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Ain't afraid of midnight ; Look what love can do ; Love's name ; Wolf among the lambs30
All night long. w & m Don T. Brooks & Dion A. Armstrong; m Michael D. Denton, author of a work made for hire part 230
Are you ready for love? & 38 other titles30
Be careful what you get. By Irving Music, Inc., employer for hire of John Howcott, Emanuel Officer & Donald K. Parks, & Tabitha Duncan30
Been missing you, & 5 other selections. By Joey Elias & John Robinson. (In Collection of works by Joey Elias and John Robinson) part 330
Before we say goodbye, and 8 other song lyrics, Sweet Charlotte, Pop-Pop's namesake, Robert30
Beggin' & 21 other titles, Holy Spirit, abide in me, Best friend's girl & 2 other titles30
Bob Tyler's songs of 1986, I like it30
Can't get you out of my mind, & 2 other selections, Goeie Morgen = Good morning, Good-bye30
Can you stay?, & 3 other songs. By Shawn McKenzie (Scratch, pseud.), Emanuel Officer, Shelina Wade, Donna Murray. (In Scratch songs)30
Collective gospel works of Stanley Glen Johnston, Let me know, Let me know. By Mack Rice30
Day of our Lord ; Holy is your name ; Alleluia, Every time, High roller30
Don't be afraid to fall in love. By Irving Music, Inc., employer for hire of Emanuel Officer, & Lascelles Stephens & Deborah Cox part 330
Don't cry for me (Donny's song) & 4 other titles part 230
Don't forget the good ole boys (like Merl Haggard and George Jones)30
Don't let the smooth jazz fool you, Darkelf Productions one, Things you do to me29
Don't you ever stop loving me, Give it up30
Don't you know? m Kimberlee Kraus, 1970-, & Jeff Heavey, 1969-; w & m John Thomas Harding, 1970 part 230
Fallen angel, & 1 other selection30
Give me a chance (and I'll make you my lady) part 230
How could you do this to me (when I gave you all the love I had)? part 230
I can't wait to see your face (the mother and child lullaby) part 230
I don't care. w Armando Ferrari, 1942-; w & m Chris A. Costantakos, 1924 part 230
I'm so glad he didn't come down. By Emanuel Officer & Brian James30
I want your love. By Roxanne J. Seeman, 1954-, Philip Bailey, 1951-, & Dominic Messinger, 1955 part 230
Just like the first day we met. Got to let her go. Goodnight, my love. You think you would know by now. By Emanuel Officer & Myles Benedict part 230
Made to order. By Micheal Dean, Anthony Short, Jay Crawford & Doug Hilsinger, All my favorite pussy30
Music is all that I hear. Words by Maggy G. Howe; music by Susan Bagby, The Magical future30
No limit (a lie) By Emanuel Officer, Anthony Maza, Damon McDaniels (p.k.a. Nomad, pseud.), Stephen Bishop (p.k.a. Chris Tracy, pseud.) & Aaron Sanders part 230
Now that you're gone (in memory of Jill)30
Taste and see; a collective work. By Gary P. & Linda A. Sclafani30
Tell me part 3830
The green room: the 2nd batch, The things you do, Who in the world?30
Wanna get next to you & 1 other title, Got you on my mind, I know30
Watching you dancing. w Maria Ehret, m Betty Harkness (Rebekah West Harkness) part 230
What can I say? & 4 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. J78-0225(N) filed 24May78 in U.S. District Court, Southern District of Mississippi, Jackson Division) part 430
What will happen this time?, Too late30
You turn me on (like a radio) By Bob McDill & James D. (Jim) Weatherly part 430
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