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Kings Road Entertainment, Inc. documents
titleNumber of documents
An interview with J. M. Coetzee, Waiting for the barbarians, Disgrace28
Best of times & 75 other titles; musical compostions30
Best of times & 75 other titles; musical compostions part 230
Bryant's Brain buster. Music: Courtney Williams & Willie Brant, Fast break, It's time for loving30
Eve of destruction II, Bloodmatch, Knights23
Flesh for Frankenstein & 3 other titles; motion pictures, Heat, Blood for Dracula28
It's all up to you and me, Stand in the light, Right or wrong28
Jacknife & 1 other title; motion picture photoplays, Talk radio, Talk radio & 1 other title24
Jacknife [sic], Jacknife, Vikings24
Just ask for diamonds, Knights, Kickboxer V30
Lou Reed: Coney Island baby live in Jersey, Kickboxer IV: the aggressor, Malum30
Meet me in St. Louis, Louis. m Kerry Mills, w Andrew B. Sterling, piano arr. Edward B. Marks Music Corporation, employer for hire of Robert Silverman30
Million dollar wallpaper, Pay dirt, Trader Boggs30
Miss Firecracker & 1 other title; feature films30
My best friend, that kid of mine & 1 other title30
The Best of times30
The best of times. From compact disc Of truth and reconciliation27
The president abroad: From Bucharest to Britain. By Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc30
The Rats are coming & the werewolves are here, Homer and Eddie, Satan's sadists30
The redemption of Pudgeforth O. Smegley III, We want peace, A nation under God30
The Rutanga tapes & 2 other titles; motion pictures, The Bronx warriors, Boulevard26
The Salute of the jugger, Kickboxer, Kickboxer V30
The stranger at the Palazzo D'oro30
The stranger by the sea/Goods news in so30
The stranger from east Tennessee, Songs of March, Songs to the Father30
The stranger on the road (music) (The adventures of Nancy Drew) PA 769-06630
The stranger on the road to Emmaus30
The stranger on the road to Emmaus part 230
The Stranger who looks like me30
The Stranger who looks like me part 230
The sweet potato queen's book of love & 1 other title; literary works, Untitled rock star project & 1 other title30
Touch and go & 4 other titles part 230
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