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1978 C A M-I International Spring Seminar, Albuquerque Convention Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 25-27, 197830
1996 US women's olympic gymnastics team, Michael Jordan 1996 MVP tribute, Andre Agassi26
Abraham Lincoln's Introduction to handwriting & calligraphy30
Adolf Hitler knew the US Constitution better than us, Charles Dickens, Homeless children25
Alexander Graham Bell Association Centennial celebration cookbook30
An Earthling's guide to "The Feel", Canada30
A review of research of African-American students in higher education, Motorcycle racing animations30
Assassin productions, Ireland, Only the real28
A sweatshop during the Industrial Revolution, Violence in the media, Uncle Tom's Cabin30
Christmas yet to come, Beguiling ways, Heaven's embrace30
Christopher Columbus & the Native Americans, 1992 & 1993 calendar, The Tipi, The Pueblo30
Colin Powell, US General and Secretary of State, In the men's house25
Computer-mediated communication and publication productivity among faculty in Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) institutions part 222
Contraceptive risk-taking and contraceptive failure among users of female barrier methods30
Daughter, this Valentine's Day together my heart is filled with love and pride for you part 230
Distribution system water quality changes following corrosion control strategies26
Entering the 20th century, 1901-1939, The space race, Old Ironsides25
Finding the narrative voice through dramatically resolved form, The Alamo, The Tower of London30
Free expression and the American public, Total football, Baseball's Canadian-American League30
Gotta lotta tunes in my guitar, Gangsters, Guajira soul30
Ida B. Wells, mother of the Civil Rights Movement, Drug abuse, Earth30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany How to design and evaluate research in education, fourth edition25
Israel, our home. w & m Dorothy Stewart, Hebrew translation by Joseph, The Long light of dawn. By John L. Farris30
Jane Goodall & the chimpanzees & 53 other titles, A necessary luxury, The life of Louis Pasteur30
Jesse Jackson for President, Rainbow Now Is Time Coalition, Twenty miles to terror28
Life during the Russian Revolution, The Oklahoma City bombing, Hurricane Andrew25
Life in the South during the Civil War, Life on Ellis Island, Life during the Great Depression30
Life in the South during the Civil War, The children's crusade, Phonograph30
Mae Jemison, the first African American woman astronaut, Rachel Carson, Gabrielle Reece25
Margaret Mead, Gregory Bateson, and highland Bali, The five great religions, The Church: a pictorial history. By Edward Rice30
Margaret Thatcher, Britain's spokesman for a new conservatism, Bhutan, The Story of Rachel Carson and the environmental movement29
No, no, a million times, no; a musical mellerdrammer [sic] in one act. By Eskel Crawford & Bud Tomkins, pseuds. of Charles George30
Pipe fitter manual number 2 for the petroleum refinery worker. By Edwin R. Hawkins, John R. Matthews & William H. MacPherson30
Realize. By Tyrone White, Jerome Ireland, Dareyl Johnson, Voyne Hullon & Rodney Croom30
Right before my eyes, and 1 other selection, Stonehenge, Eternal destinies30
Sex role socialization and gender role conflict in dual-career couples balancing their multiple roles30
Special physical education: adapted, individualized, and developmental, Smoke Daddy's songs30
Stanley and Livingstone and the exploration of Africa in world history, Deep jazz trip30
Steven Spielberg and Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation present A guide to Survivors30
The charge of the Light Brigade. By Woodfall Film Presentations, Ltd, ABC, a tale of a sale23
The Comanche project powerplant cooling system design and analysis report, Pregnancy and birth29
The Constitution of the Millennial Kingdom Family Church, combined with the Constitution of the Millennial Kingdom and the Constitution of the Millennial Kingdom Movement part 230
The encyclopedia of women's travel and exploration, The Stone Age, Environmental groups26
The Green childred [sic] and other outer space aliens, Up from nowhere, Easy way out30
The Greenhaven encyclopedia of Greek and Roman mythology, Krakatoa, The Bhopal chemical leak30
The impeachment of Bill Clinton, Poisonous creatures, Teens and drunk driving23
The KGB:[the true story of Russia's spy network!], Democracy, Pro-Vita & nutrition30
The Making of the Trek conventions, Joe Louis, John Muir28
The Simon and Schuster book of facts and fallacies, Witches, Freaky facts, book two30
The six fundamentals of success--the rules for getting it rights [i.e. right] for yourself and your organization30
Twentysomething, floundering, and off the yuppie track, Catching tales, Live at Blenheim Palace20
Understanding quantitative and qualitative research in early childhood education27
Weapons of war--The American Revolution, Tears, Now that your [sic] gone30
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