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315 Cherry Street & 1,522 other titles. (Part 002 of 004), Milk and honey30
All I've got to loose (is my mind) Musical composition part 230
And then somebody mentions Kentucky, Description, No remorse28
Anything to keep me from going out of my mind & 21 other titles, Love is the foundation & 2 other titles; songs30
Back in harmony. By Richard Fagan, 1947-, Ralph M. James, 1941- (pseud.: Micky James) & Shel Silverstein, 193130
Back in love again & 39 other titles part 230
Better state of mind & 5 other titles. Written by Rick Carnes & co-writers as noted part 223
Collection of works by Dave Berg and Lisa Palas. By Dave Berg & Lisa Palas, Heartache Road30
God bless the child from the broken home, The confession, A kind of rage30
God representations of people in a twelve step new hope recovery group from dysfunctional families30
Got to let my light shine, When I get home, God's unchanging hand26
Growing and learning together: a family involvement and support program for parents of infants and toddlers26
How come you struck the match? w & m Howard O. White, Jr., Lola Jean Dillon, William Frith30
I am in reality and I know where the bus is when I'm through, The Next best thing to you30
I am not blind (when it comes to feeling) By Murray Cannon & Gene Dunlap, Laid over in Dallas20
I can't count the hearts (you've broken) By Jim M. Bowen, Better to be blind, This way again30
I can't feel you anymore. By Theresa Beaty & Meredith Stewart, For love, Standing at our bedroom door (I'm no more than a beggar)27
I don't have the heart. By Fujipacific Music (USA) Inc. (d.b.a. Longitude Music Company & August Wind Music) as employers for hire of Shane Teeters & Gary Harrison29
I feel like I could fall in love with anyone tonight, Enchanted, We're catchin' heaven tonight23
If someone else can have you now & 73 other titles, I still need you, You did25
I'll be there to catch you when you fall30
I'm afraid she'll find you (somewhere in in [sic] my heart), I learned a lesson from you30
It's hang around and love me time & 2 other titles, Cody Abeline theme, I've heard that song somewhere before26
I've been hangin' on too long. w Ted Schaefer, m Nancy Rhen, Xmas present, Little wet circles on the bar22
Let your light shine with This little light of mine ; Doxolorap ; Potter and the clay ... [et al.]30
Living together. By Brothers Gibb, B.V., employer for hire of Barry, Maurice & Robin Gibb30
Livin' on the love. w & m Rick Carnes, 1950-, & Janis Carnes, 1947-, Long lost causes30
Love is the reason (we're here tonight) By David Meece30
Mitchell W. Callis unpublished, Oh my goodness, Patsy Lynn26
Nobody touches my baby. w & m Joe Dougherty, David Gillon & Famous Music Corporation (employer for hire of Milton Blackford)30
Nothing quite as beautiful as you. By Jim Rushing & Terry Carisse, The State of our union30
Part two of a life inspired collection of songs, I can't say no30
Port-au-Prince. Full & symphonic band. By Bernie Wayne & Paul Yoder, Wiggles, (You can't fool) the woozy woof30
Reaching out (but I'm not touching you) & 109 other titles, Down home lady, What good does a memory do? By Mitch Johnson & S. Alan Taylor30
Redneck piece of white trash, Until I met you, Mr. Confederate Man30
Selected from Coal miner's daughter [by] Loretta Lynn, with George Vecsey, Women's prison30
She took me where I've never been before. w Meredith A. Stewart, w & m Ralph Davis30
Side by side & 3 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. 78-CV-110 filed 10Mar78 in U.S. District Court, Northern District of New York)30
Sleep, little Lord. For two part chorus of treble voice (SA) with piano acc. m & arr. Michael White, w from a traditional French lullaby part 330
Something extra; original musical comedy. Librettist & lyricist: Jack W. McLaughlin, Jr.; librettist: Jeffrey Canning; composer: James R. Ford part 230
Something strange got into her last night, The Queen has no home, Show me30
Television commercial script for products, Gillette/Famous Footwear shoes, All I've got is time30
The Best gift you can give is to keep yourself safe. Don't take risks with safety28
The Greatest management principle in the world, Easter, How they brought the good news by sea30
The Last thing I want you to do (is to go away) By Fran Eckert & Norman Simon30
There's someone in Texas (pretending he's me) By A. L. (Doodle) Owens & Dennis J. Knutson part 230
There will never be another you (print only) Composed by Mack Gordon & Harry Warren part 227
The Tortoise and the hare Aesop's fable. No. 2455. By Whitman Publishing Company, employer: Jean Lewis (text) as employee for hire, Bonnie Rutherford and Bill Rutherford (ill.) as employees for hire30
Too close to home. By Keith Charles Follese, 1951-, Tom McHugh, 1963-, & Ronnie Guilbeau, 195830
Too hot to sleep. From album Sylvester/too hot to sleep, When this girl steps in to play30
Turn on your light & Heavy duty/Defenders of the faith (from Defenders of th...) SR 289-129 (2001)26
We'll know the answer in the morning & 3 other titles, We can try it one more time26
What Christmas means to me. By Moses Dillard, Chiquita Mullins & Sharon Michalsky30
What Christmas means to me (through the Child of Bethlehem) EU660790, C'mon, if you're comin'27
When he reigns he pours & 2 other titles, I want to be loved like that, I'll go down loving you25
Would you catch me, baby (if I fall for you)? By John G. McBee p.k.a. Jerry McBee, & Conley White30
Wrapped around your fingers [sic] By Gordon M. Sumners [sic] (Sting) (In Synchronicity)30
You keep the man in me happy (and the child in me alive), Leaving love all over the place25
You've got a way of making love30
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