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Always going to a gunfight. w & m Paul Nelson, 1946-, Tom Curtis Shapiro, 1950, My way or the highway30
Always going to a gunfight. w & m Paul Nelson, 1946-, Tom Curtis Shapiro, 1950, The Edge of a memory30
A night to remember & 359 other titles. (Part 001 of 003)30
Aren't you the one? Musical composition, If lovin' you is crazy, Katy did and Dinah might27
Arms of long lost love, & 1 other selection, Take it from my heart30
Dave Gibson/Jill Colucci collection I. By Nocturnal Eclipse Music & Jill Colucci30
Der Lila domino; a musical play in three acts. Lyrics: Henry Francis William Maltby, Donovan S. Parsons & Percy Greenbank, m Charles Howard & Cuvillier Carr30
Don't let that hat go to your head ; I'll fly again, Habits of the heart, To lose someone like you30
Every minute, every hour of every day, & 1 other song30
How about you? w & m Christopher Waters Dunn, 1951-, Charles Harmon Jones, 195530
I can be myself. w & m Paul Nelson, 1946-, William H. Dean, 1962, Way down, Go ahead, be that way30
I couldn't care less. By Christopher Waters Dunn, 1951-, p.k.a. Chris Waters, Tom Curtis Shapiro, 1950-, p.k.a. Tom Shapiro, & Holly Suzette Dunn30
I couldn't care less. By Christopher Waters Dunn, 1951-, p.k.a. Chris Waters, Tom Curtis Shapiro, 1950-, p.k.a. Tom Shapiro, & Holly Suzette Dunn part 230
I could've written. By Victoria Shaw & Gary Burr, Candle folio, Cliche folio30
If we're just killing time (let's love it to death) By Bob McDill, Dicky Lee & Bucky Jones part 430
I'm taking you up on taking you out. By Christopher Waters Dunn, 1951-, p.k.a. Chris Waters, & Thomas Eugene McHugh, 196330
(I wonder) whose side you're on tonight? & 671 other titles. (Part 003 of 005), Those kind of roses27
Jesus was the first and only Christian, Right as rain ; Just a man, Got nothing to lose30
Lifestyles of the poor and obscure, A sign of the times, I couldn't leave you that way30
Linda Davis sings Carpool and other songs, Billy Blue Jeans, LasVegas sports betting30
Little white lies & black fairytales30
Living on an 8x10 picture, $85.00 a week and a memory. w & m Chuck Howard & Dave Kirby part 330
Love must be telling me something. By Keith Follese, 1951- & Thomas Eugene McHugh, 196330
Make my presence known. Written by Joseph & Nicholas Sinopoli & Bobby Abranowicz30
Missing you. By Jeannette Freed (Sequeira), Missing you part 430
Miss Witch Hazel; drawing. By Charles M. Jones, as employee for hire of Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc., Cartoon Division30
Mistaken identity--the collective works of W. David Harrison, Hitchhiker, & 1 other selection30
New fool at an old game. By Richard C. Giles, Steve Bogard & Sheila Stephen, Prayin' for daylight30
Not in this lifetime. w & m Christopher Waters Dunn (Chris Waters, pseud.), Danny Bear Mayo, 195030
Only the wind. w & m Tom Curtis Shapiro, 1950-, Charles Harmon Jones, 1955, Wayne C. White, Jr.'s 5th collection of music30
Remember me & 210 other titles; screenplays & motion pictures, Remember me part 330
Rock 'n' roll money. By Michael Garvin, Ronald Wayne Hellard a.k.a. Ron Hellard, Bucky Jones part 330
Rock you right into heaven & 1 other title, No stranger to love, The Fix is in & 2 other titles30
Running back to you. w & m Charles Harmon Jones, 1955-, Danny Bear Mayo, 195030
Say what you mean (and mean what you say)30
She believes in lucky stars, & 2 other songs, From that day on, Sweet Dixie woman30
Silent partners collection 1: bands 1-6 & 6 others titles part 330
Somebody else's problem. Words & music: Terry L. Bennett & J. M. Cimino-Hurt part 330
Something somewhere has to give ; Suzanne ; Highway, Don't look down, Should I take a number?30
Somewhere between heaven and a heartache, Hey, little darlin', Dark horse running30
Take it from someone who knows, I can feel the fire, I'm sorry roses27
Takin' the high road, Love me up, Only girl for me30
That's what hearts are for. w & m Tom Curtis Shapiro, 1950-, Christopher Waters Dunn, 1951- (Chris Waters, pseud.), Mark Collie, 195630
The Fabulous Thunderbirds/walk that walk, talk that talk. By Kim Stanford J. Wilson (a.k.a. Kim Wilson), Richard C. Giles, Charles Harmon Jones & Jerry Lynn Williams30
The grand opening of Kingsway International Gym, It's a crime, (I'll) remember your love30
The long arm of love. w & m William H. McCorvey, Jr., 1959-, Diana Rae Uhrig, 1953- (Diane Rae, pseud.), James Dean Hicks, 1961 part 325
There's not enough heart left to break, It's gonna be a long way down, How can I go home?30
The Way she's put together (that's what sets her apart), A Heart full of memories30
(They didn't know) they couldn't make it & 91 other titles, I've cried my last tear for you30
Think about it--black twilight zone30
Transactions of the Southern Surgical Association. Vol. 70. Editor: J. D. Martin, Jr part 430
Until the end of time, my love, I'm yours30
Water from the moon. By John J. Fritscher, Too easy goin', Mobile home30
When we get back to the farm (that's when we really go to town), This power of ours30
You can't break a broken heart. w & m Christopher Waters Dunn, 1951- (Chris Waters, pseud.), Charles Harmon Jones, 1955 part 330
You don't know what it's like. By William "Smokey" Robinson, Sue Shifrin & Reed Nielsen part 230
You never forget how to love. By Christopher Waters Dunn, 1951-, p.k.a. Chris Waters, & Fran Marie Wilson, Lisa Jane Romeo & Lisa Ann Webb30
You sure have a way without words. By Chris Waters Dunn a.k.a. Chris Waters, & Bucky Jones part 230
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