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A 24 hour night & 301 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Your memory's just a memory30
Ain't no love better than your love & 297 other titles. (Part 002 of 002) part 230
Back on the road. By Edward Mahoney (a.k.a. Eddie Money), Ralph Carter, Davitt Sigerson part 230
Bloodshed ; Get off ; You can't go home ... [et al.], Love's last stand, Such a love. w & m Sam Taylor, Jr29
Brass Bell Productions song collections, Safe and warm, First collective works of Roy Bell27
Christmas angel candleholder with red candle, set/2 part 228
Cold as ice & 4 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. K 78 707 CA 8 filed 16Oct78 in Western District of Michigan, Grand Rapids) Nature of action: copyright part 230
Crossfire of desire. By Daniel Cohen a.k.a. Casey Kelly, Julie Cohen a.k.a. Julie Didier, & Lewis Anderson30
Das ist das wahre Gluck! Original words & music: Orlando DeLaRosa, Bobby Collazo & J. Carbo Menendez, German words: Bruno Volkert, pseud. of Ralph Maria Siegel & Horst Weyler, pseud. of Peter Schaeffers part 330
Folkin' hell ; Right now ; Beauty queen, Stay away from my heart, Salesgirl blues26
Fools fall in love too fast, Family knot, Lies28
Frank Sinatra ; Friend is a four letter word ; Open book ... [et al.], I don't need these boots to walk all over you27
How to avoid the common, everyday leg cramp and its pain-instantly jamming and the Thomas tecniques30
How to avoid the common, everyday leg cramp and its pain-instantly jamming and the Thomas tecniques part 227
I can't get used to you (being a used to be) By Charles Quillen & John Jarrard30
I didn't have the pleasure (of telling you goodbye)30
I don't know of anymone [sic] (who could love me like you do) part 330
I found love (in you) By Deneice [i.e. Deniece] Williams & Mond [i.e. Mont] Seward30
I haven't learned a thing ; I wish you could have turned my head ; I'm coming down lonely ... [et al.]30
I met the right one (at the wrong time). Music, words, arr., performance & recording: Jon Terner Good, 1950-, Mark Vincent Good, 1959-, and Tammi Jean Bennett, 196230
I took a chance on you, & 3 other songs, She is my master, Texas is the place to be30
It's been you all along. By Rock Killough & Billy Earl McClelland, Let sleeping dogs lie30
It's getting better all the time, & 1 other song, Cold Virginia night, The man I'm tryin' to be30
Let me know (I have the right) By Perren-Vibes Music, Inc., employer for hire of Dino Fekaris & Freddie Perren, & Columbia Pictures Publications30
Lifetime guarantee, & 1 other selection30
Lifetime lovelife (Christopher's song) By Mark Wright & Joe Scaife, I'm sorry26
Matai yavo. For four-part chorus of mixed voices, baritone or tenor solo with piano acc. Arr. & English text: Maurice Goldman30
Mental Cruelty--Taking the world by force, I'm ready for your love, Kiss your lips29
Nobody's ever had a rainbow until he's had the rain, One long blast, Beyond doubt30
Out on a limb ; Just because you are you30
Ruby is a groupie (with a cosmic cowboy band) My better half. Artist: Bobby Braddock, sound recording: Phonogram, Inc part 330
Selected from Coal miner's daughter [by] Loretta Lynn, with George Vecsey, We've come a long way, baby30
She's dope. By Elliot T. Straite, Wish you were mine, Primitive styles30
Shine the moon songs by Randy Moon & Mike Sorrell, Angel, Good for the gander, too23
Slippin' around with Jole Blon. EP48936 (1950), Moonlight's sin, Jesus, I'm sorry30
Sweet lovin' woman needs a strong lovin' man30
Television 2/90--Auction/Purely Suzanne/Dear heart, Circumstantial evidence, Personal business30
Temporary insanity; a laughable look at life in the temporary services. w & m Elea Damson, pseud. of Laura Davis, 1963-; m & arr. Donald Eldon Wescoat, 1946-, & Eric Stevens, pseud. of Aaron Swestka, 1958 part 230
The 12 days of "olde" Christmas. Buffalo City. The Outer Banks ponies ... [et al.] By Paul Craft, Billy Edd Wheeler & Ken Mann part 330
The lady from the country (of eleven hundred springs) w & m Jimmy Jay & Buck Evans30
The Old whiff song. For men's voices. Words & music by David M. Lippincott, arr. W. S. Collins, 2d26
The phantom of the 87th Street playground. By Clyde Santana, Gail E. Davis, Buddy White (Ernest A. White, Jr.), Duke Anderson (Howard Anderson) part 230
The Sweetest love I never knew. By William John Aerts a.k.a. Billy Aerts, & Casey Kelly29
Up from the ether. By Walter Henry Wilson, Jr., Kenny Greenberg & Ashley Cleveland part 226
We're not seeing enough of each other & 8 other titles, As if I didn't know, There'll be love30
What a night! ; Follow the shepherd ; When I grow up ... [et al.], Don't leave home30
Where'd you learn to love like that? By Lewis Anderson & Mark Wright, The Surface of love30
You are my guiding light. w Mitchell S. Greene, 1950-, m & arr. Marc S. Sternberg, 195130
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