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Alive and kickin' on the suburban frontier, She slipped beside him, Internet cruise30
An Analysis of students referred to alternative education programs in Omaha, .., Technology, energy and the environment30
An examination of high school students' perceptions concerning the influence of selected academic and personal factors during early adolescence on later school success30
A Study of role stress conflict, role stress ambiguity, participation in .., Rhythm & blues24
Background music & sound logos for for [sic] "Goodies about oldies.", Warne Marsh recorded solos20
Beyond the blues, prenatal and postpartum depression30
Collectible stocks and bonds from North American railroads, Earth stories, Future positive28
Commercial breaks for "TV made me what I am today", The wait, Clouded mind30
Commercial liability insurance forms for Churches, related ministries and commercial institutions30
Commercials and programme cues 3, Smash hit, Beef-cake30
Country life in the 1920s & 1930s--hot biscuits, meat & taters ; That mule, ol' Sam30
Dangerous games. By Warren B. Murphy. (The Destroyer, no. 40)30
Demo of various contemporary styles, Millennium, Millennium II27
Development of instrumentation with application to sounding rocket electric and magnetic field measurements above thunderstorms30
Development of instrumentation with application to sounding rocket electric and magnetic field measurements above thunderstorms part 230
Don't forget to breathe, Horizons28
Drama: atmospheres & promos, Power play, Drama26
Dreams, individuation, and locus of control, Dance republic 2, Weekender30
EQ (a Fortran subroutine for reading data from magnetic tape), Symphony, Asleep, and 1 other song30
Examining the role of foreign-minor antigen-specific CD4+ T cells and foreign-MHC-specific CD8(+) T cells in the development of obliterative airways disease following transplantation30
Human interest stories of the three days' battles at Gettysburg, Warm night on Main Street29
I got a room, & 3 other selections, Lifestyles, The works of So-en-so30
In search of lost civilizations, extraterrestrials, magic and witchcraft, strange phenomena, myths and monsters part 330
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Child development, [by] Fergus P. Hughes, Lloyd D. Noppe, Illene C. Noppe30
Life satisfaction of elderly persons with mental retardation living .., My haven in the storm29
Linearity of voice structure in selected works of Frederic Chopin and its implications in . part 330
Magnificent mirror board hats. VA 1-310-01126
Mechanical instruments, Extreme, The rock guitar30
Modern industrial/office facility of 65,000 square feet, Wavelength alpha/wavelength beta/wavelength gamma26
Multirate and variable-rate estimation and control of systems with limited measurements with applications to information storage devices30
Now! Special offers for people who really care about their dog's nutrition, Progress30
Perceived family functioning, interpersonal orientation, and Rorschach measures of aggression and mutuality of autonomy30
Perceptions of cost and distribution and the demand for environmental regulation25
Principles of piano technique and interpretation, The interactive orchestra, Let's sight-read: brass/percussion21
Solo instrument--themes, tags & bridges, Comedy/cartoon, Western30
Sounds of the ancient world, Leisure style, Corporate energy30
Sounds of the ancient world, The art of jazz 2, The rhythm has it30
Stepping stones to Jesus ; The power of the Rosary30
Storytellers and other figurative pottery, In character, The jingle factory27
Technological change and printing industry unions (1958-1983), Roll with the thug30
The Christine Jorgensen story, Children's hour, Billie30
The effect of providing feedback on the characteristics of student responses to a videotaped format for high school physics assessment30
The esthetician's guide to working with physicians, Comedy classics, Action classics23
The Guitar music/tab book that goes with the record, "How to play blues guitar, volume 2" (KM 151/SNKF 148)30
The Home accountant and financial planner for the Macintosh, Pressure cooker 2, Dance indie mix 330
The legend of the immortals ; Connor and Duncan fight together ; Duncan visits the loft ... [et al.]27
The magnificent sounds of the Snake Ranch Scratch Band, Try try try, Living is easy27
The Spirit of America Self-Improvement Store, Inc., members & non-members rental rates schedule for--no. 11330
The Theology of romantic love; a study in the writings of Charles Williams. By Mary McDermott Shideler30
The Thomas Jefferson and Sarah Georgiana (Shoafe) Pullen family and Sarah Shoafe's parents, Henderson and Sarah Somers (Stapper) Shoafe30
Thirteen sonatas for flute and guitar, Fantasia, Hommage [sic] to Weiss28
(Through the) chain reaction, Metropolis, Miles apart30
Two steps ahead of the thought police, Fresh and crazy, World beater28
Uncertainty of inhalation dose coefficients for representative physical and chemical forms of iodine-13130
Volume seven--Songs by Joyce Honsberger, Landscapes, Capistrano girl28
Wall Street Telecommunications, Inc. Telephone audit maintenance system (TAS), Wall Street30
Waltz for band and water glasses, Person to person, St. Nick salsa30
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