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Adrian Colesberry's spoken word and comedy pieces, 1992-1998, Costa Rica, Poetry favorites27
Against their will: women in prison & 80 other titles, The Jones family in On their own30
Agrarian development, peasant mobilization, and social change in Central .., Americas30
A Leadership manual that integrates wilderness therapy for the juvenile delinquent to the already existing adventure and wilderness camping ministry of Christian High Adventure which will be called Christian Challenge Adventure part 230
Alternative and traditional assessment procedures in special education identification and classification part 230
Alternatives evaluation and selection methodology for development and environmental remediation projects part 230
Alumni directory, the School of Business Administration, the University of Michigan--Ann Arbor27
Amilcar Cabral's revolutionary theory and practice, Theories of comparative politics17
An 800,000-year paleoclimatic record from Core OL-92, Owens Lake, southeast California part 230
Analyzing power and differential cross-section for pion-deuteron production by .30
A New kind of programmable computer oscilloscope and the application of it to high-resolution electrocardiography30
An Eyewitness account of the American Revolution and New England life: the journal of J. F. Wasmus, German company surgeon, 1776-1783. By Helga Doblin & Mary C. Lynn24
Annual review of overall reliability and adequacy of the North American bulk power systems30
Anthropometric standards for the assessment of growth and nutritional status, Yoruba hometowns30
Apostolic singing. Words & music: Barbara Capps, Ernest Cawby, Elma Kent, et al., composition & compilation of text & editing: First Apostolic Church, Inc., employer for hire30
Arms control and disarmament, defense, and military, international security, and peace30
A Song of spring. For female voices, S.S. and solo soprano (with piano acc.) Music: Glaister Newton, words: William J. M. Gale30
Assessing patterns of disengagement and re-entry in two local congregations of Churches of Christ30
Assessing the transfer shock of community college students transferring to an urban public university27
A study of job satisfaction in African-American administrators at selected predominantly white colleges versus those at selected historically black colleges part 330
A Study of superior practices in vocational education programs .., Raster editing library, version 3.20 & 117 other titles30
Atlas of Congregational and Presbyterian churches in Wisconsin, 1828-1851, EMAT and other approaches in writing church history30
A User's guide to PACE, personalized assessment of course effectiveness, Foreign aid and the defense of Southeast Asia. By Amos A. Jordan, Jr29
Bandpass digital-to-analog conversion for wireless applications, More moments, Sticky colors30
Bargaining, belief systems, and breakdown international political .., Eagle defiant30
Bettina Duncan design fall '90 collection, Far away lands, I've got thoughts on my mind22
Bibliography in literature, folklore, language and linguistics, Hispanics and the humanities in the Southwest30
Bibliography on economic cooperation among developing countries, 1981-1982, Love, hope & faith30
Billy Mitchell court-martialed. By Filmrite Associates, Inc, The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Great Depression30
Binding domains for noncompetitive antagonists in the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor ion channel30
Bureaucracy, politics, and decision making in post-Mao China, AEI Foreign policy and defense review29
Calcium channels in human neuroblastoma cells and their modulation by opioids, Introduction to politics28
Catherine Winkworth, the influence of her translations on English hymnody, The Hindu zoo30
Changes in assertiveness and marital satisfaction after participation in an assertive training group30
Changing authoritarian rule and public policy in Argentina, 1930-1970, Revolution, armies, and war30
Changing authoritarian rule and public policy in Argentina, 1930-1970, The World since 194530
Child labor among Italian immigrant families in the United States, 1880--1930, Child labor26
Citizen power, politics, and the "Asian mircale", Understanding contemporary China30
Civil society's involvement in the provision of educational services in the dominican republic30
Congressional quarterly log weekly report. Vol. 8, no. 10, Mar. 10, 1950, Processing the news30
Construction litigation--representing the owner. Supplement, Three choral works, Fors seulement29
Conversations with grandmothers & grandfathers; or, Living in the spiritual world part 330
Cotton, colonialism, and social history in Sub-Saharan Africa, Slavery and beyond30
Counseling theories and techniques for rehabilitation health professionals, Thomas-Kilmann conflict mode instrument30
Critical perspectives of desire and communist idealism from post-Mao Chinese writers30
Dangerous spirits ; If heaven is not a place to go ; Without love (we're just wastin' time) ... [et al.] part 230
Democracy and authoritarianism in the Arab world, Blacks, the Army, and America, Tourists, migrants and refugees26
Democracy and authoritarianism in the Arab world, Democratic transitions, Sanctioning religion?30
Democracy and the organization of political parties by M. Ostrogorski. Vol. I: England, vol. II: The United States. Pref. by James Bryce, edited & adridged by Seymour Martin Lipset30
Domestic relations laws & rules annotated, including family law, 2002, Sowald Morganstern domestic relations law26
Don Camillo's shattering experience from Don Camillo meets the flower children. By Giovanni Guareschi, translated by L. K. Conrad as employee for hire of Farrar, Straus & Giroux30
Effects of instruction in building connections among schemata on high school students' complex problem-solving achievement part 330
Emergency/disaster guidelines & procedures for sports, leisure & entertainment industry27
Ernst & Young's Oil and gas federal income taxation, Time to think, I won't break30
Evaluating the organizational process of securing information assets from the threat of cyberattacks or cyberterrorist events30
Executive orders in American political and constitutional development, The wake, Here comes Mike30
Faith of my fathers: conversations with three generations of pastors about church, ministry and culture30
Family dynasty, revolutionary society: the Cochins of Paris, 1750-1922, Armored forces30
Federal Way Schools' Comprehensive communication program, Checker bag, Game words that end in A thru Z30
First ladies of the parish: historical portraits of pastors' wives. By Ruth A. Tucker30
Foreign policy of Yuan Shih-k'ai with special emphasis on Tibet, 1912-1916, Mr. Lexicon live30
For the weight of your anointing (a weight everyone should carry), Irish toasts, A little American cookbook30
Fractionated reflex and response times in women by activity level and age, Photographing your artwork29
F/X/ produced by Dodi Fayed & Jack Wiener ; directed by Robert Mandel, Jazz tunes for friends30
Genetic and biochemical characterization of the endoplasmic reticulum-localized molecular chaperone bip in lycopersicon exculentum part 230
Globalization and politics in the economic community of West African States30
Global perspectives on industrial transformation in the American South27
Global politics, fourth edition: instructor's manual with test items. TX 2-808-89430
Good Fridays, Celtic tigers and the Drumcree Church Parade, Jane, The Tom Downing song collection22
Heppenstall, Passler & Sasek collection no. 1, Bad, Lucias Tokas--AKA23
How can action research help a nonprofit develop and position itself to become more viable and relevant30
How nations choose product standards and standards change nations, Iran and the United States28
How to locate, and successfully work with, real estate lawyers, Dx/Rx, Becoming president26
Human rights and United States distribution of foreign economic and military assistance30
I'll lift my eyes to the hills; choral version. By Alma W. Young, Why did you love me?24
I'm not gonna let another year go by (without saying "I love you"), The art of playing the piano30
Indexation method of political left/right swings in North America and Western Europe (1945-1998) and perspectives for a world model of political swings30
Institutional reform and democratic consolidation in Korea, Keeping basements dry30
Instructor's manual, test bank, and data disk to accompany Understanding and using Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows release 5, [by] Steven C. Ross, Dolores W. Pusins part 430
Instructor's resource manual for The speaker's compact handbook, first edition, Politics and security in the southern region of the Atlantic Alliance28
Insurrectionary civic strikes in Latin America, 1931-1961, What is war?, Illogical27
Interfemale aggression and spacing in the northern fur seal Callorhinus .., Skip Francis Island coll30
International law limits on the extraterritorial application of the Sherman Act revisited part 230
International mediation in theory and practice, Political elites in Arab North Africa30
International political science review = Revue internationale de science politique part 230
International relations selected speeches and writings of John B. Moullette30
Interracial relations and identity constructions in post-World War II American literature30
Introduction to PSPICE manual for electric circuits using ORCAD release 9.1, International organizations30
Involvement in educational programs, plans, and personnel by boards of trustees of independent day schools30
Italiane il lato segreto del Risorgimento, Churchill, D'Annunzio, il poeta armato30
Kaplan MCAT all-in-one, test prep plus medical school admissions, The terrors of gym class30
Kingdom for a horse; or, Something for nothing. 3 act comedy drama. By Janet Elsie Clark & Edward Clark30
Latin American disengagement from the United States secular trends of increased autonomy, 1948-198330
Making sense of postmodern identities. A comparative investigation of social constructionists' methodological theories: theory of coordinated management of meaning and rhetorical-responsive perspective30
Management training program: Rally's hamburgers. TXu 518-107 (1992)30
Measuring burnout among higher education faculty members in Alabama, Don't rush me29
Miban junikuin (plantas de los Cashinahua), Africa Today, Regionalism reconsidered22
Middle East water security framework/historic opportunity for regional stability and sustainable development30
Missouri practice. Volume 12, Organization of courts, jurisdiction, venue, statute of limitations. Pocket parts part 230
Mixed messages for environmental strategists30
Mosaic Valencia, Botswana, Adire26
Multilevel projection methods for partial differential equations, Project planning30
Mutagenicity and toxicity profiles of a wood preserving waste (EPA no. K001) throughout the process of bioremediation30
Mutuality in mission--advancement or international debt trap, a third world analysis25
Nasser's Egypt, Arab nationalism and the United Arab Republic, Time, Unsolicited23
New Markets, new opportunities? Economic and social mobility in a changing world28
North Korea and Northeast Asia. TX 5-701-257 (2002), North Korea, Clandestine28
Organizational change within an institutional context from vertical to virtual integration in the United States pharmaceutical sector, 1980-199530
Papers from the ... Annual Florida State University Conference on Literature and Film part 225
Physiology of the intestinal circulation, Tracks of songs (2), Big Apple29
Predicted vibrational spectra from anharmonic potential functions, The Attitudes of Christmas27
Preventive labor relations training for supervisors and managers of union free employees25
Private voluntary organizations in Egypt--Islamic development, private initiative, and state control30
Proceedings of the Home Office Life Underwriters Association, Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky, a pioneer and his vision27
Profiles of two African-American female principals in an urban school district, 1900-199729
Promoting reproductive health ; investing in health for development, Building democracy in Latin America30
Promoting reproductive health ; investing in health for development, Reforming the state30
Property and the making of the international system, The Dialectics of disaster, Camus and Satre23
Proxemics and recreational spatial behavior in Yellowstone National Park campgrounds30
Public policy and the developments in the small and medium-sized enterprises sector in Tanzania during the 'Ujamaa' ideology, 1967-1985 part 330
Puerto Rico deployable radar network design; site survey and radar design, Puerto Rico part 330
Resistance, politics, and the American struggle for independence, 1765-1775, George Armstrong Custer26
Saudi Arabian television (first channel) touristic programs, China, Italy26
[Scientific research on psychic energies at the Department of Kinesiology, U C L A]30
South Africa and international relations between the two world wars part 330
Sovereignty at the crossroads?: morality and international Politics in the post-Cold War era. TX 4-378-681 (1996)30
Soviet and American influence in the horn of Africa, Ethiopia, Afrocommunism26
Spend your Confederate money; the South has risen. By Art Richardson a.k.a. James Arthur Richardson, Jr part 430
State medical boards and the politics of public protection, Modernist Shi'ism and politics30
Study guide to accompany Macroeconomics [by] Rudiger Dornbusch, Stanley Fischer, Richard Startz ; prepared by Jes Rutledge30
Systematics, ecology, and ecological genetics of some .., The Family as a way into the future30
Techniques for achieving greater viewer involvement in programs treating major concerns or issues30
Test resource manual to accompany Principles of accounting, sixth edition [by] Hillman, Kochanek, Norgaard30
Test-retest reliability of a questionnaire that identifies elders at risk for hospital admission30
The ABC's of cross-country design and construction, Capital and communities in Black and White25
The biological basis of low level laser light therapy and the low level laser protocol book23
The birth of modern painting. By Gaetan Picon; pref. by Yves Bonnefoy; afterword by Alain Bonfand; translated by Michael Edwards part 328
The Center for Families & Children's The father & families together program curriculum and resource guide30
The Challenges--the P S A T/N M S Q T, the S A T, and rising college costs. The response--audiovisual presentations from the College Board that help get your students ready part 230
The economics of parallel markets for foreign exchange and illegal trade, Japan's budget politics30
The Elusive enemy: American foreign policy since World War II, After Reagan, You bring the bagels, I'll bring the Gospel30
The evolution of an emerging political party system, Ooh, I love you, Eyes28
The history and highlights of the Spruce Creek Rod and Gun Club, 1904 to 2003, The Korb klan30
The Huron carol ; Angel's gloria ; Christmas bells medley ; O come, O come, Emmanuel27
The impact of restructuring on nursing management and the senior nursing leadership role in hospitals30
The importance of parental norms of filial obligation to functional support among older relocated parents30
The multiple ruling dysnatic model from the third through the sixth dysnasties of Egypt's old kingdom and the exodus of the children of Israel at the close of the old kingdom 1453 BC30
The Muslim brotherhood and the kings of Jordan, 1945-1993, Islam and democracy, Makers of contemporary Islam30
The Palestinian family in the West Bank and Gaza Strip after 196729
The president, the press and the framing of United States military action in the post-Cold War period30
The relationship between participation in unethical behaviors during the nursing student experience and participation in unethical behaviors as a registered nurse30
The role of C-C Chemokines in transendothelial migration of T lymphocytes, My life is up in the air and I can't get it down24
The struggle with liberal democracy and United States leadership in India, British West Africa, and Argentina part 330
The Transformation of the priest into Christ, priest, and victim, based on the spiritual writings of Concepcion Cabrera DeArmida part 330
The United Nations in Japan's foreign and security policymaking, 1945-1992 part 230
The Velvet doublet. By James Street, Jr., condensed & simplified for quick reading by James Street, Jr28
The World Bank and the federal politics of economic reform in India, Monetary parapometrics30
Transnational organized crime and international security, Introducing global issues30
Transnational organized crime and international security, Radical politics in South Asia30
Understanding ISO 14001--building and implementing an effective environmental management system. TX 5-437-593 (2001) part 430
Union organization in the construction industry, Mike Lucas' best & more, Strong minds30
Vserossiiskaya Konferentsiya Rossiiskoi Sotsial'-Demokraticheskoi Rabochei Partii, 1912 goda = All-Russian Conference of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party, 1912 together with Izveschenie o konferentsii organizatsii R S D R P = Account of a conference of R S D L P organisations30
Waiting for Jesus ; Who was that man? ; Jesus, you're my everything ... [et al.]30
War and peace literature for children and young adults30
Winning competitive positioning for the coming U. S. O. T. C. market eruption, Larka--Joseph Henry gems30
Women's work or medical work? the role of empathy in obstetrician-gynecologists' claims of expertise30
Women, work, and economic reform in the Middle East and North Africa, A descriptive case study30
Women, work, and economic reform in the Middle East and North Africa, Naval power in the Pacific30
"Wonder drugs" and transnational corporations in Mexico: an elaboration and a limiting-case test of dependency theory part 330
Xxtreme Experience--you won't know it until it happens, Cellular system design and optimization27
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