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King Features Entertainment, Inc. documents
titleNumber of documents
Ask Dr. Ruth30
Ask Dr. Ruth & 3917 other titles; programs. (Part 023 of 023)30
Ask Dr. Ruth & 3917 other titles; programs. (Part 023 of 023), Donahue30
Ask Dr. Ruth & 3917 other titles; programs. (Part 023 of 023) part 230
Ask Dr. Ruth part 230
Buttons & Rusty in What's up Mom?, Defenders of the earth30
Cured! secrets of alternative healing, Esquire--about men for women, Everyone is good28
Fugitive alien & 11 other titles; motion pictures, Daytona blues, Nitti20
High school U. S. A. & 3 other titles; television pictures30
I hear bells (wedding bells) w & m Bob Strong & Tony Love, Yogi's treasure hunt30
In the best interest of the children--background cues, The China Lake murders, Carnival & 11 other titles; motion pictures27
Jim Henson's Muppet Babies, Defenders of the Earth30
Mother Greta's wrinkle remover; animated motion picture. By King Features/Cavalier30
Popeye and son. No. 87-13. By Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc, Rocky's rocky road30
Prisoner without a name, cell without a number, Comeback, On the boardwalk30
Raising kids or criminals, Top flight, Future flight30
Reptile ranch & 383 other titles; animated cartoons. (Part 001 of 002), Up a lizard river30
The Burning man; a mystery-thriller in two acts. By Tim Kelly, Arnold & 1 other title; theatrical motion pictures30
The Cartier affair & 4 other titles; motion pictures, Cease fire, Blue iguana30
The ghost in the mirror and other ghost stories, Mad monster puzzles, The Dennis Bones mystery book30
The research and development of an assessment instrument for measuring the spiritual growth of Forest Hill Baptist Church, Longview, Texas part 230
Yogi and the invasion of the space bears, Snorks, Paddington Bear30
Yogi's great escape (formerly Yogi & the 3 bears), Foofur, The Greatest adventure--stories from the Bible30
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