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222 secrets of hiring, managing, and retaining great employees in healthcare practices30
AACN protocols for practice, palliative care and end-of-life issues in critical care30
A chronicle of events that indicate racism in the Halifax County Board of Commissioners and the Halifax County School Board between 1980 and 199030
A comprehensive occupational health program to service the community and impact positively on profitability30
African American's contributions to America. Compiled by Robert L. Jennings; illustrated by Carolyn Y. Williams part 330
American Society for Healthcare Risk Management affiliated chapters, Hospitals, Trustee26
Andrew Fry (circa 1765-1842), his wife Eve, and some of their descendants with notes on allied families, also Jacob Frederick (-1806), his wife Elizabeth, and some records of Franklin County, Pennsylvania30
An evaluation of the effects of the "Nurture for Baptists Churches Program" as a pedagogical ministry for the black, educated, young adult woman30
An Intermediate and advanced update on I B M's systems network architecture (SNA) & an introduction to I B M's systems application architecture (SAA)30
A Practical guide to the Occupational safety & health act: law, principles & practices30
A Survey of accountants' views on the desirability and method of inflation accounting part 230
Business concepts for chemists and chemical engineers, Management princples, Developing employee performance23
Case studies in oncology for the house officer, Quibits, Liberal reform in an illiberal regime30
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the formal Avataric divine teaching work of the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj part 330
Chiropractic education, embryology, anatomy & physiology in an entertaining adventure novel format part 230
Citizens' energy directory /edited by Jan Simpson ; based on questionnaires prepared by Ken Bossong, Alan Okagaki and Ron Okagaki ; cover art by Tom Chalkley part 227
Codebusters coding connection: guide for compliance & 511 other titles. (Part 001 of 002)30
Core curriculum, freshman and sophomore years, revised 1983, of the Norman and Sadie Lee College of the University of Judaism part 230
Crime prevention programs for the elderly, fear of crime, security consciousness, and vicarious victimization part 230
Cumberland technical services health services system, version 1.0, The gay and lesbian market, June 200030
Delauney's dilemma & 5 other titles, St. Moritz, Corinth30
Development of a competency screening test for the mentally retarded defendant, Fertility technology30
Efectos del raloxifeno sobre la densidad mineral osea, las concentraciones sericas de colesterol y el endometrio en mujeres posmenopausicas30
Effective management strategies when incorporating curanderismo into a mainstream mental health system26
Estimating the prevalence of lead exposure among western Massachusetts construction workers30
Factors that affect family reunification of African-American birth mothers and their children placed in kinship care part 330
Fifty-four years of change in the stand structure and species composition of rainforests in the western ghats of India30
General chemistry, fourth edition [by] Hill, Petrucci, McCreary, Perry ; Selected solutions manual part 330
Giving voice to the learning experiences of adults participating in a community-based multicultural immersion program30
Health promotion & education research methods using the five-chapter thesis/dissertation model30
Health promotion & education research methods using the five-chapter thesis/dissertation model part 330
Here it is, real estate tips for low and moderate income homebuyers, Quilting small and simple30
How's my heartache treating you? w & m Jay Morton Harris & Eric Leiser, The Complete book of fly tying30
I. Fabrication of microfluidic channel systems and components in poly(dimethylsiloxane) II. analysis of reactions of proteins using charge ladders and capillary electrophoresis30
Instructional packet for the student pagemaker program with introductory materials for using newspapers in the classroom25
Instructor's guide for Mathematics and its applications to management, life, and social sciences with finite and discrete mathematics by Cozzens and Porter part 230
Instructor's guide for use with the seventh edition of Fundamentals of nursing, by LuVerne Wolff, Marlene Weitzel, Ruth Ann Zornow, and Helen Zsohar30
Instructor's manual for Blonna and Levitan's Healthy sexuality [by] Richard Blonna, Jean Levitan30
Instructor's manual for Community health education, settings, roles, and skills for the 21st century, fourth edition part 230
Instructor's manual for Improving quality, a guide to effective programs, second edition30
Instructor's manual to accompany Concepts of athletic training, second edition, Concepts of athletic training30
Instructor's manual to accompany Financial management for nurse managers and executives29
Instructor's manual to accompany Humankind emerging, second edition [by] Bernard G. Campbell, editor30
Instructor's resource manual to accompany Business, government, and society, The Standard Basic dictionary for programming28
Instructor's resource manual with transparency masters to accompany Management and leadership for nurse managers, second edition part 230
Internal medicine medical student USMLE board, Getting into medical school today30
Investigation of a three value technique for predicting health care facility minimum income probability distributions part 230
Jazz instrumentalist accreditation program practice and audition CD, Biology: the unity of life30
Johann Gottfried Walther: six concertos after Italian masters. Sound recording: Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc30
KSQSH, program to create the squash/unsquash tables for use by switch communications interface program K3000 and related programs30
La Theorie des groupes finis et continus et la geometrie differentielle traites par la methode du repere mobile. By Elie Cartan30
Legal boundaries of the practice of registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, nurse's aides and medical assistants part 430
L'indicateur de types psychologiques Myers-Briggs rapport explicatif pour les organisations part 230
Long-term care facilities and facility programs in Camden County and their utilization, 1993-1994 part 230
Making a stand ; Unconditional love ; All for you ... [et al.], Missing link, Lady in a box30
Making the decision: the cancer patient's gde clinical trls, Online EMTB 8E student review manual & 167 other titles30
Management accounting [by] Anthony A. Atkinson, Rajiv D. Banker, Robert S. Kaplan, S. Mark Young part 330
Management & leadership in nursing management, Genetics of populations, The cancer jrnl 3-230
Maternal and infant assessment for breastfeeding and human lactation, a guide for the practitioner part 228
Maternal & infant assess for breastfeeding & human l .., Astronomy: a journey into science & 117 other titles30
Molecular evolution of the period locus and evolution of courtship song in the Drosophila willistoni sibling species30
Nurse-patient perception of stressors associated with coronary artery bypass surgery part 227
Official guide to undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. By National League for Nursing part 530
On the convergence of ergodic averages over zero density sequences in topological dynamics30
Pathways to upper Canada ; a history of the antecedents and family of Archibald Cameron Wilson part 330
Perceived liability and risk management trends and issues impacting the delivery of recreational sports programs in the 21st century. By Sarah J. Young25
Personal transformation, self help through surrender into the spiritual dimension30
Physical controls on the formation of convolute lamination in Ouachita flysch sequences of Arkansas and Oklahoma part 230
Population biology, residency status, and management of bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, in the Eastern Bay and Choptank River areas of Chesapeake Bay30
Practical applications for basic and advanced concepts in tonal music theory and consonant harmony as the fundamentals of proficiency development and improvement in the art of music composition and performance made easy30
Pragmatism and the political economy of cultural revolution, 1850-1940, Somethin' on my mind30
Prentice Hall health review manual for the EMT-paramedic self-assessment exam prep26
Provenance and sedimentology of Upper Cretaceous conglomerates in the Santa Ynez Mountains and their implications on the Tectonic development of the western transverse ranges, Southern California30
Provider characteristics and managed care/competition environmental factors associated with hospital use of costing systems26
Public health context of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemic among African-born persons in Minnesota30
Recommendations for collection, storage, and handling of a mother's milk for her own infant in the hospital setting part 330
Rules and instructions for the all new game called "You can win with Jesus," or be a loser with Satan28
Rural rescue & emergency care 02109 & 162 other titles; books, A first course in complex variables with applicati .30
Stand up math (a primer in math classroom management and motivation), Offline, Aunt Susie's Kitchen30
State by state laws & regulations on workers compensation management 99, When violence erupts30
Study guide to accompany Introduction to general, organic & biochemistry, sixth edition [by] Bettelheim, Brown, March25
Summer sessions in colleges and universities, The Open, Thank a woman from the past30
Support for the death penalty, death certification, and systematic bias, Camp Tanglefoot30
Synergy for clinical excellence, the AACN synergy model for patient care, Leadership guide for board presidents and committee chairpersons30
Teaching notes for Debtors and creditors, cases and materials, third edition, Diagnostic radiology for the house officer30
Test bank to accompany Health and wellness, fifth edition, [by] Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty, Kelli McCormack Brown30
Test item supplement for Intro to Pascal and structured design By Nell Dale & David Orshalick30
The Comparison of the effect of two sex education models for families .., Organic syntheses28
The Complete commercial driver's license training program, White is not the color of my skin30
The crystal structures of xenobiotic reductase a and b from pseudomonas putida ii-b and pseudomonas fluorescens i-c30
The development of a design for a program to increase educational success of at-risk adult students at Rappahannock Community College30
The Effect of class size, scheduling patterns, and curricular content on physical fitness achievement and attitude toward physical activity part 330
The effects of nitrogen, chlormequat, and cultivar on yield and yield components and dry matter accumulation of soft red winter wheat30
The effects of nurses practicing the hearttouch technique on hardiness, spiritual well-being, and perceived stress26
The Effects on children's (K-6) test anxiety, attention span, oral reading rate .30
The expectant mother's guide to presciption and non-prescription drugs, vitamins, home remedies and herbal products part 330
The institutionalization of service-learning as a pedagogical tool for campus engagement at public versus private higher education institutions30
The little black book; motion picture. Pt. 130
The little black book on law firm branding and positioning for small to mid-size law firms30
The pediatric emergency medicine resource. By Marianne Gaushe-Hill, Susan Fuchs, Loren Yamamoto. 4th ed part 225
The Preparedness of the public school districts of Ohio with regard to emergency care programs .25
The quality solution, the stakeholder's guide to improving health care, Songs by D. K. Nash30
The Relationship between the teachers' self-concepts and pupils' perception of teacher effectiveness part 330
The Use of operant multivariate typing with the Fishbein attitude model in .., Glorify his name30
Tripletail Ventures, Inc. website text and audiovisual material, How to mind-read your customers29
User's manual for the Control Data Corporation (C D C) cyber computer system interactive and batch Basic, Fortran, and Cobol30
Using differential item functioning analysis to determine differential interpretations of survey questions part 230
What women should know about chronic infections and sexually transmitted diseases29
What you need most (I do best of all) w & m Dennis Edwards, Otis Damon Harris (a.k.a. Damon Harris), Richard Street, Otis Williams, David M. English30
Workers' compensation experience modification tentative calculation, The other British Isles30
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