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Off Backstreet Music documents
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1st and last ; Highest stakes ; For less than a song ; Headed for the top, It doesn't matter30
Amazing stories & 19 other titles, Nowhere fast & 1 other title; songs, Countdown to love25
An Introduction to the analysis of time series. By Peter O. Steiner, Hard as a rock26
Can't let go, and 2 other selections30
Cold gettin' dumb II ; Cold gettin' dumb II radio version, Single solutions, Firepower30
Commodore Peter ; Don't talk that way ; The Only story I tell ... [et al.], The Biological roots of human nature30
Could this be love?, & 5 other selections30
Deep inside you, girl, & other selections, Deep inside30
Don't turn away (interlude) ; Stay ; Right here with me, Take your aim, You got the touch30
Give me the chance. Words, music & arr.: Michael R. Branch, 1955, Human toy & 2 other titles30
How do you fall out of love?, Love ain't easy, Back in love30
I'm the one she'll miss him with today. By A. L. Owens, I'm the one30
Life is a magic thing ; Toxic love, Europa & the pirate twins, Flying north30
Long time coming; songs by Melvin Riley, Jr30
Looking out for my number one (lady), Wanna be close to you, You, the night, and the music30
No titles given for electronic media claims software & associated manuals by Eric J. Fischer, Douglas A. Williams & Troy M. Morton, as employees for hire of Automation & Management Services, Inc30
Oh, Shelia [sic]. By Melvin Riley, Jr. & Ready for the World, Out of town lover30
Pretty face polka Waldteuffel, Pretty face, Lay down on me30
Protective construction in a nuclear age; proceedings of 1959 symposium. Vols. 1-2. Edited by J. J. O'Sullivan30
Set me free and other songs. w & m Michael Mocak, 1963-; m Fran Heidkamp, 1963-, & Shane McConnell30
She's not shy. By Jeff Paris (p.k.a. Geoffrey Leib), Tim Karr & Rick Neigher, Wildflower world30
So in love & 2 other titles, 36 lovers, Danton and Robespierre29
Songs by Amy LaTelevision. By Unicity Music, Inc., as employer for hire of Amy LaTelevision29
The British establishment 1760-1784: an eighteenth-century biographical dictionary. Vols. 1A-H--2I-Z. By Alan Valentine30
We can make it (underground network mix)30
When Christmas is here, Stylin', Poppin' and breakin'25
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