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1963 pocket supplement to Constitution of the state of California annotated. Vol. 1, article 1-4, sections 4 3/4. By Paul Mason30
1st and ten (season 1-13 1/2 hour episodes) & 77 other titles; film and television programming30
1st and ten (season 1-13 1/2 hour episodes) & 77 other titles; film and television programming part 227
1st & ten30
1st & ten part 228
1st & ten--the Bulls mean business, Liberace, behind the music, Hollywood Madam27
Above suspicion. by Dana Shockley & A. Dru Prow; initial story idea suggested by Cara Lea Shockley26
Accident waiting to happen, Cold around the heart, In my opinion30
Aladdin part 430
Alaska Eskimo yo-yo beginner's video instructions ; a Takotna Video production ; produced and directed in Alaska by Chris Kiana, George Miller part 325
A legacy of love, things I learned from my mother, Unlikely angel, Fully surrender23
Audel installation requirements of the 2002 National Electrical Code, Female Robinson Crusoe30
Ballad to the end of the world, Word of honor, Iron eagle II26
Bellagio memories ; Sorrento sunrise, Love on the air (cues), Chic girl from Beirut25
Big cigar ; Bad attitude ; Rockslide ... [et al.], A Friend, River Hills rhythm30
Bodies of evidence: no. 447504, Echoes in the dark, So many questions, so little time30
Brave little toaster II and Brave little toaster III30
Comeuppance at the Gatornationals & 1 other title; articles, Body, The last producer30
Concerto for trumpet and orchestra, The fight for Jesse, The absolute truth25
Confessions of a police commissioner to the public prosecuter of the republic, Confessions30
Confessions of a police commissioner to the public prosecutor of the republic part 230
Could it be I'm falling in love? By Melvin Steals & Mervin Steals30
Could it be that you don't love me anymore? By Jerry Foster, Johnny Morris & Rob Stoner30
Cytologic findings in the cerebrospinal fluid of AIDS patients with non-neoplastic conditions part 530
Dangerous indiscretions: the decline of the House of Windsor30
Double crossing blues (what's the matter, Daddy?) EU194147 & EP46884 (1950)30
Double crossin' sweetie pie, Carolina skeletons, Aspen27
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch stole Christmas, Zuma Beach, Spenser--for hire30
Economics and the public interest. By Robert A. Solo, Winter people, Invasion of the body snatchers30
Effects of worrying and aversive guided imagery on heart rate, time estimation, and self-report30
Eleanor, first lady of the world, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Peyton Place30
Embroidered seal in a rope pattern bearing St. John Cruise & 39 other titles. (Part 002 of 003) part 230
Fathers and sons and parades30
Father & son: dangerous relations, Father and son, The Bamma27
First and ten years--Buccaneers30
Folk and country music for easy listening. w & m Wayne West a.k.a. Wayne N. Wood, & Marion West, Frank Miller et al part 230
Forbidden games. English subtitles: Times Film Corporation30
Freeway part 230
God of the rodeo: the search for hope, faith, and a six-second ride in Louisiana's Angola Prison part 330
Hell's kitchen. By Richard O'Connor30
Hell's Kitchen. By Tony Cinciripini, Unlucky Mr. Lucky, Goodbye, yesterday30
Hell's kitchen serenade30
Histologic markers for the differential diagnosis of colorectal and prostatic carcinomas part 230
Innocent victims (4hr. mini) PA 764-204 (1996)30
John Kirby's Time warrior! planet of the dino-knights, Six of one/half dozen of the other26
John Kirby...time warrior: planet of the Dino Knights, The shrunken city, Jack Reed VI30
Josh Kirby--time warrior planet of the Dino-Knights, 1st & ten, do it again, 1st & ten, the championships30
Josh Kirby...time warrior planet of the dino knights, Bimbo movie bash, Swing30
Josh Kirby--time warrior planet of the Dino-Knights, Teenage time machine, Teenage alien avengers30
Josh Kirby, "Time warriors", no. 1 "Planet of the Dino Knights" & 3 other titles30
Josh Kirby, "Time warriors", no. 1 "Planet of the Dino Knights" & 3 other titles part 228
Jungle book & 3 other titles; films & screenplays, Jungle book, The Bouncer26
Jungle book--search for the lost treasure, Alien campfire tales, Love on the air29
Lady in waiting, & 3 other songs30
Little rascals shorts 140 reels. PA 810-382, Little ghost, Live shot 13 X 60 min. PAu 1-988-41330
L-o-v-e/ music Curtis Colbert ; words Cheryl Boyd, Walter White, Mose Stovall, Curtis Colbert30
Lurid tales of the castle queen & 12 other titles; films, Hard bounty, Hard bounty. PAu 1-966-464 & PAu 1-875-23730
New love American style, The Interns, Here come the brides30
Night of the scabs a.k.a. They all barfed, Pookie learns to skate, Pookie gets a bath21
No easy answers--the learning disabled child at home and at school, Rick Duncan's songs and soundtracks30
No titles given for texts & tunes by Howard M. "Rusty" Edwards 3rd that are not assigned to other publishers30
Old dead white men's philosophy, Echo, Writing the Holocaust25
Picking up the pieces (and starting all over ...) Written by Woody part 230
Picking up the pieces, dealing with the death of the Harris family30
Pigasso's place; episode no. 11: Pigasso Pigasso. By KL Syndication, Inc30
Reading Eileen Chang's early fiction, One Tuesday morning, Be safe little boy30
Reason for living: Jill Ireland story. PA 528-826, Possums, The search for One-Eye Jimmy30
Report of the superintendent of the State Land Survey of the State of New York for the year 198828
Return to the Planet of the Apes, Tale of two sisters, Idiots30
Secrets of seduction a.k.a. Cyber seduction (cues)30
Selected secular and sacred songs, Johnny Mysto, boy wizard, Phantom town30
Ship ride down the spring branch and other stories, The Midas touch, How a book is born27
SoftBodies--the movie & one other title, Fire in the dark, Andre29
Sweet Susie. m Johnny Cooper; w John Tolbart, Freeway, Boilin' over30
Teen knight & 5 other titles; motion pictures, Nydia's chuletas, Genie & 4 other titles27
The 100 lives of Black Jack Savage, Nickles [sic] and dimes, Humbug30
The adventures of Pinocchio & 523 other title, Suicide in context, Mothers lament30
The Barbara DeAngelis show & 28 other titles; motion picture or television programs30
The challenge of change: achieving flexibility with Oracle applications & 3 other titles part 330
The Christmas and Easter liturgies celebrated by His Holiness Pope John Paul II, Susan's plan30
The Effect of a death education intervention, "the circle," on death .., The Badger State30
The human pets & 3 other titles, Lost world of the giants, Eggs from 20 million BC22
The human pets & 5 other titles, Johnny Mysto: boy wizard, Iran days of crisis25
The incredible adventures of Marco Polo on his journey to the ends of the Earth30
The last time & 20 other titles part 230
The last time again ; Happy in the meantime ; Sunny weather ; Next time around30
The last time I saw you & 4 other titles30
The New Temperatures rising show, Automan, Cover up27
The Robert Collier letter book. Rev. to include new material: Robert Collier, Hometown, Kentucky30
The salesman of the century: inventing, marketing and selling on TV: how I did it and how you can to! By Ron Popeil & Jefferson Graham30
The secret kingdom & 1 other title; films, The vampires of Knollwood, The shrunken city25
The virgins of Sherwood Forest, Pleasurecraft, Shandra30
Things are always swingin' at Undead Beach, If you were my woman, Kids add life30
Transfusion support of patients with sickle cell disease, The secret kingdom, The turning tide26
Unlikely angels 229
Wes Craven presents mindripper, Really big bugs, Junkyard dog30
Whole wide world. Co-composer, Colleen A. Fitzpatrick, Four hundred billion stars30
Your mother must have been a beautiful girl, Your mother, The Two year suite26
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