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100 questions & answers about cancer symptoms and cancer treatment side effects, Aquatic rescue professional30
A Chronological study of the Greek imperial coinage of Athens based on the .., Service discovery by automated structural and semantic matching30
A comparative analysis of the effects of post-shooting trauma on special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation part 330
A comparison of reading comprehension in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, with and without the effects of stimulant medication26
Analysis of the implementation of the Grundtvigian folk highschool ideal within three provincial Grundtvigian Ginlandssvensk folk highschools in pre-independence Finland30
An Analysis of the influence of personality type on the choice of pass-fail grades, not pass-fail .29
Anatomy and physiology laboratory manual, intermediate, CAT version to accompany Joan G. Creager's Human anatomy and physiology part 230
An executive design process for transforming a client strategy into a building design27
A study of Internet listservs as post-teleconference support to faculty at community colleges and two-year institutions30
A Study of the stated preferences of sixth, seventh, and eigth grade .., Cell biology30
A study to explore and describe the personal meanings adults attach to their intramural softball participation in selected colleges and universities in central Ohio part 230
Bloodborne pathogens: protection in the educational environment, PPE and employee medical & exposure records update workshop27
Bone marrow image segmentation and activity quantitation for radionuclide therapy30
Buying your vacation home for fun & profit, Scuba diving & snorkeling for dummies28
C and C++ supplement to accompany Concepts in data structures and software development, [by] G. Michael Schneider, Steven C. Bruell25
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the formal Avataric divine teaching work of the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj part 230
Child care provider (user information system, version 2), That ain't how I write30
Chronic illness in the United States. Vol. 4: chronic illness in a large city, the Baltimore study. By Commission on Chronic Illness, edited by Lucile M. Smith and Dean V. Roberts30
Collaborative learning in the college writing workshop, Soyfoods cookery, The dietician's guide to vegetarian diets30
Collaborative peer group writing of persuasive essays by fifteen eighth-grade students29
Computer architecture for parallel execution of high-level language programs, Dextrous robot hands30
Contemporary issues in the management of allergic upper respiratory disorders in the American worker part 230
Cosmic view: the universe in 40 jumps & 1 other title; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. 78 2285 RF (K) filed 14Jun78 in Central District of California, Los Angeles)30
Desk reference manual and quick reference index of the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda30
Differential equations with boundary value problems, second edition [by] Polking, Boggess, Arnold part 230
Do the right thing (and then the left) club30
Drumset basics for the beginner & breaking it down--some basic Latin rhythms, Trees of southern Oregon30
Effects of a structured teaching program for cancer patients .., Cancer nursing research30
EG-MM-DB manual of simplified coding of manufacturing engineering control of quality, cost, and quantity values24
Experimental techniques in the dynamics of deformable solids23
Family life patterns in realistic fiction for preadolescents from 1969 to .., Family life part 230
Fill-in-the-blank Bible fun, includes a riddle for every lesson, grades 4-6, If tomorrow never come30
Gardening in the upper Midwest/ by Leon C. Snyder, General genetics, Study guide for Molecular biology, 2nd edition27
Health and wellness programs comprehensive tracking plan30
Health promotion & education research methods using the five-chapter thesis/dissertation model part 230
Industrial Fire Protection Section of the National Fire Protection Association news bulletin part 230
Instructor's manual by Larry Synal for Human nutrition and diet therapy by Y. H. Hui30
Instructor's manual, test bank to accompany Medical dosage calculations, sixth edition30
Instructor's manual with answers to even-numbered problems and selected solutions to acompany Statistics, a tool for social research30
Instructor's manual with test item file--An introduction to the biology of marine life, fifth edition30
Instructor's resource manual and test bank for use with Drugs and society, second edition [by] Weldon L. Witters and Peter J. Venturelli30
Instructor's resource manual for Bloodborne pathogens, second edition, First aid30
Instructor's resource manual with testbank to accompany Managing stress, Managing stress25
Introduction to logic, eleventh edition [by] Irving M. Copi, Carl Cohen30
Laboratory experiences in exercise science, Jogging, Scientific basis of athletic conditioning26
Life and death in third grade/ written by Maureen A. Burns and Cara M. Burns ; illustrated by Mary B. Stek part 330
Macintosh Pascal supplement for Introduction to Pascal and structured design, second edition30
Management and leadership styles of American, Arab, and Southeast .., Economics for business30
Masterpieces in health care leadership, cases and analysis for best practice, The journal of perinatal education30
Mathematical methods for introductory physics with calculus, Basic genetics, Living with cystic fibrosis30
Motivating for alcohol reduction and medication management (MARMM), Golf legends of all time30
Myths, legends, and other oral tradition of the Huichol Indians from the Sierra del .30
New standards in advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) for the adult patient and pediatric ACLS algorithms30
NFPA 497 recommended practice for the classificatin of flammable liquids, gases, or vapors and of hazardous (classified) locations for electrical installations in chemical process areas part 330
Nursing assessment & intervention of clients having selected psychological problems30
Olsen Group, LLC, presents "Your owner's manual" to LIFE, Lessons in the fundamentals of excellence part 230
Oncology Nursing Society position paper on cancer pain, Cancer pain management, Comic categories in Wordsworth's art, 1798-181429
On the scene representing the red, black and green, Aggression focus, Rise of the gladiators29
Organic chemistry laboratory manual with waste management and molecular modeling part 330
Origin of eukaryotic cells ; evidence and research implications for a theory of the origin and evolution of microbial, plant, and animal cells on the Precambrian earth30
Perioperative nursing care of the patient receiving intravenous conscious sedation30
Perspectives of elementary school teachers concerning the link between mathematics taught in school and everyday mathematical practice part 230
Philosophical and theoretical perspectives for advanced nursing practice, Virtual optical becnch30
Physics for scientists and engineers, second edition [by] Paul M. Fishbane, Stephen Gasiorowicz, Stephen T. Thornton30
Prediction of first grade reading achievement using phonological processing skills and letter identification during fall and winter of kindergarten30
Prediction of oxygen consumption by pulmonary minute .., Essentials of oxygenation26
Principles and practice of the biologic therapy of cancer, The new mom's companion30
Programmed guide to accompany Swokowski's Calculus with analytic geometry, second alternate edition23
Psychiatric nursing for all programs that prepare students for registered nurse practice28
Recreation and leisure programming at the high school level for individuals with mild or moderate mental retardation30
Riding low on the streets of gold, Carpe diem, Peregrina30
Solutions manual to accompany The world of the cell, third edition, The World of the cell29
Stealing second base, a breast cancer survivor's experience and breast cancer expert's story30
St. Luke United Methodist Church, its community, and the churches of its circuits/charges30
Study guide to accompany Physics for scientists and engineers, third edition [by] Paul A. Tipler26
Test bank to accompany Health and wellness, fifth edition, [by] Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty, Kelli McCormack Brown part 230
Test bank to accompany Health and wellness, fifth edition, [by] Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty, Kelli McCormack Brown part 330
Test bank to accompany Health and wellness, fifth edition, [by] Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty, Kelli McCormack Brown part 430
Test bank to accompany Health and wellness, fifth edition, [by] Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty, Kelli McCormack Brown part 530
The 4 hundred and 20 assassins of Emir Abdullah-Harazins, Shooting skills inventory30
The Design and applications of a computer architecture utilizing a single control processor and an .30
The Effect of a multiple treatment program and maintenance procedures on smoking .30
The Effects of large-eddy manipulator devices on the turbulent spot and the .., Tsoga bafung (come alive)30
The environment: preserving the future: a critical analysis of the role of the United States in improving the global environment30
The influence of movement activities on achievement in melodic pitch discrimination and language arts reading readiness skills of selected kindergarten music classes30
The Nature of the echinoid hatching enzyme and the time of origin of its messenger-RNA30
Theory of computation for the real numbers and subrings of the real numbers following Blum/Shub/Smale30
The predictive ability and information content of revenue, operating margin, and operating income beyond aggregate earnings30
The roles of messenger RNA synthesis and messenger RNA decay in the regulation of gene expression during Toxoplasma gondii asexual development30
The System will spray the liquid in a mist between 1 to 1/2 inches, You're an angel30
The Therapeutic role of a structured life review process in the .., Bouquets, Blasting off, crashing down28
The Validity of lock-up agreements in bank acquistions and the role of target bank directors in connection with lock-up agreements part 230
Transparency masters to accompany Henry M. Walker's Introduction to computing and computer science with Pascal27
Women's health outcomes with social support from family, friends and companion dogs30
Women's health outcomes with social support from family, friends and companion dogs part 230
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