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A bibliography of the published works of Charles M. Russell. Compilers: Karl Yost & Frederic G. Renner30
Achieving balance, how to handle the stress of work & family life, Planning for wellness27
Activity book for pre-primers 1, 2, 3, At home, Here and near, Here and away. By Merle B. Karnes, Queenie B. Mills & William D. Sheldon part 230
A Cultivated vocabulary (and handbook of helpers) By James G. Powers, Physical geography: study guide26
Aerobic dancing management manual: Sept. 1981 update TX 1-002-003 (1982)29
A Field guide to inductive arguments By Kathleen D. Moore, Lost without you, Hard being country27
A guide to exploring African American adoption with practitioners and faith-based groups29
All's well that ends well. By William Shakespeare, text edited by Charles Jasper Sison, general editor & introd.: Francis Fergusson, commentary: Dell Publishing Company, Inc., as employer in a work made for hire of Dorothy Jeakins30
American democracy in theory & practice, essentials ed., rev. teacher's manual to accompany Carr/Berstein/Morrison30
American government; national, state, and local government, political theories and parties, administrative reorganization. By Wallace S. Sayre part 230
Ancient Rome. No. 13. By Roger Butterfield, illustrated by Peter Spier, author of renewable matter: Odyssey Press, Inc26
A New approach to reflection polarization problems with application to the microwave .30
Animal science biology & technology: physiology, application, tevaluation and industry--instructional resource guide28
An International overview of tax rates, tax incentives, government grant & loan programs in selected countries30
Applied speech communication workbook, The New, Man in the wasteland30
Asbestos abatement specifications for Coldwater Regional Mental Health Center, 620 Marshall Road, Coldwater, Michigan 49036 at Power Plant, 620 Marshall Road, Coldwater, Michigan 4903630
Attitudes toward the Middle Ages in French literature from the Age of Enlightenment .30
Audio tapes: important point review for New York real estate for salespersons, Oregon real estate finance30
Bang that beat & 25 other titles. Composed by Frederick B. Williams & co-composers as noted30
Barney of the Babe Ruth League. By Colin Lochlons, pseud. of Caary Paul Jackson, ill.: William Henry Hamilton, Jr26
Basic conversational French, fifth edition, key to laboratory manual and tape program part 230
Black and white cocker spaniel sitting in front of fire hydrant with sign thereon "Wet paint." Artist: Albert Staehle part 329
Blue dreams. By Jerry P. Caldwell, music: Alice Faye Swafford, Melinda, I just wanta be with you30
Blues, get off my shoulder. w & m Bobby Parker, London summer, Johnbe and the Bobkins29
Business mathematics; exercises, problems, and tests. Revisions and new material: R. Robert Rosenberg30
Cell biology: the molecular biology of fertilization, Basic cell biology26
Child abuse recognition education, medical associates redefining excellence (in the prevention of child abuse) (C.A.R.E. M.A.R.E.) Coloring and activity book advertisement30
China and Christianity; the missionary movement and the growth of Chinese antiforeignism, 1860-1870. By Paul Andrew Cohen30
Classic by design ; You're the girl in my dreams ; I feel the mood for love (comin' on) ... [et al.]28
Closeness; duets performed by Charlie Haden et al. Artist: Charlie Haden et al., sound recording: A&M Records, Inc30
Collection C of John C. Gutmann original sketches and work sheets (97) By Bessie Pease Gutmann30
College reading manual; for class and individual training. By Phillip B. Shaw and Agatha Townsend26
Combo arranging--how to arrange for jazz trios, quartets and quintets. Text & m Billy Taylor (William E. Taylor)30
Communities for better living; citizen achievement in organization, design and development. By James Dahir30
Comprehension and word analysis book for level 10, the Holt basic reading system tutorial program 230
Computer user's manual for OLILONG longitudinal cephalometric and occlusalgram analysis30
Contemporary health & fitness for the college student: how to survive fast food & parties30
Copella and the Martians; 20th century opera. w & m Joan Tratner, m arr. Giacomo Spadoni30
CranioSacral therapy, somatoemotional release your inner physician and you, Osteopathy26
Darling, I'll see you tonight. w & m Joseph Dixon, James Ingram, Robert Leverett, Robert Rimson & Michael Simmons30
Dell coloring book. No. 161. Drawings by Dell Publishing Company, Inc. and Western Printing and Lithographing Company, employers, Roberta Paflin, employee for hire30
Destination altitude. w & m by Steve Davis part 230
Developmental biology: a comprehensive synthesis, vol. 3, the cell surface in development and cancer part 230
Discoveries in science, to accompany You and your world. By Violet Strahler, Clifford R. Nelson, Paul F. Brandwein30
Discovery part 330
DNA--the basis of life, Ecology, Bacteria and virus30
Doing business in high risk countries: contract negotiation and dispute resolution part 330
Don't let time get away from you, White line fever, In search of academic success30
Draping laser systems for free-hand microscopic surgery, How did you do that?, Just throw it away30
Dressmakers of France; the who, how, and why of the French couture. By Mary Brooks Picken (Mary Brooks Picken Sumner) and Dora Loues Miller, layout and book design by Claire Valentine, drawings by Patricia Rowe Waters part 230
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