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:60's, :30's & :15's, Sci-Fi, Retail unplugged25
Babbling brook in Stony Meadow, My lover, Star30
Bark 492, edition 3989, Big band, Kapalua30
Broadcast--news/promo, Orchestral, Power/industrial30
Documentary on the improved, benevolent, protective order of Elks of the world, Inc part 230
Dreaming in color (living in black & white) Words & music by George-Michael Elian, Janis Tunnell & Claude Gaudette part 227
Everything I needed to know before going away to college (but nobody told me!), Flashookswitch30
Fairway to heaven, and 2 other music pieces, Hip hop, Santa Ana, do you remember?30
Freddy the flat-faced school bus, Nefertiti, Lost with time30
Happy endings (don't always come true)26
How gender differences contribute to divorce, Comedy, Tiggy and me and Butterfly, too!28
Main Street parade ; Good time polka ; Our waltz ... [et al.], Main Street30
New age/ambience. Vol. 2. By Killer Tracks, employer for hire, Acid jazz, Phunky & phat30
New age piano solos 1, Urban 2, Sports 130
Nobody rings my bell ; Louisiana moon ; That cat's in the doghouse ... [et al.], Vocals20
Power on self test (POST)/basic input output system (BIOS) PROM for model 325T, IBM printing systems manager graphical user interface for AIX30
Retail/institutional, Power/industrial, Sweepers & stingers30
Rock: light contemporary 3, Jazz, Crash boom bang30
Roots of rock 'n' roll, Western, Nature/cosmos26
Smooth grooves: a sensual collection, v. 7, Together we are, together we'll stay30
Space/science & technology 1, Jazz, Olympian spirit22
Specialty--big band, Acid jazz, Solos21
St. Andrew's fall. By Glen Graham, Shannon Hoon, 1967-1995, Rogers Stevens, Brad Smith & Christopher Thorn part 330
Teacher perceptions of the importance of factors in the decision to leave a teaching position27
The allegory of impermanence, World beat, The Rye, hit 199730
Theater of the mind. SR 75-438 (1986), In yer face, Run to win29
The Soundtrack music from Burt Reynolds' Sharky's machine, Every day now. w & m Al Capps30
Vocals (alterna pop), News 1, Techno suspense30
You again theme for Jack Klugman, You lose, Sunrise on the Sahara30
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