and academic achievement in an elementary school population30
A Study of the overt classroom behavior of public and nonpublic seventh .., Still stands time28
Attitudes of the Texas film industry toward film studies curriculum in Texas institutions of .28
Auto-primer in computer programming for the IBM 1620 in Fortran. By Doris R. Entwisle, William H. Huggins & Rudolf E. Kalman30
A Visual directory of the state campgrounds of New Hampshire, Rough cuts, Tim Casey--demo tape number 128
A worship guide for the season of Advent for the adult choir of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Sioux Falls, South Dakota22
Balmoral-Gage-model: no. 1-3. By Larry Gage, 1935, A Computer simulated nuclear physics laboratory30
Base metal deposits North and South America, gold deposits South and Central America30
Bench testing of industrial fluid lubrication and wear properties used in machinery applications part 230
Black power in the belly of the beast, Black power, Love wise30
Books of the brave: being an account of books and of men in Spanish conquest and settlement of the sixteenth-century New World28
Bulletin of the history of medicine, The Lion and the unicorn, American journal of mathematics17
[Career guidance in trades, services and technologies combined self-scoring answer sheet and profile] part 230
CEO/ by Gene Brown ; illustrated by Henry Martin ; produced by Philip Lief and John Boswell ; [designed by Giorgetta Bell McRee]30
Characterization of tetracycline resistance plasmids in staphylococci, Trance dance--world future30
Club Managers Association of America, 1927-2002, celebrating seventy-five years of service part 330
Colonial Texcoco--a province in the Valley of Mexico, 1570-1630, Oven grill concerto25
Complete work of songs written by Fred T. Morgan, 1978-1985. Vol. I. By Fred Thomas Morgan30
Contributions from practical problem-solving ability, memory locus of control, and memory self-efficacy to memory performance for American-born and Russian-speaking elderly30
County court records of Accomack-Northampton, Virginia, 1632-1640. By Susie May Ames30
Cults, territory, and the origins of the Greek city-state, L'homme devant la mort26
Degree of receptive and expressive language impairment and related difficulties in social competence, self-concept and self-regulatory behavior part 330
Demonstrating reading comprehension through the written response, Overlord slordmon25
Descriptions and illustrations of sample correction overlays for assessment tests of Macmillan reading series-R and Description and illustration of a sample overlay for pages of Macmillan mathematics consummable textbook30
Designing archival programs to advance knowledge in the health fields, Amish society30
Designing archival programs to advance knowledge in the health fields, Constituting federal sovereignty30
Devotions of a painter & 1 other title; periodical contributions, The Venetian vespers29
Diagnostic procedures for viral, rickettsial, and chlamydial infections, Ethics on call17
Diet Riot; television game show concept. Created by Charles A. Cino, 1958-, and James R. MacDonald, 194630
Distaff diplomacy: the Empress Eugenie and the foreign policy of the Second Empire28
Distribution, abundance, and food habits of the Dungeness crab, .., Held hostage27
Doing things for others. New w & adaptation of public domain melody: Evelyn Britt30
Drama and commitment; politics in the American theatre of the thirties. By Gerald Rabkin20
Economic change and political liberalization in Sub-Saharan Africa, Uneasy balance30
Effective database design for geoscience professionals, Kid stuff, Massachusetts Superior Court civil practice forms30
Effects of a leisure education program on attitudes of adolescent male delinquents toward leisure, alcohol, and drug use30
Effects of experience, attitude, and response cost on clinician diagnostic sensitivity, response bias, and confidence part 230
Einstein: his life and times. By Philipp Frank, translator: George Rosen, editor: Suichi Kusaka30
Emergency medicine clinics of North America, Asphalt 101, A fare to remember25
Entrepreneurial initiatives at public liberal arts and general baccalaureate colleges30
Epinician odes and dithyrambs of Bacchylides, A crown for the king, Poster30
Essay on the confederate tribes (al-Ahzab, Surah 33, al-Qur'an/Riyadh edition), Jacobia: tripsychedigitalism30
Essential skills training for the 21st century warrior, The Collective works of Dave Keefer30
ETA's Primary metric activity cards ; E T A's Intermediate metric activity cards30
Fables, sermonettes, and parables by the Stricker in English translation, Never heard of this25
Field guide to butterflies of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Valley regions21
Food for thought, selected recipes and keepsake from my lifetime collection part 330
French and School of Paris paintings in the Yale University Art Gallery, Yale French studies27
Gender, taste and material culture in Britain and North America, 1700-1830, History's locomotives30
Gender, taste and material culture in Britain and North America, 1700-1830, The Yale journal of criticism28
Gothic style architecture and interiors from the eighteenth century to the present27
Graduate theses and dissertations in English as a second language, 1977-78/ Stephen Cooper ; prepared by E R I C Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics30
Hebrew poetic devices in the Greek text of the Psalms of Solomon, Volume II of the music of Robert Henry Blackburn30
Henry R. Luce and the rise of the American news media, Same time, same station, Warriors in the wasteland23
Higher education executives' responses to the 2002 National Survey of Higher Education Alliance Strategy and Practice30
Higher education executives' responses to the 2002 National Survey of Higher Education Alliance Strategy and Practice part 330
Hiram Powers and William Rimmer, a study in the concept of expression, A multi-site case study involving ten police foundations30
Histories of the families of James and Martha Crawford and John and Isabella Whitesides part 330
Homelessness: abstracts of the psychological and behavioral literature, 1967-1990. By American Psychological Association28
How to play and win at foosball, A House divided, Even on Sunday29
How to use the McClellan case history form and suggestions for inducing clients to quit smoking with just one session of hypnosis30
Hungering for America ; Italian, Irish, and Jewish foodways in the age of migration30
Illuminating Leviticus: a study of its laws and institutions in the light of biblical narratives30
Illuminating Leviticus: a study of its laws and institutions in the light of biblical narratives part 230
Illuminating Leviticus: a study of its laws and institutions in the light of biblical narratives part 330
Illustrated sketches of Death Valley and other borax deserts of the Pacific coast part 230
I'ma working man. w & m Frank L. Webb, 1927-, & John L. Clendening, 1959, Let's draw with Frank Webb22
Impact of Georgia's college preparatory curriculum on academic success at Gainesville College30
Instructor's guide and test manual for use with Adapting early childhood curricula30
Instructor's manual for Interpersonal communication and conflict management learning strategies30
Instructor's manual to accompany Direct marketing, Fifteenth-century studies, Progress into the past30
Instructor's manual to accompany Introduction to maternity and pediatric nursing, second edition [by] Eleanor Dumont Thompson part 330
Instructor's manual to accompany Nonverbal communication in human interaction, fourth edition26
Instructor's manual to accompany Twenty questions for the writer, sixth edition by Jacqueline Berke30
Instructor's manual with solutions and test items for Statistics, One dimensional27
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany The Cultural landscape, an introduction to human geography30
Instructor's supplement, Communication for the business and professional speaker [by] Randall Capps, Carley H. Dodd, Larry James Winn part 230
Interactions, relationships, and productivity of school based .., Metaphysics as morals30
Interpretation of hydrographic features in the waters off Cape Cod, Rabun County27
Investigations of flame chemistry through measurements of combustion gases in steady and acoustically forced laboratory scale flames21
Is it cheating if I'm playing by your rules? Co-writer: C. Monk, How the West was lost23
James G. Vances's [sic] Rockin' away on rockin' chair pay, Kings in disguise, Billy boy collection28
Jericho. Style no. 187R, Tremor, Baker30
Justice Antonin Scalia and the conservative revival, Goodbye 2002, S. Giacomo Dall'Orio30
Kennedy Institute of Ethics journal, SAIS review, Journal of democracy19
La Grande Mademoiselle at the Court of France, 1627-1693, Volcanology, Igneous petrology30
Leadership styles and principal support of the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Program in a metropolitan school district30
Li Chi, book of rites: an encyclopedia of ancient ceremonial usages, religious creeds and social institutions30
Light and thunder ; Crossroads ; Learning to love ; Beside you, Healing heart30
Major problems in the history of American medicine and public health, In the public interest26
Manzoni and tragedy. an English translation and a critical assessment of "Adelchi" and "Carmagnola."30
Materials for the study of variation treated with especial regard to discontinuity in the origin of species30
Maureen Birnbaum on the art of war (as told to Bitsy Spiegelman Fein), Dirty tricks30
Meaning and motivation in pro-life direct action, The house by the side of the road27
Medicare prospective payment and the shaping of US health care, The Emily Dickinson journal30
Men are only boys (with bigger toys), Enough to go around, She's good for my heart23
Merry Mary. For solo voice & piano. Words & music: Carl Byron Bowman, Ballad for French horn and band22
Mes galeries et mes peintres. By Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, entretiens avec Francis Cremieux27
Michigan guide to Internet service providers, Not for love alone, Dark purpose28
Moments of truth: vol. 1, Excerpts from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam30
Musical terminology in J.-P. Rameau's "Traite de l'harmonie", The pirate, The great turtle race30
My life in Bellevue. By Salvatore R. Cutolo, with Arthur Gelb and Barbara Gelb, Winter26
Narrative of a five years expedition against the revolted Negroes of Surinam, A Mother's fight to learn how her son died30
Natural acts, a sidelong view of science and nature, Killer algae, The Alfred Russel Wallace reader25
Newsstand rock (exposition) Master. From album The resignation, Intro, VCG III30
Nineteenth-century fiction continuing the Trollopian: a journal of Victorian fiction. Vol. 6, no. 1, June 195127
Occupational and stress intervention services: participant's manual, Mount Whitney30
One hundred and fifty-one owl caricatures, But I've got Texas, Texas funeral28
"On second thought" and other essays in the history of medicine and science, Saving Molly30
"On second thought" and other essays in the history of medicine and science, Universalism in New York City30
On what authority is this being done? Tuberculosis control, poverty and coercion in Seattle, 1909-197330
PalTrack asset tracking system (ATS) transmitter firmware, Utopia and authority, Latitud[e] 2630
Parental use of techniques taught in "Make parenting a pleasure", Finding ways to pay for care30
Parish communities and religious conflict in the vale of Gloucester, 1590-1690, The strains of economic growth30
Performing arts, identity, and the construction of place in three Balinese transmigration settlements part 224
Perspectives on friendship and their relevance for pastoral ministry30
Pioneer conservationists of Western America, Alvar Nunez Cabeza DeVaca, James Welch22
Population genetics and transcriptional evolution of genes with male-biased expression in Drosophila30
Proceedings, A W W A Seminar on Organic Chemical Contaminants in Groundwater--Transport and Removal30
Prodigal sons and daughters of Job30
Purchase one 6-ft household extension and you can get a 9-ft extension at the same price30
Reflections by the writers workshop of the John T. O'Connor Senior Center, Knoxville, Tennessee, 200030
Reflections of the first one hundred years of Our Savior's Lutheran Church at South Rush River part 230
Reflet d'automne. Sur les motifs de la chanson de Roger Vaysse, music: Antonio Tedeschi & Edouard Alexandre Dory30
Refractive keratotomy for myopia and astigmatism, We've become friends, Worthy of Thy name30
Regional antineoplastic drug delivery in the management of malignant disease, Exporting democracy30
Reliability and validity analysis of the Texas teacher appraisal .., Ten tips for academic success29
Religion and social work practice in contemporary American society, Abundance of life30
Renald Rap's Rambling with Renald Rap, Drawing blood bear, Raymond on campus28
Revised and expanded proceedings of the ... Annual Hyman Blumberg Symposium on Research in Early Childhood Education30
Revised and expanded proceedings of the ... Annual Hyman Blumberg Symposium on Research in Early Childhood Education part 230
Revised and expanded proceedings of the ... Annual Hyman Blumberg Symposium on Research in Early Childhood Education part 326
Rock Creek Park. From album City life/unfinished business, Dabrowski's house, Minor Keith30
Rural and urban differences in people living with HIV/AIDS and their caregivers, Cartoonist at large30
Safety by Design safety kit, childproofing guide/mail order catalog, Indoor air pollution27
Second and last pages (of a five page letter) from Ezra Pound to William Carlos Williams as published in William Carlos Williams, poet from Jersey. By Reed Whittemore part 230
Second coming (poster) KK100309 (1972) part 330
Seventeen (silent film) LP9422 (1916), Miss Susie Slagle's, Souls at sea30
Si hay confusion & Mis sentimientos remixes, Loco de amor, No puedo mas30
Slavery in the circuit of sugar, Martinique and the world economy, 1830-1848, "Acting-in" and "acting-out"30
Software for CNC painting, extrusion cutting, extrusion bending and welding, and routing machines, version 1 part 326
Stage fright in music performance and its relationship to the unconscious30
State medical boards and the politics of public protection, Modernism and the problem of the self30
State medical boards and the politics of public protection, Venus envy, Making the moments count30
Strictly business (single version) ; A good woman's hard to find (album version)30
Studies on the comparative ethology of digger wasps of the genus Bembix. By Howard E. Evans30
Study manual to accompany Vander-Sherman-Luciano Human physiology, sixth edition30
Subjects and sources for research writing. Second series. By Raymond W. Short and Robert DeMaria27
Sweedle-dee-deet. By Kimberly Lynn Wuletich a.k.a. Kim Bond, & Don O'Neil Wilson. (In Kim Bond demo no. 1) part 230
Sylloge of the United States holdings in the national numismatic collection of the Smithsonian Institution part 330
Systematics of a species complex in the deep-sea genus Eurycope, with a revision of six previously described species (Crustacea, Isopoda, Eurycopidae) part 430
Talbot County, MD, Caroline County telephone directory, July 1996-June 1997, Newspapers of Maryland's Eastern Shore30
Test program and key steps to solutions for even-numbered problems to accompany Understandable statistics, concepts and methods, second edition30
The beginnings of bridal-quest narrative in medieval German and Scandinavian literature part 330
The Bloomer girl doll, representing Julia Archibald Holmes, first white woman to climb Pike's Peak, 1858; fabricated doll. By Agnes Wright Spring21
The Braggart soldier; a play. By Titus Maccius Plautus, English translation: Erick Segal30
The Charterhouse of Parma. By Stendhal, pseud. of Marie Henri Beyle, translation from the French language for a new introd.: Lowell Bair part 230
The comic world of Peter Arno, William Steig, Charles Addams, and Saul Steinberg30
The comic world of Peter Arno, William Steig, Charles Addams, and Saul Steinberg part 230
The Contribution of architectural writers to a "scientific" outlook in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries24
The Defense statement of Ahmad 'Urabi the Egyptian, The lost tomb, A leaner America22
The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad in the twentieth century, 1899-196030
The descendants of Robert, Senior and his wife, Sarah Morrison, Rocky River settlement, North Carolina27
The Effect of three performance expectation structures on influence potential, coordination .30
The Effects of ethnic studies on the attitudes and concepts of community-college students30
The Effects on income distribution and nutrition of alternative rice price policies in Thailand30
The endangered species sculpture garden, Windflames in the sky, Wind the city30
The enforceability of mandatory arbitration and mediation provisions for professional liability claims in agreements between patients and hospitals30
The ethics of coercion in mass casualty medicine, Arethusa, Diacritics21
The eucalyptus, a natural and commercial history of the gum tree, Hobart Weldworld23
The Everything you wanted to know about ceiling fans, but no one would or could tell you booklet30
The fundamentals of recovery from chemical dependency ; The ABCs of recovery from chemical dependency30
The Grand Canyon "north rim" Zion & Bryce Canyon, Whales songs, Stag party30
The great stink of Paris and the nineteenth-century struggle againstfilth and germs30
The Historical development of experimental brain and spinal cord physiology before Flourens30
The Historical development of experimental brain and spinal cord physiology before Flourens part 230
The Immigrant. By Elcon Pictures Corporation & Wellmax Film Corporation30
The Influence of a heated effluent, season, and fish size on the .., Emotional connection30
The institutional history of the Hirshhhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, 1965-197430
The instructions and definitions for the black (African-American) Creole, The Breads of France30
The Johns Hopkins pediatric substance abuse curriculum manual, Hollyhocks, lambs, and other passions30
The Johns Hopkins pediatric substance abuse curriculum manual, The Case of California30
The Journal of general physiology. Vol. 42, no. 1, Sept. 20, 1958, Two great scientists of the nineteenth century26
The Journal of Oliver Rouse, Anglican missionary in Newfoundland, Attitude, I can't drive this road no more30
The perceptions and practices of selected high school teachers in special admission schools regarding writing across the curriculum part 229
The Persian Gulf crisis--power in the post-cold war world, Gentle river, If I've done you wrong30
The primary care physician's guide to common psychiatric and neurologic problems30
The primary care physician's guide to common psychiatric and neurologic problems part 230
The primary care physician's guide to common psychiatric and neurologic problems part 330
The primary care physician's guide to common psychiatric and neurologic problems part 430
The proceedings of the Twentieth world congress of philosophy, Miss Inspector, Escaping the past26
The Proposal to Wilson Sporting Goods Company in support of the Wilson Junior Golf Foundation and the prostaff ball promotion30
The Puffin. For voice & piano (medium in C) Text by Florence Page Jacques, music: Barbara Stein30
The Reasoned case for a provable metaphysics, The course of industrial decline, All the modern conveniences27
The Relation between international politics and domestic politics, Hoosier daddy special of the day30
The Relationship of sexual disturbances, gender of the examiner, and .., That look24
The Roads and highways of Israel during the Iron Age, The force, Shadows of death26
The stories of Stephen Dixon, Prolog, Conclusions30
The Tie that binds, a layman's guide to family development, No heroes, Easy to walk away30
The university-level academic success of missionary kids educated in second-language host country national schools30
The Venetians. (The seafarers) TX 541-902 (1980)30
The writings of Minnie R. Taylor ; Treasures from the heart30
Transformation of an appetitive C S into an aversive C S and its implications for mediation .30
Understanding and training your cat or kitten, Playas' ball, In all good conscience27
United States foreign policy decision-making in Arab-Israeli crises, Midnight symphony30
Upstarts and broken hearts ; Devil's brigade ; Curse of a fallen soul ; The only road30
Using the providing learning opportunities for talented readers (PLOT-R) project to increass achievemnt, fluency, and enjoyment in reading in grades K-330
What do Presbyterians believe? The Westminster Confession yesterday and today, Production, work, territory30
What is Darwinism?, and other writings on science and religion, The Bible in America30
[Winslow Homer, the Adirondack years, and other contributions], Grand Central, The Works of Arthur Schnitzler as an index of cultural change27
Yelling, & screaming, stumping, hollering political social poetry, Reinhold Niebuhr. By Nathan A. Scott, Jr30
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