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2-D polynomial and rational matrices, and their applications for the modeling .30
30 megawatt--combined cycle cogeneration--R. D. F. and aquaculture facility, Levon for Newborn Associates30
A comparison of English as a foreign language, learning disabled, and regular class pupils on curriculum-based measures of reading and written expresssion and the pupil rating scale revised part 330
A Comparitive [sic] study of motor development in deaf children from both hearing and deaf parents30
A Critical edition of W. D. Howells' "My literary passions", Ray Bradbury and the poetics of reverie30
A Guide to contemporary Italian literature; from futurism to neorealism. Text: Sergio Pacifici, pref.: Thomas G. Bergin29
A history of the One Hundred and Seventeenth Regiment, NY Volunteers, (Fourth Oneida) from the date of its organization, August 1862 till that of its muster out, June 186530
A Lesson plan book for City mouse--country mouse and two more mouse tales from Aesop pictures by John Wallner part 230
A memoir of the last year of the War for Independence, in the Confederate States of America, containing an account of the operations of his commands in the years 1864 and 186530
And the wind keeps blowing gently through the corn, Two songs from the heart29
An Exploratory investigation of some effects of mergers on .., The reactivity of tetrathioperrhenate29
An exploratory study of leadership and organizational climate/culture of NCAA and NAIA finalists for the 1995-1996 Sears Directors' Cup part 230
An Investigation of the relationship among psychological types and health service team members' evaluations of themselves, their teams, and teammates28
An Investigation of the relationship of self-directed learning projects to progress in individuation30
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and A Horseman in the sky, Under the gallows. By Recorded Books30
Antique shops around the Mt. Mansfield area, northern Vermont & Lake Champlain islands, 200228
A school-based intervention to reduce the frequency of TICS in children with Tourette's Syndrome27
A study comparing two methods (teacher-directed skills and collaborative) of teaching reading comprehension to college reading improvement students in a CUNY four year college28
A study of a planned character education program in 9th grade literature classes in rural north Mississippi using "Romeo and Juliet" part 330
A survey of the perceptions of quality in human service organizations as determined by the Malcolm Baldrige national quality award criteria part 330
A Worksheet for the calculation of interdisciplinary salary differentials for professors28
Between heaven and modernity: the late Qing and early Republic (re) construction of Suzhou urban space26
Big brother and the national reading curriculum, Schools that work, Classrooms that work26
Biochemical and pharmacological evidence for multiple mu opiate .., A stabilized finite element formulation for multiphase fluid flows30
Boards of excellence produce organizations of excellence, Feet to the fire, The CIA's secret war in Tibet30
Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell's Fantasy calendar, 2003, Song for Tom, Roy, Trigger and me27
Brander Matthews, Theodore Roosevelt, and the politics of American literature, 1880-192030
Broken glass ; Blind date ; Darkest night ... [et al.]30
Chop, Chop, a giant yellow, peaceful fast traveling, multi-linguistic international turtle30
Collection overlap and diversity in the Illinois L C S (library computer .., Ore dust in her shoes28
Communications enhancements for the MSPARC monitoring system using a SCSI interface and a RISC microcontroller30
Company "A" Corps of Engineers, U.S.A., 1846-1848, in the Mexican War, Cleveland's transit vehicles30
Company "A" Corps of Engineers, U.S.A., 1846-1848, in the Mexican War, Mountain of a man30
Company "A" Corps of Engineers, U.S.A., 1846-1848, in the Mexican War, Portraits in steel30
Decentralization in the United States employment security service delivery system30
Design-a-pattern professional series charting programs, Reconstructing the classics26
Designed & signed '50s and '60s glass, ceramics, & enamel wares by Georges Briard, Sascha B., Bellaire, Higgins30
Discours de reception de Michel Mohrt a l'Academie francaise et reponse de Jean D'Ormesson29
Doran automated informational services for your gas & oil processing needs. By Doran & Associates, Inc., employer for hire of Charles R. Brown & F. William Golob30
Doran automated informational services for your gas & oil processing needs. By Doran & Associates, Inc., employer for hire of Charles R. Brown & F. William Golob part 230
Doran automated informational services for your gas & oil processing needs. By Doran & Associates, Inc., employer for hire of Charles R. Brown & F. William Golob part 330
Eating disorder attitudes and self-concept in seventh and eighth-grade females, No less a man30
Edward Taylor's God's determination and Preparatory meditations, Where you from?30
Effects of Adventist Engaged Encounter on role expectations and growth in premarital relations part 230
Ein Heller Tag bricht an; Fruehlingskantate. Fuer Jugendchor & Instrumente (Querfloete oder Altblockfloete in f', 2 Violinen & Violoncello) Music & words: Richard Rudolf Klein30
Employee and management perceptions of an internal model of an employee assistance program29
Essays on Walter Prescott Webb and the teaching of history. By Dennis Reinhartz and Stephen E. Marzlish [i.e. Maizlish]25
Evaluating the effects of changing an undergraduate mathematics core curriculum which supports mathematics-based programs30
Excursions in world music, fourth edition [by] Bruno Nettl, Charles Capwell, Philip V. Bohlman, Isabel K. F. Wong, Thomas Turino part 230
Fiscal policy reaction functions for the group of ten, Lisa's Bar & Grill, Clubland girls30
Freddie's cooking with family and friends, 303 tricky chess tactics, 303 tactical chess puzzles28
Great motor races. Edited by Bruce Carter, pseud. of Richard Hough, Big picture partnering30
Helping others. By W. C. Griffith, author of renewable matter: Brown & Bigelow30
Herbert Woodward Martin and the African American tradition in poetry, Archaic transitions in Ohio and Kentucky prehistory30
History of the 90th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Great Rebellion in the United States, 1861-186525
How to find a good companion; even among those over 30 who have been "picked over, culled out, damaged, dumped, and left for dead." part 330
Implementing the IBM TotalStorage SAN volume controller software on the Cisco MDS 900025
Instructor's manual to accompany The Dimensions of the short story--a critical anthology, second edition. By James E. Miller, Jr. & Bernice Slote part 230
Invasions, dismemberments, consumptions--"feasting on my enemy.", Invisible revolutions30
James Monroe, H. S., presents Doctor Buzzard's Original Savannah Band goes to Washington part 230
Jam packed--the challenge of human overpopulation, No vacancy, Mind spin30
Land and revolution in modern Greece, 1800-1881, The Melodic tradition of Ireland30
Limited appraisal of electric distribution facilities, prepared for Grays Harbor County Public Utility District No. 1, Aberdeen, Washington, February 2000 part 330
Love of self and love of God in thirteenth-century ethics, The natural love of God over self26
Medical history questionnaire for diagnosing causes of memory loss or dementia30
Mersch probate court practice in the District of Columbia, second edition. Supplement21
Michigan appeals reports cases decided in the Michigan Court of Appeals from April 26, 2002 to June 21, 200230
Mineral licks, geophagy, and biogeochemistry of North American ungulates, Songs written by Lenord Silva30
Modernizing the American War Department, Harvesting the dew, Treble clef cats30
Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro: a critical analysis. By Siegmund Levarie, Early music America22
Music composition for film, a series of creative projects designed as adjunct learning experiences .30
My story part 230
On common grounds29
Opening day at Loretta's Days Care Center, Opening day, Franklin Street; a play30
PinkMonkey literature notes on Billy Budd [by] Herman Melville, Moby Dick, The man without a country30
Politics in the United Nations; a study of the United States influence in the general assembly. By Robert Edwon Riggs26
Prentice Hall's Federal taxation .... Corporations, partnerships, estates, and trusts30
Prospects for the study of American literature, Extremes and moderations, No tie more strong25
Remembering Hon. Mother Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights activists, Remembering30
Risk mitigation by an alternative technology (radiolysis of hazardous organic compounds)30
Robert Silverberg, a primary and secondary bibliography, Some kind of paradise, Extrapolation21
Rose Zimmerman's works in progress, includes Not tonight, darling, I'm having an affair, Death in summer part 230
Saint Augustine's idea of the meaning and value of the body in relation to the whole personality30
Scout camping in Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin30
Selected worksheets for short courses in social thought and the sociology of medicine/medical institutions/practice part 530
Shaking the family tree. By Soup2Nuts, Inc. (Hey Monie, episode 302), The Role of attachment in post-divorce adjustment21
Sherwood Anderson's love letters to Eleanor Copenhaver Anderson, Winesburg, Learning about love30
STIPR--subject/title index to periodical reviews, Treasures of the Oregon coast, Clap along with the tax museum28
Strategic Path and Engineering, Inc., turnkey start up and turn around of technical manafacturing businesses part 230
Structure and stratigraphy of the Convict Lake block, Mount Morrison pendant, eastern Sierra Nevada, California30
Student's study guide and solutions manual to accompany Mathematical ideas, ninth edition and expanded ninth edition [by] Emmett M. Larson, Linda R. Beller part 230
Synthesis and characterization of heterogeneous metal oxide catalysts on amorphous and molecular sieve supports part 230
Taken at the flood: the story of Albert D. Lasker. By Newstrack, Inc, This time now30
Test manual to accompany The West transformed--a history of western civilization, by C. Warren Hollister, J. Sears McGee, Gale Stoke29
The Alaskan bird sketches of Olaus Murie with excerpts from his field notes, Field guide to animal tracks. Text & ill.: Olous J. Murie29
The alternative; a complete guide to individual health maintenance. By Christina Peluso30
The best American mystery stories of the century. By Tony Hillerman, The wailing wind25
The boundaries of freedom of expression & order in American democracy, Jimmy27
The Carbon based-gyroscope theory of elemental structure, an illustrated periodic table of the elements part 229
The CERAD clinical, neuropsychological, and neuropathological evaluations for Alzheimer's disease30
The Cincinnati Reds: memories and memorabilia of the Big Red, This date in sports history30
The Confession of a high school guidance counselor30
The Crile cornball collection of fiction, fact, and fantasy, The way it was25
The Development of an instrument for describing organizational energy .., Arthur--a pilgrim30
The effect of class size reduction on student achievement and teacher attitude in first grade30
The Effects of exercise on anxiety, depression, and type A behavior, Real beer & good eats30
The First day of forever and (100) other poems, Sue, I believe in you, If you did28
The Frontiers of China, a study of the boundary policy of the People's Republic of China27
The Homeowner's guide to coalburning stoves and furnaces, The Complete energy-saving home improvement guide30
The impact of trade policy and imperfect competition on prices and productivity, Victorian poets and romantic poems27
The indirect leadership strategies employed by central office administrators in the institutionalization of high school programmatic change part 230
The Influence of Egyptian and Oceanic art on Picasso's pre-Cubist work, I ain't gonna miss the sunshine for nobody30
The Influence of the Meiji period on Japanese children's music. By Elizabeth May25
The influence of trophic interactions, habitat complexity, and landscape setting on community dynamics and restoration of oyster reefs30
The Memories of the descendants of August Christian Below and Caroline Frances Wohler Below30
Theoretical determination of the energy dependence of charged-particle, electron, and fast neutron cross sections part 430
The Oxford book of nineteenth-century English verse. Chosen by John Hayward, The Gigolo30
The Penguin dictionary of twentieth century history, Greasy kid stuff, Now hear this30
The psychometric characteristics of career assessment diagnostic inventory, Launching connections!30
The relative efficiency of hospital-based and freestanding home health agencies in Texas30
The Righteousness of God as revealed through justification, Work on me, Touch me one more time30
The short fiction of Ambrose Bierce, vol. 3, a comprehensive edition, H.P. Lovecraft and Lovecraft criticism30
The State, conceptual chaos, and the future of international relations theory, Yoruba historiography30
The story of my life by Shayna, as told to Greta, with comments by Murphy, J. J. and Greta30
The struggle of the "mujeres" to liberate Olga Talamante, a political prisoner30
The Teaching of American history in high schools. By Maurice G. Baxter, Robert H. Ferrell, and John E. Wiltz30
The Voice at the back door. By Elizabeth Spencer, author of renewable matter: Time Warner, Inc30
The Year's scholarship in science fiction, fantasy, and horror literature, MCJA, Cultural variability in context21
Tradition and transformation in eastern Nigeria, Hudson, The Queen and the arts30
Transylvania County, N. C., telephone directory, January 199230
Use of Andersen's and Smereck's rainbow of awareness by persons living with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome part 330
Using verbal and physical prompts to teach the use of a long cane to a student who is visually impaired and has additional severe disabilities28
When there isn't a brother for every sister, Fourteen stories, The Tarzan diet30
Winfield Scott and the profession of arms, Savage eye, The weaver-God, he weaves17
With seven lines or less there is a poem full of life, The seven deadly sins wrath27
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