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Candlelight dinner, & 3 other songs, Candlelight, Since the first time I saw you30
Collection of songs by Wyatt McVea, Elmer Keyes, Lonnie Reaves part 230
Doce morena ; Thinking of Recife ; Just you ... [et al.], Demo one, My six tunes30
Floating part 230
Group of songs of Doris M. Jenkins & co-writers Pritchett-Sanders, Afraid to call my heart my own30
Inside story. By Keith Reid d.b.a. Bluebeard Music, Ltd., Matt Noble d.b.a. No Cal Music & Chrysalis Music, & Kevin Calhoun (Chrysalis Music) part 230
In the shadow of an empty smile, Give me a reason30
I wake up wanting you. By Bettye Crutcher, Carla Thomas, Bobby Manuel & Marvell Thomas part 230
Just a cover up. By Charles Farrar & Troy Taylor, He can't love you, Until I can't give no more30
Just a cover up. By Charles Farrar & Troy Taylor, Your love is too hype, All night lover30
Little things. w & m Frank Michael Radice, Jr., 1953-, & Richard Thomas, 1947, I can't get next to you30
Never say never. m Tom Beyer, 1962-; w Rossi Kane, 1953 part 330
Never too late to have a happy childhood part 330
Something in the way (you make me feel). Love hasn't been easy on me, Restoring the years30
That's how I'm livin' with what I'm livin' without, Slave for your love, Mysterious30
The Black male in America--survival for the future, Leave them, God's giving, nature's divine27
The Way you move me & 5 other titles, Reach out, Candles30
Thinking gives you the blues, In love30
Treat me right. w & m Travon Potts, Dancing in the garden, Give me your attention30
Waiting on tables (and waiting on him), Creepin', Blues is the facts of life30
Why you're leaving me I'll never know, My heart's desire30
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